How to Change the Background on Zoom?

Zoom has instantly become an important part of our lives. In this advanced day and age, it is quite useful to know how to customize your Zoom background. At the end of this article, you will be able to very easily know ‘How to change the background on Zoom’.

The Zoom app can be seen used by almost every other person. Everything and anything ranging from an important business meeting to a virtual birthday party, it’s probably being held on a Zoom meeting. Having appropriate information on every one of the cool highlights of Zoom is vital in making the experience on the stage more productive. Let’s get started!

How to Change the Background on Zoom?

One of the most useful features of Zoom is to be able to change and customize your meeting background with a few clicks here and there. Zoom users can easily recreate a simple office workspace or have a disco-themed picture in the back to match the mood of the meeting. People can even try and go back to the pre-covid times by having a picture filled with people in the back.┬áLet’s check out how to do exactly that.

1. Default Zoom Backgrounds

People usually prefer to use the default backgrounds available on Zoom to hide the fact that their rooms are a colossal wreck and no amount of cleaning can save it (or maybe it’s just one rogue t-shirt on the floor but your teammates can not see that!). Naturally, your only way out is to pick a picture from the Zoom default background library.

The library has quite a few interesting background options such as a beach view or a space view. You can totally pick any background based on your personal taste and experience. Follow the steps to change the background on Zoom.

  1. Download the Zoom app onto your mobile or PC.
  2. Once the installation is done, open the app onto your device, and log in to your account.
  3. After logging in, select the profile picture icon on the top-right.
  4. Find the ‘Settings’ option in the drop-down box.
  5. On the left side of the screen, click on the ‘Backgrounds and Filters’ option.
  6. You will now be able to choose from the options available.

The process given above is doable when you haven’t already joined a meeting. But if you need to change the Zoom background in a meeting while it’s going on, then we have that covered as well. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Make your cursor active on your laptop/PC. If you’re using your phone then just tap on your screen once.
  2. The ‘Stop Video’ option will be visible at the bottom of the screen.
  3. You will be able to see a tiny little arrow on the ‘Stop Video’ option (similar to this- ^).
  4. Click on it. Now select ‘Change Virtual Background’.
  5. You may proceed to change your Zoom background by selecting any background from the default options.

2. Customized Zoom Backgrounds

Instead of simply concealing your surroundings, you can use the background change feature in Zoom to make your meeting look more professional or fun, about the agenda of the meeting. The customize option will help you make this happen. You can put any picture that exists on your device as the Zoom background. Keep reading to know more.

  1. Ensure that the Zoom app is installed on your device.
  2. Log in to Zoom with your account. It goes without saying that if you don’t have one, then you need to create an account.
  3. Open ‘Settings’ then select the ‘Background and Filters’ option.
  4. This is where you need to focus. Besides the default section, there will be a small ‘+’ symbol.
  5. Select the ‘+’ symbol. Now you are ready to add an image or video from your device.
  6. There is even a green-screen option, for those who want to step up their Zoom background game a little more.
  7. The most important point to keep in mind is that the picture or video should meet the requirements of a Zoom background. The details of the same are given in the next section.


Details to Keep in Mind for the Background Picture

Assuming you need a very customized vibe for your Zoom background, you have the option of adding your own picture as the Zoom background. The obvious know-hows you need to pull this off are ‘what kinds of pictures can be used?’ or ‘what ought to be the size of the image so it is not pixelated?’. In this part, we’ll address every one of these questions for you.

  1. The picture should follow the mentioned minimum and maximum pixels; a minimum of 960 pixels and a maximum of 1920 pixels. Anything less or more will not be useful as the background.
  2. The picture format should be one of these- JPG/JPEG, GIF, or 24-bit PNG (no alpha). White will be the default color to fill any transparent areas in the picture.
  3. The maximum size of the picture file should not exceed 5 MB.
  4. The ideal aspect ratio of the picture should be 16:9. The pictures with this ratio will not be pixelated and be properly visible.


You’ve successfully finished this article on how to change the background on Zoom. Now that you’ve reached here, we’re certain you are completely aware of how to customize your Zoom background. Get ready to have fun with your background. Play around with your background in your next Zoom meeting!

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