WhatsApp Not Working? 7 Ways to Fix it

WhatsApp is a widely used messaging app among a lot of people. Naturally, if the app decides to stop working all of a sudden, people will go crazy. All the important messages and WhatsApp forwards that you can’t get rid of. But don’t worry. This article will tell you exactly how to fix the “WhatsApp not working” problem. Let’s dive right in!

A Helpful Guide to ‘WhatsApp Not Working’

WhatsApp has become a staple app on countless phones. Every morning you probably have some member from the family group sending a “good morning” or a “Have a good day” picture. In addition to sending pictures and videos, users can also voice and video call their contacts with this app. It is going to pretty stressful if the app doesn’t open or shows the “WhatsApp has stopped” error.

Though this error of WhatsApp not working isn’t uncommon, it is quite easy to fix and get back to normal. This messaging app rarely has outage issues with its server, so the problem is most likely to be on your end. All you have to do is follow a few troubleshooting methods, and the app will be good as new!

Why does WhatsApp Stops working?

The main cause for this is one of the two reasons- terrible internet connection or a crashed service connection. Let me elaborate for you. The primary reason for the occurrence of WhatsApp not working is when the connection cannot go through properly. When the connection is not established, the service doesn’t work. Now let’s take a look at how to fix this error.

Methods to Fix ‘WhatsApp Not Working’ Error

Given below are effective ways to help you fix this problem. Ensure that the steps that are mentioned are followed exactly for the best outcome.

1. Device Restart

This should be your go-to move for any such error messages as these. Restarting your device might just even get rid of other app lags. Close all your apps, shut down your device, make yourself a hot cup of tea, and then restart your device. Voila! The ‘WhatsApp not working’ will most likely vanish.

2. Clear Background Apps

In some cases, the memory of the device might lag if a lot of apps are running at the same time. In order to stop the overload on the memory, clear all the background apps. Close WhatsApp as well. Now open WhatsApp again. The error should be gone.

3. Updating the App

If the app has new updates and they are not updated, there will be problems like ‘WhatsApp not working’. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the PlayStore/AppStore.
  2. Open My apps and games.
  3. Find WhatsApp and open it.
  4. Check if any updates are available for this app.
  5. If there are any, update them.
  6. Now rerun WhatsApp and see if the issue is still present.

4. Airplane Mode Usage

There might be a problem with your network provider. To overcome this issue, you can restart your data connection. We have the guidelines for you.

  1. Go to your device’s settings.
  2. Go to the Airplane mode option.
  3. Turn the Airplane mode on and wait until you see the bars of your signal vanish.
  4. Wait for two minutes and then turn off the airplane mode.
  5. Restart WhatsApp on your device again.

5. Router Check

If you are using the WiFi then there might be some issue with your router. To make sure there is not faulty connection with your router, you just have to reconnect the plugs.

  1. Turn off the WiFi option on your device.
  2. Go to your router and turn the switch off.
  3. Make sure to check whether the plug is properly plugged in.
  4. Now turn your router on again.
  5. Turn on the WiFi option on your device as well.
  6. Relaunch WhatsApp.

6. Device update

In most cases, if the app is not compatible with the device, there will inevitably be a problem. If you have already updated the app, it is now time to update your device. If there are any new or pending updates for your device, make them happen. Restart WhatsApp after the update is completed. The ‘WhatsApp not working’ problem will be solved.

7. Reinstalling WhatsApp

This option should be your last resort if none of the other methods work. Sometimes there might just be a problem with the app that might interfere with the proper working. First, you need to uninstall the app. Then head on to the PlayStore/AppStore and search for WhatsApp.

Lastly, install the app and enter your details again. Don’t forget to back up your chats before you uninstall the app. This way, you can save all your chats and media.


You’ve made it till the end! If you’ve reached this part, then we’re sure that your ‘WhatsApp not working’ problem has been solved successfully. The above methods are tried and tested by many people and have worked for most. We hope you can now get back to sending funny stickers and receiving annoying WhatsApp forwards without any hiccups. Thank you for reading the entire post. Have fun texting!

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