How to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging Issue?

Are you having trouble getting your AirPods case to charge? Many AirPods users have complained about this issue, turns out it is a very common and persistent issue. However, you can solve the problem with some help. In this article, we will tell you exactly why the AirPods case is not charging and how to fix it in a few simple steps.

Wireless buds are pretty cool and the AirPods top the list by a huge margin. That being said, AirPods also have their own set of pros and cons. One of the most annoying drawbacks is the AirPods case not charging issue. It keeps repeating but we’re here to fix it for you.

What are AirPods?

With the advance in technology, wired earphones have become a thing of the past. Nowadays it’s all about wireless buds and Bluetooth-enabled headphones. Apple released its version of wireless earphones called AirPods in 2016. There have been many variations and upgrades of the AirPods since then.

With the help of the Airpods, an average user can do a lot of things like listen to music, make phone calls, converse with Siri, etc. It has a pretty good battery life and you can use it for a long period without having to constantly hunt for the charger to charge it. The case of the AirPods is tiny and very cute, you can easily slip it into your bag or pocket and take it on the go with you.

Why is the AirPods Case Not Charging?

Many users have brought up the AirPods case not charging issue. There can be a handful of reasons for this error. The possible causes are listed down below.

  1. You’re probably using a faulty or wrong cable.
  2. Your AirPod case has too much dust settled.
  3. The power outlet that you’re using is probably busted

These are only some general causes, you can try to fix these quite easily with the steps given below. There are also additional steps that you can perform to eliminate this issue.

How to Fix ‘AirPods Case Not Charging’ Issue?

Let’s get to the most interesting part of the ‘AirPods case not charging’ article. Here we will not only cover the main causes mentioned above but also a few ways to ensure your AirPods case starts to charge again. Try all the methods given here for the best outcome. The most basic way to make sure that your AirPods case is working is to reset it. You can easily do that by pressing the button at the back of the case. The same button you press to establish a connection with any device.

1. Check Your Cable

You need to use the correct cable when you charge your AirPods case, it is best to use the cable that came with the case. Make sure that the cable is pressed firmly into the adapter and the case. If there are loose ends this issue will automatically pop up.

2. Cleaning Your Case

In some cases, the ‘AirPods case not charging’ issue is the result of too much dust blocking the power flow. You may not be able to see the dust clearly so it is best if you just use a blower to blow away any unwanted dust and dirt. This way you’re not only ensuring that your case remains spotless but also that your case has uninterrupted charge flow.

3. Check Your Power Cable

This may sound like a very silly and obvious method, but you might’ve skipped this little bit. There is a chance that your power outlet is fried and isn’t working properly. Have you tried connecting the charger to another port before hopping on to the internet and trying to solve your problem? Maybe not, that’s why you should go and check it.

4. Connect Your Case to Your Phone

If your case isn’t charging even after checking for loose ends and cleaning the case’s charging port, then your best option is to try connecting your AirPods case to your phone. All you need to do is open the lid of the case and wait for the connection to take place between your iPhone and the AirPods case. Once the connection is secure, you will be able to see the charging icon.

5. Contact Apple Support

If none of the methods listed above work for you then you should consider contacting Apple Support. They have a very convenient support service that lets you contact them through call, chat, and E-mail.


That’s a wrap on how to fix the AirPods case not charging issue. If you’ve reached this section, then we’re sure that your issue has been solved and you are good to go. Make sure that you clean your case from time to time to avoid any dust settling inside your case. Have fun jamming to your favorite tunes!

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