How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

Snapchat emerges as the best social media application, especially among youngsters. It let you share snaps and videos instantly with your friends. Imagine the time when one of your friends disappear from your Snapchat and left you with numerous questions such as whether your account is blocked or your friend quit using Snapchat.

If so then our today’s post on how to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat is meant for you? This blog post will let you clarify whether you have blocked or your friend left Snapchat.

how to know if someone blocked you on snapchat

How to Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

Snapchat doesn’t notify you when someone blocks your account. If you strongly feel that you’ve been blocked then you need to confirm it by yourself.

Luckily it is not a difficult task all you need to follow the methods we’re going to discuss and you will able to find out that someone has blocked you or some other reasons that prevent you to connect with your friend. So without revolving around the topic why can’t we begin to talk about how to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat.

1. Examine Your Snapchat Contact List

This is one of the easiest ways you can follow to tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat. All you need to do head to your Snapchat contact list and search for the person you suspect who has blocked you. If you don’t see a particular person in your contact list then there are high chances that you’re blocked.

Snapchat contact list

Also, if your contact actively uploads the stories on Snapchat then go head to the stories tab and check new stories of your contact. If you won’t able to see any story,  that means you’re blocked.

In such situations head to the Snapchat network and search for a particular person, if you can see them here then try to re-add them to your contact list, they have just removed you instead of blocking them so you still have chances to connect with them.

2. Search For Their Name

This is another efficient method to tell if someone has blocked your account on Snapchat. Simply type the name of a particular person in the Snapchat search box.

If their account appears as a search result that means they have just removed your account haven’t blocked you. But if their name won’t appear in the search result, that clearly means that they have blocked your account.

Snapchat search result

If you do see their username then click on the add button available next to the Snapchat username. If you see a pop-up window on your screen saying that “Sorry we can’t find the username you have searched for”. This is another clue that indicates that your Snapchat account is blocked.

3. Try To Send Them a Message

If you have shared any snap or video with the person before then you will able to see their name in your recent conversation history. Simply click on their username and type a message and hit the send button.

If something like this appears on your screen “Failed to send your message” that meant the person has blocked your account and you won’t be able to share snaps and videos with them anymore.

Snapchat Message

4. Can Your Friends Search For Them?

If someone blocked your account then you won’t be able to find them from your account. But such a situation can also arise if a particular Snapchat user deletes their account. So before jumping to the conclusion we suggest you be more confident.

Ask your friend to search for a particular person’s account from their Snapchat account and see if they can see their account. If so, then it is clear to say that they have blocked your account.

Snapchat username

Additionally, you can create a new Snapchat account to see their profile. If you aren’t able to see them from your new Snapchat account as well that means they have deleted their Snapchat account. In such a situation, you can try to find them on other social media platforms i.e. Instagram and Facebook.

It would be better if you can talk to a person face to face and ask them politely whether they have blocked your account or not. If someone has blocked your account then don’t try to find them from another account, just respect their decision.

Bottom Line

If you suspect that someone has blocked your account on Snapchat then don’t fly off to the conclusion directly. Review the steps we have discussed so far before reacting. There are some other reasons also that can make you feel that your account is blocked.

Remember that fact there are no definitive ways to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat. Also, you won’t receive any notification when someone blocks your account. In addition to these methods, if you found any other method also which we haven’t mentioned in our post then share with us by commenting below.

I hope our today’s informative post on how to know if someone blocked your account helped you enough. Well, with that we have come to the end our today’s article.

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