How to Check Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile?

Instagram is at the epicenter of the most popular social media apps being used today. Today, Instagram has nearly over a billion monthly users who share their videos, photos, and other digital content on the platform. Moreover, Instagram has been keeping up with the trendy and dynamic youth and millennials of today’s society. They’ve released several new features in recent years such as Instagram Stories, IGTV, and TikTok inspired “Reels” to make cool videos. Despite the countless number of cool additions and filters, there’s one thing you can’t do, and that’s being able to see who viewed your Instagram profile.

Is It Possible To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile?

The short answer is no. It’s actually impossible to see who viewed your Instagram profile. If you’re curious as to whether your crush is checking you out or if that creepy dude is stalking your profile. We’re sorry to say that Instagram simply doesn’t have the functionality built in to let you do so.

The only way to get a more in-depth analysis of your profile is by transforming your Instagram into a business account.

This will give you access to Instagram Insights which will let you see much more advanced data about your profile. This mainly consists of numerical and statistical data. For example, you can see how many profile visits you’ve had in the past week, how many followers you’ve gained over time, evaluate story data and see the number of impressions each of your posts receive. Despite these great features of Insights, you still won’t be able to see who specifically viewed your profile.

Third-Party Apps To See Who’s Viewing Your Profile

Unfortunately, there are no Third-Party applications that let you see who’s viewing your Instagram profile. Instagram has specifically warned its users to stay away from using third-party analytic tools and apps. This is because most of these apps are either scams or ways of phishing out your Instagram usernames and passwords.

A lot of websites and Youtube videos will post fake apps and tutorials using these apps that don’t work. A lot of the times, these apps will simply pick out random names from your follower’s list and present it to you. The main reason these apps don’t and won’t work is that Instagram doesn’t share any private information with Third-Party apps.

Nevertheless, there are some Instagram apps that do help out in other ways. For example, some apps will let you visualize things like who you’re following but not following back, or some statistical data similar to what Instagram Insights has to offer. A general rule of thumb is that if these third-party apps are requesting your official Instagram username and password to log in, don’t trust them.

Instead, if they ask you to sign in to the official Instagram and grant permission for the third-party app, then the app is most likely legitimate but may or may not help you to know who viewed your Instagram profile. If you have registered for any of these fake apps, we request that you revoke the access to your account immediately. Even if you don’t use the app or have it uninstalled, they still have access to your Instagram credentials.

How to to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile?

In spite of stating that there is absolutely no way you can directly tell who’s viewing your profile, there are technically some methods you can use to get a general idea.

Method #1: Using Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to quickly express yourself, share selfies, and pictures you would prefer not to post on your actual profile. The great thing about Instagram stories is that you can directly see who has viewed it even if they haven’t interacted or reacted with your story in any way. Generally speaking, the viewers of your Instagram stories are more likely to be the people who would look at your Instagram profile.

While this may be true, you must understand that Instagram stories do not list your viewers based on the frequency of profile visits. Instead, the people who appear at the top are usually those you have interacted with and have the most activity with on Instagram.

Method #2: Using Instagram Live

If you’re not afraid to get out there and show your true self on Instagram for a few minutes, then this method could work for you. Whenever you go Live on Instagram, your story icon will glow and be placed before any other story. Hence, the chance of finding who viewed your Instagram profile is very high this way.

Unlike Instagram Stories, which shows you your viewers based on your social activity with them. Live will be able to let you see who’s viewing your stream the second they join. Hence, this way you can deduce a general idea of who is more interested in your content. In other words, the person who is most likely to be looking at your profile. Note, this method may seem a little odd to your viewers if you’re really not showcasing anything on Instagram Live.

Final Words:

We’re sorry that you couldn’t find a way to know who viewed your Instagram profile. Sadly, Instagram does not have any built-in tools or granted any permission to third-party apps to do so. Perhaps, it’s a good thing.

I mean, would you want someone knowing every time you visit their profile? If it really were possible to see who’s viewing people’s profiles, it could cause quite a stir on the platform and even damage Instagram’s reputation for privacy. If you have a query related to this topic, let us know in the comments below.

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