12 Best Movie Review Websites for Film Lovers

We are all hooked up to watch new movies every other day, and thus, we require someone to tell us which movie is worth watching and amazing and which one is a waste of time. We can Google about the movie we desire to watch and check its reviews online. But still, a place where you can find reviews for any movie on one-click is a bliss. Therefore, we have brought you this article which includes best movie review websites that will help you in finding the right movie to watch after reading reviews and checking the ratings by critics and other users.

10 Best Websites For Movie Reviews And Ratings

In this article, we will cover the top 10 reviewing websites which we think are a must-try. These websites are well designed and provide genuine reviews.


IMDB is the largest platform of movies and one of the well-known reviewing websites for movies on the Internet. If you want information on any movie from its cast, crew, to the ratings, and reviews, etc. IMDB has covered it all. The site offers its users to rate any movie that they have seen and thus, this leads to very informative data of ratings to those who have not seen the movie yet. But one downside that many of the site users have encountered is that it reflects the ratings of only those who are a regular viewer of IMDB.

However, these ratings and reviews can roughly design statistics on what age group likes a particular movie and data from various other country users. If you ask me, I am a great fan of IMDB and thus, I love using this site, it has proven to be convenient. The IMDB app can be downloaded easily from Google Playstore.

2. Rotten Tomatoes

This is one of the other most famous review websites. The biggest feature of this review website is that it doesn’t rate a movie precisely, it just categorizes them to good or bad, and there is no category which lies between these two terms. It could be concluded as a demerit by many and merit for others.

The site gives the movie different scores such as “rotten” or “fresh”. If a movie is getting up to 8/10 as the rating by a large proportion of people then, it is concluded to be fresh. And this process of categorization just goes on and on.


First of all, MRQE stands for Movie Review Query Engine, it has a wide audience who looks for reviews on this site. MRQE has the best arithmetic style of statistics on the reviews and ratings. It demonstrates the critics’ score or grade in a uniformed graph, which helps the users to analyze easily and precisely. The best feature of this site categorizes the vital reviews with the critics’ score and the reviewer’s name.

The site has approximately 100,000+ reviews already and it includes URLs to different sites such as Time Out New York, New York Times, etc.

4. Flixster

Flixster is one of the most commonly accessed reviewing websites due to its smart accessibility over mobile phones. The users can use Flixster’s mobile website on their phone which makes it easy to quickly know about a movie’s ratings and reviews before watching. It even provides the theatre showtime in your area, movie trailers, and DVD releases, movie news, etc.

5. Yahoo! Movies

It is a widely known site for movie reviews, it offers its users with even more precise reviews. Now, as you begin to use this website, you will see each movie will have 2 reviews, one from the users and another from professionals.

The first set of reviews are basically from the users who use Yahoo! Movies to watch movies, so they leave their valuable reviews for each movie. Thus, the site reflects them in the corner of user reviews. Other reviews and ratings are provided by the critics, or from different websites, and they are cornered as critics reviews. The site values both the reviews equally. The site has a wide range of trailers to almost every movie.

6. Film

The film contains huge data on movies, web series, TV shows, etc. You can find reviews on almost every movie and also, over TV shows that you would like to watch. All the reviews that are available on this site, are precisely written by the site authors and thus, one doesn’t have to worry about its accuracy. They even provide each movie with a score and also, includes other key information on that particular movie.

7. Pluggedin

Pluggedin is one of the best movie review websites that I have come across over the Internet. I am including it in this article because it deserves more love. It is the most ideal website for parents and people who want to have a deep, precise look over the scenes that a movie contains before watching it. You can spot the good or the ugly side of every movie with the help of this site.

Pluggedin provides its users with a brief outline over a particular movie including the use of abusive languages, or any sexual scenes which might be inappropriate for a particular age group. If you are not a person who wants such a brief look over a movie then, this website might not be suitable for you as it may contain spoilers. But in all, the website is amazing when it comes to a detailed review and rating.

8. Metacritic

Metacritic is somewhat similar to the above-mentioned movie review websites. The site allows its users to write a review of movies and also provides the desired rating. You can get reviews of games, movies, TV shows, etc. The ratings and reviews from the critics are displayed with red, green, and yellow color on the site. This site attracts thousands of people and is known as one of the best in providing movie reviews.

9. Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is the name of a very well known site for movie reviews. If you don’t know then, the site is after the name of a popular critic who dies in 2013, but this site is in remembrance of his amazing works. This site provides its users with well written and brief reviews which gives them complete insight into a movie. The reviews are written by trusted users of the site. Just like any other site, here movies are reviewed under the scale of 1-5 stars. Roger Ebert also provides information over the cast, characters, crew, genres, etc.

10. Movies

And now the last website to our list of top 10 websites for movie reviews is Movies.com. This site will provide you every tiny piece of information on a particular movie such as showtimes, upcoming movies, latest releases, movie news, casts, etc. For all the recent movie releases, the reviews are written in detail by 2 critics and many other reviews show up as well which are pretty informative and detailed.

12 Professional Movie Review Websites

Here’s the whole list which includes websites which offer complete information about any movie that you wish to watch:

  1. Rotten Tomatoes
  2. IMDB
  3. Flixster
  4. MRQE
  5. Yahoo Movies
  6. Film
  7. The New York Times
  8. Hollywood
  9. Roger Ebert
  10. Movies
  11. Metacritic
  12. Pluggedin


We have listed the best movie review websites that we thought should have the limelight. These sites are amazing and worth a try, they will help you in finding the right movie to watch without wasting your time. They are truly safe sites and used by thousands of people from all over the world. Hope you liked reading the article! Leave your compliments in the comments box.

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