IDM Serial Keys 2021 (Nov) | Free Download & Activation Guide

IDM or Internet Download Manager is an advanced download management software developed by Tonec.Inc. The functions of IDM are not limited to downloading a file but also managing download. This software has several features like downloading software simultaneously, pause and restart a download and also cancel a download.

IDM is very useful and helps users in many ways. But when we download IDM we get the software for free only for 30 days. After 30 days we have to pay in order to use it again. So to avail the premium features there are IDM serial keys by which one can crack the IDM premium feature.IDM serial keys are a boon for those who do not have money to pay. In this article, we shall discuss how we shall be downloading and using the IDM.

IDM Serial Keys - Download for Free

How to Use Internet Download Manager for Free?

Download Internet Downloader Manager from here. Once downloaded, install the software and use the serial keys to activate IDM for Free.

Steps To Install IDM

After you have downloaded the IDM set-up from the above link, you have to install the application to use it. The installation process is extremely easy, here is a step by step detailed description by which you can complete installing IDM successfully.

STEP 1: After you have downloaded the set-up, launch it and select the  IDM.exe file. After that, a window will appear and will be notifying the first step of the installation, in the window press the NEXT button located below.

STEP 2:  A second window will appear which is on License for Internet Download Management. Again press the NEXT  button located below in the window.

STEP 3:  Another window appears which wants to know the exact location where the IDM software will be installed. If you do not want to install the IDM in the place which the window’s destination folder is showing then you change its location by pressing the BROWSE button and choosing your preferred location. After that press NEXT.

STEP 4: After that in the next window which will be appearing press NEXT.

STEP 5: Now it is the final window, press the FINISH button. The Internet Download Manager will be downloaded.

Lists Of IDM Serial Keys 2021

When you download the IDM you get IDM free trial for the first 30 days. But after that, you have to pay to continue our service. The IDM Serial Keys is a 20 digit key that is used to crack the premium version of IDM after the free period is over. Here is the list of some of the latest keys of IDM. You can enter these Serial Keys to Activate IDM for free.


We do not recommend using IDM crack. Crack files can contain malware and that’s why we recommend you to Buy IDM or try activating it using the IDM Serial Keys given above.

How to Use IDM?

On opening the IDM software you would see this interface as below.

Now you can see below the menu bar are several icon buttons, these are the main download management buttons. They are of real importance and help you manage your downloads. The ADD URL, START/RESUME, STOP, STOP ALL, DELETE, OPTION, SCHEDULER  and TELL YOUR FRIENDS are the buttons by which we manage downloads.  The TELL YOUR FRIEND  button is used to tell your friends about IDM. Now to download the IDM follow the steps:

STEP 1: To download a file, go to the ADD URL button and click it.

STEP 2: After that, a window shall appear and you have to enter the URL, you can put the URL yourself or select the URL from the options given.

STEP 3: Now the Save as button shall get activated and you can save it to download it in the future or you can start downloading then itself by clicking the START/RESUME button.

STEP 4: After that, a dialog will appears which shall show you the progress, download speed, estimated time to complete, the present state of the download, etc. The dialog in the IDM shows you the status of each download.

Apart from that press the Pause button to postpone downloading, cancel button to stop downloading, stop all button is there to stop all ongoing downloads at that moment.  STOP button will stop the download for that file for which you intend to do so. The delete button will delete the current download. You can also schedule the download by the scheduler button as you set the inbuilt timer to set the timing of the download.

How to Add IDM To Search Engine

Below are the different ways to add IDM to your search engine.

1. How To Add IDM To Google Chrome

To add IDM to Google Chrome, you need to add the extension of IDM to Google Chrome in the following way.

STEP 1: Firstly go to the 3 dot icon on the top right side of the screen and click it.


STEP 2: Then go to more “TOOLS” and then to extensions.

STEP 3: Now go to your Internet Download Manager and open the folder and find a file name “IDMGExt.crx”.


STEP 4: Drag the file “IDMGExt.crx” to the extension area. After this, the extension is been added.


2. Steps To Add IDM To Internet Explorer

Firstly check if you have got the latest version of IDM.

STEP 1: Firstly the integration should be enabled to add IDM to Internet Explorer. First, go to “Tools”

and then click it.

STEP 2: From there on navigate to Manage Add-ons, go to “Enable or Disable Add-ons”.

STEP 3: Find IDM Integration (IDMIEHlprObj Class) and then enable the same.

NOTE: You must see if you use in private mode in your browser if you use so then you have to disable all the add-ons. For this go to Tools then to internet options, a window shall pop up, go to privacy and uncheck “Disable toolbars and extensions when InPrivate Browsing starts”.



In this article, I have systematically discussed how one can download and install and use it. Lastly, I have also discussed how to crack IDM using IDM serial keys.

IDM serial keys are a great way to enjoy the premium content of IDM. They help you enjoy a premium thing without paying for it. However, this article does not promote any copyright infringement of any software.

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