Hack: Auto Draw & Auto Guesser 2022 is a multiplayer video game that is played online on a browser. is free to play. It is believed that playing can improve your IQ level. That sounds good right! After playing for a while you will find it to be a notoriously funny game. It is basically a dictionary game where you guess the word through a drawing by other players and vice versa.

In one person get to draw at a time and others are guessers. When it’s your turn to draw, you are given 80 seconds, in this time you need to visualize and draw the chosen word. Other players will guess and type their answers in the chatbox. The one who gives the right answer will collect some points.

If you are looking for skribble hacks then you are at the right place. So continue reading this article. hack

What Is Hack?

For those who don’t know what is hack let us share with you some pieces of information regarding These hacks allow players some new functions that are locked in the game’s basic version like you can activate the auto draw and auto guess mode.

For example, the auto draw helps the player to draw the required word automatically and the auto guess helps the player to guess the word that other players have drawn. Moreover, the most useful feature is you can mute those players who verbally abuse you in the chatbox after losing the game. This game is very interesting. It can improve your thinking power and creativity. By using the hack you can make your gameplay easier.

what is

Scribble Auto Draw Hack 2022

There are a bunch of hacks for but one of the most used hacks is AutoDraw. Utilizing the AutoDraw hack on is very simple as the whole process involves searching for the appropriate image on Google and once it’s found, you can easily drag and drop it on the game’s drawing box or canvas and the bot will initiate the drawing carefully. It also performs faster with clip art and it draws best with chrome maximized. auto draw hacks

1. How to Install Auto Draw Hack?

After downloading (or download this) the auto draw hack you need to extract it by WinRAR or you can do it by any other file extractor. Then add it to google chrome’s extension. Here is how to do that. 

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer then you can see the three dots at the upper right corner of your screen, click on that.
  • It will open a drop-down for you now click on more tools followed by extensions, it will take you to the Chrome extensions page.

Chrome extensions

  • Now you have to turn on the developer mode by clicking on the developer mode option at the upper right corner of your screen and then click on load unpacked at the upper left screen.
  • Locate the extracted file of auto draw in your computer and click on the 3 folders it contains then click on the select folders option.
  • Congratulations! You are all set. You have enabled the auto-draw extension in Chrome. Now rock the game.

how to install auto draw hacks Auto Guesser Hack

You might be good with guessing but the Auto Guesser hack will amaze you. Similar to the AutoDraw hack, it is a script and/or chrome extension that works by automatically guessing what other players have drawn. After putting in work this hack, it displays every possible answer to a picture drawn in the game.

One of its unique features is that it indicates whether an answer is valid by turning the input field red or green and aside from this, it displays links to Google image results for easy reference of the word drawn. Now without wasting your precious time let us show you how to download and install the Auto Guesser hack. Auto guess hack

1. How to Install Auto Guesser Hack?

The below suggested steps will help you install the auto guesser hack.


  • Now click on add to Chrome followed by the Add Extention option.
  • After getting these simple things done close the tab upon seeing the remove from Chrome text.
  • Now, go to the auto guess hack page within GitHub and scroll down then click on the URL given under the Installation subheading.

Install auto guesser

  • Click install to download it. You have to close the tab after completion.
  • Now go to and click on the Activate Scribbler button.
  • Now make it ticked to enable auto guesser below the chatbox.Enable Auto guesser chatbox

Final Take

We hope you found this article on how to install hacks helpful. After enabling these hacks and mods the game becomes more interesting and easier. These two hacks are the most popular among online players. Play this game with your friends and use these hacks. Rock the white blank sheet with your creative thinking and surprise them

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