Admin Login – Access your Router Setup Page

192.168.o.1 is one of the most widely and commonly known IP addresses. This IP address is a default login route to the admin panel of most of the modern routers. To access the router settings for this unique IP address, you need to be well aware about their default username and password. Although there are many IP addresses like as, and Let us discuss more about them in detail in this article.

What is is a gateway that is used by modems and routers as a default IP address for logging into the Admin panel of a particular router. Internet is something we all use in our daily life for different purposes like entertainment or work, but for all of this, we need to turn to our Internet connection via the WiFi which is only accessible if you have a router that allows to give you wireless connection (WAN). Admin Login

We are going to give you all the steps that you can use to log into the Admin panel of your selected router from the gateway It is a very simple method and one can access the Admin panel easily. But the only key thing to remember is that you use the right IP address for the particular router model. Here are the steps:

  1. Open any Internet browser on your PC and then in the address bar, type
  2. Then enter to continue loading for the search result and then you’ll see a screen asking to enter the Username and the Password.
  3. Now, find your router’s login details and then enter those details in the pop-up login box which just showed up on your screen and then click on the “Log in” button to continue (a fault might appear if any of the entered credentials are wrong).
  4. As soon as you complete the above step, the Admin panel for your router belonging to the the IP address will load. Through this, you can change the required settings and complete configurations.

This method is possible only when you know the username and password, and if you don’t know your default password or username, keep on reading this article further!

How To Change Router Settings?

After a successful router login, you can change the router settings as per your preference. There are several setting that you can change but the most common and the most interesting settings that you are likely to change are the following:

WiFi Name: You can give any name to your WiFi, any cool, trendy names that you like can be used, names should be easy to remember and also inoffensive. 

WiFi Password: A strong WiFi is a must to be used when it comes to a router password, as you don’t want any third person to easily access your network. We would highly recommend that you use at least 8 characters for your password consisting of letters, numbers, and special characters. Default Username And Password 

In case if you don’t remember your default username and password, you should try typing “admin” in both username and password columns, because this is the default credentials for most of the routers. If even this doesn’t work then try typing “admin” in your Username and “password” in the password column and then hit “Log in”. These two default credentials can work for most of the routers, we would recommend that you give them both a try.

Some of the routers have the default username/password combination printed on a sticker at the back or the bottom, while others list it in the manuals. 

Did you forget the Username and Password?

If you forgot the Username and Password that you set, then there’s only one way on which you can reset the settings to default and that is by resetting the router. Here’s how you can reset your router:

  1. Look for the reset button at the back of the router, it is a small button just as shown in the image below. Now, take any kind of sharp object like a needle to press it.
  2. As you will locate that hidden tiny button, using a pointy object press and hold that button for at least 10-15 seconds.

That is it, this way you can reset your router and this will automatically reverse all the changes that you made back to default ones including the username and password. Now, you can log in back using the default login credentials. 

What Default Routers Use

Many routers are using as the default IP address. These get to the login page to connect to the main server. Without the correct IP Address, you are not authorized to get yourself to connect to the Router. They transmit the router signal at a defined frequency so that various routers can be distinguished from each other. Let’s talk about some of them:

DLink: DLink is one of the popular and widely used router and modem brand that has produced a  numerous number of routers available across the world.

Net Gear: Net Gear is one of the most known and the finest router company. They are available not only on the IP address but on many others as well. So, it becomes really important that you choose the correct Net Gear router to access this particular IP gateway. 

So we’ll be providing a list of popular router brands using this IP gateway, and the list is as follows:

  1. D-Link
  2. Sitecom
  3. Askey
  4. Ambicom
  5. Net Gear
  6. QNAP
  7. Sprint 
  8. Maxon
  9. Card King
  10. TP-Link

Some of them might have an alternate IP Address along with the mentioned one You need to make sure that the Router supports the corresponding address type. Or else, it would show an error while running the software.

Conclusion is one of many private IP addresses, which are used by routers to identify themselves on a network. If you have a router using this IP address then you can log in and then change any settings that you like. So, we hope we have covered almost everything related to this IP address, hope you liked reading it. Do leave your valuable comments down below.

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