Fix League Of Legends Not Opening Issue

League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer online video games developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. This game has taken the world by storm since its release in 2009. Some players have experienced issues with league of legends not opening on Windows 10.

Let us find out more about this and how we can fix the lol client not opening error in this article,

How To Fix League Of Legends Not Opening Issue?

There are several problems that can lead to the crashing of League of Legends. These problems can occur due to corrupted files or outdated graphics drivers. We have listed a couple of troubleshooting steps that can help you fix this problem.

1. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

At times, League of Legends won’t start due to the issues with your graphics card. A Graphics card is important while you play a game. To fix the problem, it’s advised that you remove the graphic card and use the default drivers instead.

If the problem is still not solved, you should update your drivers. And we would strongly recommend you to use Tweakbit’s Driver Updater tool. It can automatically detect each device on your computer and matches it with their latest driver versions from an online database. It also ensures that you don’t download the wrong driver versions, which can cause permanent damage to your computer.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you have installed this program, it will automatically scan your PC for every outdated driver. The driver updater will check your installed driver versions against its cloud database of the latest versions and recommend proper updates.
  2. After the scan is completed, you will get a report on all problem drivers found on your PC. Now, review all the lists and see if you want to update each driver individually.
  3. If you want to update one driver at a time, then click on the “Update driver” link next to the driver name. or you can simply click on the “Update all” button at the bottom.

2. Run The Game As An Administrator

Sometimes, a game requires an elevated privilege to run. It is possible that these issues are occurring if the game is not being run as an administrator. Here are the following steps that you should follow to solve the League of Legends not opening problem:

  1. Go to the game installation folder.
  2. Now, right-click on the “lol.launcher.exe” and then, select “Properties.”
  3. Click on the “Compatibility” tab and check the “Run as Administrator” box.
  4. Click on “Apply” and then click on “Okay.”

3. Close Another Running Application

This problem can also be caused when there are few applications running in the background while you’re playing the game. Certain applications such as Steam and Razor Synapse have been reported to affect the launch process of the game.

So make sure you close them before starting the game if you have such applications installed. Once you close Steam and Razor Synapse, then restart the game again and see if it works.

4. Disable All Running League Of Legends Processes

According to some players, League of Legends not opening can be caused by a few processes that are running in the background preventing the main game process. To fix this issue, you can disable all the running LOL processes from Task Manager.

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and open “Task Manager” in Windows 10.
  2. Now look for the “Processes” tab and then choose League of Legends (32-bit).
  3. And now click on the “End Task” button.
  4. Without starting any other application, restart LOL and run the lol.launcher.exe

5. Repair The Game

If the problem is caused by missing or corrupted files, then you will have to initiate a repair for the game. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Go to the game installation folder and run the “lol.launcher.admin” executable.
  2. Now click on the wheel-like icon and then select the “Initialize Full Repair” option.
  3. Now, all you have to do is wait until the launcher verifies the file.

6. Update The Game Client

Sometimes, the problem is caused by corrupted system files because of the inappropriate installation process. To fix this issue, you can update your game, and you will have to delete a few files for the better and smooth working of the game. Here’s how you can solve the issue of League Of Legends not opening by updating the game:

  1. Head to the game installation folder and then open the “RADS” folder.
  2. As you’ll open up the RADS folder, look for the “Projects” folder in it.
  3. Now, delete these two folders: “league_client” and “lol_game_client,” from the Projects folder.
  4. Now go back to the solutions folder and delete “league_client_sin” and “lol_game_client_sin” (as shown in the image above).
  5. Simply, restart your PC after performing the above steps and launch LOL again and this will force the game to update itself.

7. Reinstall The Game

If none of the solutions that we have mentioned above works well to start the game back, then we would strongly prefer that you delete the game and install it again. There are many ways to do this; one is by using Uninstaller software. This software will completely delete any program from the PC and all files and registry entries associated with the removed program.

You can reinstall the LOL latest version from here.

Final Words

The above-mentioned list of solutions is the best and the most effective solution for the League of Legends client not opening issue. Go through these solutions carefully and if one doesn’t work, try the next one. Hope you liked reading the article. Let us know in the comments if you’ve any other queries related to League of Legends.

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