NBA 2k Mobile Codes: Updated List for 2022

Basketball is a favorite among many sports enthusiasts, be it online or offline. Getting a better understanding of each player’s strengths and weaknesses, making dream teams, and shooting unbelievable shots is all the more fun when you don’t have to get out of your room at all. With NBA 2K mobile codes, you will not only be leveling up your game, but you will also be the coolest player in the game.

There’s is always an added advantage of using extra things that you don’t have to spend your hard-earned in-game currency. With the NBA 2K, you can unlock a world of free goodies that can make your gameplay even more exciting. Keep reading to find out more about NBA 2K mobile codes!

What is NBA 2K?

Basketball sports simulation online games have taken the gaming industry by quite a storm. The popular NBA league was promptly converted into the online game called NBA 2k in 1999. Developed by Visual Concepts, the game was published first by Sega Sports, however, NBA 2k is now moved on and is being published by 2K sports. The objective of the game is simple, the player has to create the perfect team and then play a game against the opponent team. There are many modes and spinoff styles for the players to choose from.

Depending on the mode of the game you choose, you will either be controlling an entire team or one single player. New players should take it slow and first play with a single player and then move on to the whole team. Another exciting gameplay mode is the one where the gamer can take on the role of the manager of any team that they like. This can be helpful to improve your strategic and coaching abilities.

What are NBA 2k Mobile Codes?

Everyone loves free stuff. Especially when you can get tons of free items in games where you can save on your in-game currency while possessing the coolest items in the game. With the help of NBA 2K mobile codes, you will be able to get access to players, recharges, cosmetics, and keys. All you need to do is look out for working NBA 2K mobile codes and redeem them in time.

Unfortunately, you will be able to redeem each code only once per account. Every month a new code is released on the game’s Twitter account, this way you will always be able to stay on top of the game without suffering any code losses. As of this month, most NBA 2K mobile codes have expired and there are no codes available to redeem at the moment. If you look out for their Twitter account, next month you will be able to grab one code.

NBA 2K Expired Mobile Codes

As NBA 2K mobile codes are released quite regularly, the old ones tend to expire after a certain time. It is best to redeem the codes the minute they release otherwise you may run the risk of losing the benefits of the code. Every month you will be able to get your hands on a new code, and they will also give you the date when the code will be invalid. Here is a list of NBA 2k mobile codes that have expired and have no value.

  • THEBIGCACTUS – Get Shaq’s card with this NBA 2k mobile code.
  • HZ84F-HG82V-WPD76-37AYT-921DW: Get up to 3 Tokens with this NBA 2k mobile code.
  • CMNTY-YK9AK-G2JW7-92WC3-8XGND: Get 2 Free Wheel Spins with this NBA 2k mobile code.
  • THANKYOUMYTEAMCOMMUNITY: Get Tokens, League Pack, or 1.5k MT with this NBA 2k mobile code.
  • COMMUNITY-EVO: Get Evolution Channing Frye, Latrell Sprewell, or Jrue Holiday with this NBA 2k mobile code.
  • #2KTVHeadTie: Get the 2KTV Headband with this NBA 2k mobile code.
  • JRUESUMMER – Get Jrue’s Summer card with this NBA 2k mobile code.

    How to Redeem NBA 2k Mobile Codes?

    The process of redeeming your NBA 2K mobile codes is super easy. Since we like helping you out, here are the steps that can make your life even simpler.

    1. The first step is to open the game on your device.
    2. Second, you will have to tap the ‘Options’ icon, a three horizontal line icon on the top of the screen.
    3. Now select the ‘Redeem’ option.
    4. A pop-up box will appear on your screen, asking you to enter your NBA 2K mobile code.
    5. After pasting your code in the space provided, hit enter. Your code will be redeemed for you.
    6. Keep in mind that the redeeming process will only go through when the code is running, if the code reaches the expiry date, then it will fail.

    Final Words

    Now you know all there is to know about NBA 2k mobile codes and you can play your game in style. If you get lucky with the codes you will also be able to level up your stats and improve your gameplay by a long shot. So get ready to shoot those baskets with an overall improvement to your game and look. Have a great day ahead!

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