How To Get Free V-Bucks in Fortnite Legally? [7 Ways]

Are you a hardcore Fortnite gamer? Are you tired of struggling to get a V-buck? I understand your dire need to get Fortnite V-bucks so that you can update and customize outfits, gliders, pickaxes, and other cool stuff. But as we all know, getting a vbucks means purchasing it online by using real currency. But do not worry, in this article, we will guide you through steps on how to get free V-bucks using different working methods.

We will also share the truth about vBucks Generators websites that claim to giveaway Fortnite vbucks to your account.

So let us begin!

How to Get Free Vbucks?

To give a short intro, V-bucks are in-game currencies used to purchase various kinds of stuff in all three versions of Fortnite – Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative. But as we know, these in-game currencies can only be bought by using real currencies.

For example,1000 v-bucks costs 10 dollars which is the minimum limit of purchase. Fairtrade?? But as mentioned above, there are ways by which we can get free v-bucks. I am listing some below.


Playing daily quests will offer you around 50 v-bucks on a daily basis, though it is not much. You will get daily quests only after completing the tutorial which pops up every day after logging in. Daily quests can be done by your teammates. Ask your friends to destroy everything at the beginning so as to complete your daily quest. You will be able to find a yellow exclamation mark when you reach that specified area. So, go and do it.


Of course, one of the easiest ways to get free v-bucks is to log in daily, even though you want to play or not. Daily login provides us with v-bucks, though not at all times. Only on specified days will we get the v-bucks and frankly speaking, that is a meager amount too. But at least something is better than nothing, right guys? But the best part here is that the daily login reward keeps increasing as enough time passes though the criteria being to log in every day without fail.

For example, on day 11 you will get a reward of 50 v-bucks whereas on day 84, you will get a reward of 300 v-bucks which is quite huge compared to on day 11, and the sum keeps on increasing as the days pass and at one point we will also be able to earn 500 or 1000 v-bucks in a single day, though of course, as I said, the rewards do not pop up every day. It’s all a matter of persistence. Keep logging guys!


Fortnite is caring enough to grant us timed missions which could lead us to earn a couple of v-points here and thereby completing the assigned time mission. Timed missions are marked with a clock sign for us to recognize and identify it and the missions keep changing every 24 hours. Though there are a number of timed missions, only mini-boss timed missions can get us free v-bucks and the amount is meager too, around 25-40 bucks for every mission.


Fortnite hosts several events which grants us with a number of v-bucks. Events have their quest lines and progression systems. They bring to light new heroes, weapons, traps, survivors, and locations. In the course of completing events, we will earn certain v-bucks, though not regularly, but occasionally.

For example, ‘Spring it on’ (February 15 – April 11, 2018) event had featured 10,000 firecracker tickets, 800 v-bucks, access to legendary dragon weapons, legendary defender, three legendary heroes, and seasonal gold. So, keep looking out for events as they might one day fetch you real gold in the form of v-bucks!

Another event called Mutant storms (January 25 – February 15, 2018) also featured a reward of free 800 v-bucks, to be awarded in installments of 100 v-bucks eight times upon completion of different stages of the event.


The main questline consists of storm shield defense missions popping up around every tenth quest. It offers a reward of 100 v-bucks along with skill points. It is more frequent during the start of the game so as to acquire some points during the early stages of the game,  but decreases as enough time pass and we progress more into the game.


As we progress more into the main quests, we may find our self-facing challenges and side quests with different missions, but interconnected to the main questline. Fortnite offers us a lot of such side quests and challenges. Though some of them just provide us with experience or gaming stuff, some fetch us v-bucks! The only requirement is to progress in the main questline.

Though it may seem annoying to play this far, deviating from the main quest, the fact that it fetches us v-bucks makes us want to play the side quests and challenges. Some of the side quests which provide us v-bucks are Lok’s book of monsters, Stonewood/Plankerton/Canney valley/Twins speak storm shield defense which offers 100 v-bucks each, and for the tenth storm shield defense, 150 v-bucks.


Free v-bucks can also be obtained by v-buck codes offered by certain websites. Though not all of them are real, few websites do offer real codes to get v-bucks. One such website is ‘giveawaybucks’. It is one of the very few legitimate websites that offer free v-buck codes by following certain steps. They are as follows.

The first task is to signup on that website using your real e-mail address as it is a genuine website. Signing up with real credentials is important. The next step is to log in daily so as to claim our codes. The number of times you log in, the more you can get v-bucks. So be consistent in logging in. Also if you keep visiting daily, the number of bucks earned will increase.

V-buck codes look something like this, entering which we will get v-bucks. The only drawback being we will not receive our v-bucks immediately, rather it will take some time. Please note that the v-bucks are sent through our email only at the end of the month.

Fortnite VBucks Generators Do not Work

With the drastic increase in the number of players playing Fortnite globally coupled with the need for v-bucks, many websites are trying to take advantage of this situation and pretend to generate free v-bucks in the form of no-human verification.

Please note that these are absolutely fraudulent as no such sites can generate v-bucks like this. The sites which claim to generate v-bucks are without a doubt, trying to snatch our money from us.

So, please refrain from visiting such v-bucks generator sites as chances are we may easily get deceived. There are a number of such incidents where genuine players have been robbed of their money or credentials. So appropriate care must be taken when searching for free v-buck codes or ways and trust only verified and authenticated websites so as to protect us of our personal credentials.

Enjoy your VBucks

The above-said methods make use of Fortnite’s various in-game features that can be used to obtain v-bucks legally without real currency exchange. The main purpose of this article is not only to help various gamers to identify methods to collect v-bucks but also to warn them not to fall into any scams.

The rapid growth of Fortnite has not only attracted genuine gamers, but also certain fraudulent people and groups who have realized that there is a massive need for v-bucks in this game to buy anything. So they might trick us into scams by asking for our credit card details. Please refrain from providing such details. The ways provided by most of the websites to claim free v-bucks are scams. For the sake of game currency, please do not lose your real currency.

I hope you remember that in mind and, happy gaming!

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