Top 7 Wordle Alternatives that You Must Try

Are you also a fan of puzzles but always want to solve more than one? We have got the best Wordle Alternatives for you to play and pass your time. They will help keep your brain busy and help you learn new things too. Wordle is an interesting game that can be played at any event or party or among any age group. Today we bring to you, the Best Wordle Alternatives. Let’s get started!

What is Wordle?

Are you aware of what Wordle is? Well, we will tell you about it. It is a daily word game that has become a global sensation a very little time. The main working of Wordle is to guess the five-letter word within 6 attempts. After each attempt that you make, it tells you different things. Like, which letter is not in the word, or is in the wrong position, or are is in the correct position.

The best part about Wordle is that it can be played only once a day. At midnight, a new word is available to guess. It is the perfect game that you can play during your coffee break.

7 Best Wordle Alternatives in 2022

Now, what will you do if you want to play more but there isn’t any more Wordle left? Well, you need not worry as we have got you covered. We bring to you the best Wordle Alternatives for you to try and pass your time. They are for free and for your fun. Let’s check them out!

1. Hello Wordl

If you want to enjoy your daily dose of puzzle games without any sort of interruption then we have a solution. Hello, Wordl is the game for you. It allows you to solve an unlimited number of Wordles till the time you get tired.

Hello, Wordl lets you change the number of letters, from 4 to 11. This increases the difficulty level. Hence, making it a challenge worthy of the true wordsmiths!

2. Letterle

Letterle is a silly parody of Wordle. In Wordle, it can be a bit difficult to think of different six-letter words that complete the clues you have received so far. Letterle, on the other hand, removes all of that from the scene. In this game, you just have to guess the letter of the day!

You must remember that you have a one in 26 chance of getting the answer right on your first turn. All the Best!

3. Absurdle

Absurdle considers itself as “an adversarial variant” of Wordle. The working of the two games is the same. They even use the same word list, but, Absurdle does not have a fixed end word. It is designed to prolong the game for as long as possible. This is done by cutting down the word list as little as possible after every turn, also keeping all the possible words that could build up your guess. Because of this, there is no standard six guess limit.

4. Seven Wordles

Do you love Wordle but are tired of its laid-back attitude? Then Seven Wordles is the answer for you. It needs you to solve seven Wordles in a row with a clock simultaneously calculating the time you take.

5. Sweardle


Well, Sweardle is not your traditional swear game. You must give Sweardle a try once. All you have to do is to guess the four-letter swear word within six guesses. But there is a twist! It does not contain the traditional swear word you might be using day in and day out.

For example – If you have to write a 4letter swear word, it will be a silly one like Fart.

6. Byrdle

Byrdle is undoubtedly an ideal version of Wordle. This is just what makes it great. It is the best alternative to Wordle. It appears to be exactly like the traditional Wordle and is in fact, played in the same manner too. But, the twist is that the word you need to guess is related to choral music.

Many of us might have to Google what words are included in this category but that adds up to the fun entire fun process.

7. Squirdle

Squirdle is not the same game as Wordle. But, it offers the players a similar kind of design. In this game, you get five turns to guess the Pokemon, also changing your answer based on generation, type, weight, and height.

In case you haven’t kept up with Pokemon over the years, you can easily switch to the first generation version to play with only the classics like Pikachu and even Charmander.


The above-mentioned games are not just Wordle clones, rather the Top 7 Wordle Alternatives. They provide you with the fun you have while playing Wordle, although they might not be the same they are interesting. These puzzle games take Wordle to another level and make it more fun for the players. These games are not like the other supposed clones that are emerging on App Store that are mere clones.

I hope this article was useful for you and got you a new interesting game too. Let us know your favorite puzzle game in the box below!

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