25 Free Subtitle Download Sites for Movies and TV Shows

Each one of us is a die-hard fan of movies and TV series, believe it or not! But subtitles add to a whole new level of understanding for the shows which are in a different language. And thus, there is a large number of growing audience which loves to binge-watch movies and TV shows while reading the subtitles.

And if you are watching a movie in a language which you don’t understand completely then, subtitles prove to be so much beneficial. And on that note, we have created a list of top subtitles sites only for you.

What Are Subtitle Sites?

Subtitles are captions displayed at the bottom while you watch any movie or web series to translate dialogues and narratives.

These subtitles are very useful for language learners, this is the perfect way to learn words, and slangs when watching shows in a new language. Therefore, Subtitle sites are the websites from where you can download subtitles for web series, movies, and TV shows.

Best Sites To Download Subtitles

When you search on Google to find the sites offering subtitles for free then, you’ll see hundreds of websites in your search result. Now, choosing the best from the heap is the toughest job and thus, to make your work simpler we are here with an article presenting the top 10 best subtitles sites:

1. Open Subtitles 

Based on the reviews, it is considered that Open Subtitles should be the first website where you head while looking for subtitles download. It has over 50+ distinct language options to choose from. Open Subtitles is genuinely loved by millions of people out there. It is so easy to find subtitles for all the movies and TV shows no matter how little or old they are. It is an open-sourced site and thus, anyone can upload subtitles.

The site features new subtitles every month, also the site comes up with an in-built network of connection where you can connect with other subtitle hunters and exchange your favorites. Overall, it is an amazing website.

2. Podnapisi 

Podnapisi is one of the lesser-known sites but it is a whole hub of subtitles in dozens of languages for almost every popular movie. The website is designed in such a way that the interface is so easy for the users to use. Podnapisi is an ad-free website and thus, while viewing this site you don’t have to worry about ads popping up every other second.

The site has organized sections showing the most rated subtitle, the most downloaded ones are at one corner and you can even see the most recent subtitle uploaded on the home page. The Active filter by the site lets you handpick results from the search, you’ll get hundreds of results with just one keyword, you can even use the date of the release or characters to find out a specific data.

3. Addic7ed 

This site is for all the movie addicts out there! It offers subtitles for movies, and TV shows as well. Although, the site requires the users to sign up before downloading any subtitle once you’re in you can have access to over a million unique subtitles.

The site has a tutorial page that explains the process of using a subtitle step-by-step, and this proves to be quite helpful for the ones who are using the online subtitles site for the first time. Addic7ed has an active search bar that lets its users access upon signing up. All the recent uploads over the site are displayed on the RSS Feed which is placed on the top of the page, and thus it becomes very easy for people to access them.

4. YIFY Subtitles 

YIFY is one of the commonly known subtitles sites that you’ll come across. YIFY is a website that provides its users with the torrent links for the recently released movies. However, the whole site is completely legal and safe to use too. It has one of the best and an aesthetic layout, and the whole site is quite modern looking.

YIFY is a completely ad-free site, and thus this makes its user interface clean and easy to navigate. On the main page, you can easily find the most recent uploaded movies and also the most popular ones. It has an auto-suggestion tool that lets you find all the recent releases and other shows or movies as per your preference.

5. Subscene 

 Subscene is considered to be one of the top 5 most popular subtitles sites. Many of its users upload the latest subtitles to the site. Subscene has been there since 2005 and with time it has developed to be one of the earliest and the most renowned caption producing sites. It provides subtitles for not only movies but also TV shows and also popular music videos.

To upload any captions into the site, you first have to sign up. But you can download any subtitle from the site without logging in.

6. DIVX Subtitles 

This website is an old gem, the layout of this website might look classic like a site from the early 20s but, believe me, on this, the collection that DIVX Subtitles possess is just amazing. You will be able to find subtitles for the rarest of the rare movies especially the older films which you don’t easily find anywhere else. And thus, even if the user interface is a bit outdated, we would still highly recommend you all to check this amazing website.

Similar to other sites, DIVX also has a forum or a communication medium through which all kinds of discussions regarding recent movies, TV serials can take place among different users. This site has a separate page containing all the latest uploads, thus this makes locating subtitles easier. If you like you can contribute to the site easily, all you need to do is sign up. The best thing about the site is yet to be spilled, you can access this site in a weak network connection as well, for example, 2G connection for that matter!

7. TVSubtitles

TVSubtitles is a complete hub for gathering subtitles for every TV series and web series from all around the world. All subtitles are packed in a ZIP format, so you must open that file before you make use of them. There are hundreds of sites that offer subtitles of movies but it is challenging to find subtitles for TV shows. That’s why TVSubtitles is our pick under the top 10 best subtitles sites. From shows like Breaking Bad to Sherlock Holmes or Dark, you can access them all.

8. iSubtitles

iSubtitles allows users to search for movie subtitles by title, release year, or even genre or anything using its simplified user interface. Since it has opened in 2015, iSubtitles has indexed numerous amounts of movies and TV series. The site displays a list of movies with their subtitle count on its Homepage and if you prefer, you can browse movies by country, language, etc.

9. SubsMax

SubsMax is another website developed by a few movie enthusiasts that helps you download subtitles of movies and it has such an easy interface for users. SubsMax is worth a try if you want to watch a movie with properly used subtitles. The site possesses subtitles in so many distinct languages.

10. Movie Subtitles


Moviesubtitles is another source from where you can acquire subtitles for the latest movies and web-series. It contains subtitles for every popular movie that you know, and also TV films in multiple distinct languages. However, the site has a lot of ads, and this may irritate anyone while downloading subtitles. Try once again with a little patience and your movie along with your subtitles will get downloaded.

25 Best Subtitle Sites 2020

Here’s the whole list of sites  to download subtitles of different TV shows, movies, and web series:

  1. Subscene
  2. Open Subtitles
  3. DIVX Subtitles
  4. Addic7ed
  5. YIFY Subtitles
  6. Podnapisi
  7. TVSubtitles
  8. Movie Subtitles
  9. iSubtitles
  10. SubsMax
  11. English-Subtitles.org
  12. SubDIVX
  13. Subtitle Seeker
  14. TVSubtitles.net
  15. Subsynchro
  16. Subtitles HR
  17. M4U FREE
  18. DownSub
  19. BollyNook
  20. TheSubtitles.net
  21. OS Downloader
  22. Digital Digest
  23. Subtitles App
  24. Popcorn Subtitles
  25. Ondertitel.com


We hope you find this article useful and loved reading it. I have covered every topic that we could for a better understanding of you all. This article will make your search for subtitles sites way too easier, just click on the site you like and that is it!

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