How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-TS207?

For those who are frequent users of Hulu, you will be familiar with the Hulu error code p-ts207. But for users who are new, this error code might be a little worrisome. In this article, we will especially go through the error code p-ts207 and how to fix it without any trouble.

Most issues that occur while using Hulu are because of playback problems. These problems have a chance of happening from either end; your’s or Hulu’s. So we need to figure out where the problem lies. Let’s dive right in and get rid of the error code p-ts207.

Hulu error code p-ts207

Hulu is an American streaming service that allows its users to watch shows, movies, and even live TV with the Hulu+ version. This streaming service has a massive userbase and it is growing steadily. But imagine this: you’ve just finished a stressful assignment, made a nice cup of tea, and want to unwind while watching a fun show. You open Hulu, but all you can see is this error code p-ts207′. Must be annoying right? Don’t let it bother you anymore.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-TS207?

All the working solutions for fixing the Hulu error code p-ts207 are given below. Please follows the steps in the correct order for the best results.

1. Check Internet Connectivity & Speed

A playback problem occurs when the internet connection is not strong enough or is lower than the speed required to stream. When you see the Hulu error code p-ts207, the first step should be to check your WiFi. The error might’ve been due to a simple case of a loose plug or a switched-off WiFi router.

To watch movies and shows on Hulu, your Wifi speed should at least be 6Mbps. You will be needing a speed of 8 Mbps if you use the Hulu+ version since that streams live content as well. To check the connectivity status follow the guidelines given below.

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your device.
  2. Type ‘Network Settings’ into the search bar.
  3. You will be shown a page describing the internet connectivity status and other details.

2. System and Hulu App Updates

The next step is to make sure that your device and the Hulu app are up to date with the latest modifications. If your automatic updates are turned off, you need to keep checking for updates frequently. Follow the steps given below to crosscheck for any available updates.

1. For the System

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. Type ‘Updates’ in the search bar.
  3. You will be able to see the status of your system and check for updates.
  4. Start the updating process (if there are any).
  5. Open Hulu now.

2. For the Hulu App

  1. Open the Hulu app on the PlayStore or AppStore.
  2. Once opened, click on the update button.
  3. The updates will start.
  4. After the update is complete, open Hulu and check for error code p-ts207.

3. Restart your Device

I am a firm believer in “Restarting your computer will fix the majority of your problems” and stand by it. Many times all you need to fix your troubles, including the Hulu error code p-ts207, is a good device restart. Close all your tabs and background apps that are running. Restart your device and open Hulu all over again. Now check if the issue still persists.

4. Cleaning Cached Data

Hulu error code p-ts207 can also show up on your screen if there is too much-cached data stored on your device. This type of data is not useful in the running of the app. On the other hand, cached data only slows down the app and the system as well. You can easily delete the cached data with the help of the below steps.

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your device.
  2. Click on ‘Apps’ and look for the Hulu app.
  3. Once you open the Hulu app, select the storage option.
  4. You will find a ‘Clear cache data’ option.
  5. Press on that option and try running the app again.

Why Hulu Error Code P-TS207 Appears On-Screen?

Every Hulu error code has a specific reason behind the failure to load the content. In this case, the error code p-ts207 is used for Playback problems from the server or your device. This could be because you have garbage for a WiFi connection or the servers of Hulu are down.

If you checked your end and see no problem, you should try contacting Hulu. You can also follow Hulu on Twitter to be in touch and get to know if there are any server outages. You can be sure that if it is a problem on Hulu’s end, it will be fixed as soon as possible.


Your Hulu error code p-ts207 is gone, right? If you’ve reached this part of the article, we’re sure you’ve managed to overcome the Hulu error. Playback issues are not very complex to solve and can be fixed with a few steps. Ensure to check your internet connection regularly for a smoother viewing experience. Have fun watching!

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