Apple TV+ Review 2021: Is It Really Worth Buying?

If you are unaware till now then, it is our moral obligation to get this news to your ears. Apple Company is coming up with Apple TV Plus which is going to be a subscription streaming service where Apple will be releasing its original series and movies. Seeing Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon getting into the game, we knew Apple will not resist itself from doing the same. So, in this article, we are going to do the Apple TV+ review for you all, so that you are well-aware of its pros and cons.

Apple TV+ Review

First, let us start with what is apple TV Plus and how can one use this application. So, Apple TV Plus is an extended version of the already existing Apple TV app. You can find this app on some of the Samsung models, and Amazon Fire TV stick, or on iOS devices, Apple TV, etc.

If you have existing access to the Apple TV then, you can have access to the Apple TV Plus as well. Now, when you will scroll down on the Apple TV Plus app, then you will notice that after a few scrolls, the shows, and movies will start repeating, you will see many shows that belong to the Apple TV app. So, with this, we can conclude that Apple is yet not sure about their content division between the two apps. 

Some of the famous shows of this app are – The Morning Show, Jason Momoa epic See, Sesame Street spin-off Helpsters, teen fantasy Ghostwriters, Hailee Steinfeld’s Emily Dickinson biopic, and NASA drama For All Mankind.

The app is offering the necessities that a normal streaming service would provide, there isn’t anything great or unique about this app launch. People would rather stick to Netflix and even Amazon Prime for that matter which provides very famous shows like Stranger Things, and To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved, or The Boys on Amazon Prime.

There’s no downside as such to the Apple TV Plus app but there’s also, no up-gradation to it either. Now, let us get on with the Apple TV+ review. 

Apple TV Plus Viewing Quality

Now let us talk about what sort of viewing quality you will be getting with the Apple TV Plus app, the great part is that it supports HDR and 4K streaming. However, you will need an HDR Ready 4K TV to make greater use of this feature.

Also, streaming depends somewhat on the stability of your WiFi connection. So, stream on a good stable network connection.

Now there’s a lot of confusion that Apple Plus TV is similar to Netflix. But the answer to this is No. Netflix streams licensed shows as well as its originals on its site. But Apple is not broadcasting the licensed shows such as friends, or Big Bang Theory, etc.

You still have to pay for the show that you would like to watch on Apple Plus TV from iTunes, and then you have to turn back to the app for its library of originals. 

Pros And Cons Of Apple TV+

Let us talk about some of the pros and cons of the apple TV +

1. Pros:

  1. First of all, it is cheap and affordable because it is low priced.
  2. You don’t have to encounter any of those interrupting ads, it is an ad-free streaming service.
  3. You can download shows/episodes on iOS devices and stream them offline. 
  4. The app supports 4K and HDR streams as mentioned earlier and also offers support with Dolby Atoms.

2. Cons:

  1. The content library is still not growing at a greater pace. It is still way behind in the content race if compared with its rival sites.
  2. There is no app for Android users which is one of the greater cons.
  3. The web interface is very basic, not anything special or unique.

Pricing Of Apple TV+

Apple TV+ subscription pricing way much affordable than its competitor services such as Netflix, and Disney Hotstar. It is priced at just $4.99/ per month which is so cheap and affordable coming from a renowned company like Apple.

To save more pennies you can also subscribe to the Annual Subscription for $49.99/ per year. And on the bright side, if you’ll purchase any Apple device such as iPad, iPhone, etc. then, you will get an Apple TV+ subscription free for a whole year which is great. 

Is Apple TV available for Android devices?

The answer to this question is a NO, you cannot download the Apple TV Plus on your Android device as the app isn’t available for Android. However, you can stream it on a supported web browser. 

How To Get Apple TV Plus Free Trial?

It is a very easy process. Apple offers a 7-day free trial for all its members and then, you will have to pay for its monthly subscription. You can simply download the Apple TV app, and there you will encounter the ad for the Apple TV Plus Free trial. You just simply have to click on it to proceed with the process.

You can do everything with that 7-day trial, we would recommend you to make the most of it, and look for all the reasons if the service is worth your money in the coming days. 


We have tried to answer most of the questions and provided complete information on the Apple TV+ review. This article was all about the Apple TV Plus review, and we hope that we haven’t disappointed you. I hope you loved reading this article and if you still come across any queries then, let us know in the comments below. 

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