100+ WhatsApp Group Links 2022: Join Groups Here

Are you looking for Whatsapp group links? If you are, then you have come across the right article. Whatsapp groups are a great way to keep yourself away from boredom and this article is filled with over a hundred Whatsapp group links. Ready to join new groups and meet new people? Let’s get started.

I am going to list out several Whatsapp groups from different categories and you can choose the ones that suit you best. But before that, I am going to help you how to join with a Whatsapp group link.

Best Whatsapp Group Links 2022

These are the Whatsapp groups that you can join. I have categorized them and you can select the groups that you want to join easily. Remember that the admins of the groups can reset the links whenever they want, so I recommend that you join these groups as soon as possible.

1. Funny WhatsApp Group Links

As they say, laughter is the best medicine! Follow these groups to get your daily dose of laughter.

  1. Funny Group
  2. Jokes Baba
  3. Hashi ka Pitara
  4. Just for Fun
  5. Jokes Only
  6. Poetry & Funny Msgs
  7. KBFC Sticker Group
  8. Lovely Group
  9. Memes Group
  10. GroupName
  11. All friends funny group
  12. Bakwass group
  13. COMEDY
  14. Memes Group
  15. GroupName
  16. Funny Group
  17. Jokes Baba
  18. Hashi ka Pitara
  19. Just for Fun
  20. Memes, Jokes, Status
  21. God Bless You
  22. Great Grand Masti
  23. International Fun Group
  24. Just for fun
  25. Just fun
  26. Memes
  27. Only boys
  28. Only for Fun
  29. Funny Videos & Pic
  30. Joking Baba
  31. Funny
  32. Funny Videos

2. PUBG Group Links

PUBG is pretty popular and if you are looking for a group to share your achievements, talk about strategy, and get the latest PUBG news, then you should join these groups.

  2. PUBG Team Bengali
  3. PUBG Shooter’s
  4. PUBG Players
  5. PUBG Live Match
  6. PUBG Royal Pass
  7. PUBG Tips & Tricks
  8. PUBG Tips
  9. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  11. PUBG YouTubers
  12. PUBG Lovers
  13. PUBG is Back
  14. PUBG Game Over
  15. PUBG Tournaments
  16. PUBG War Squad Members
  17. PUBG Mobile Team up
  18. PUBG Pro Players
  19. PUBG Fandom
  20. PUBG Mobile
  23. PUBG Arena

3. 18+ Whatsapp Group Links

These adult whatsapp groups are for the people who like some adult content, jokes, and more.

  1. College Girl
  2. Only Pakistani Girls
  3. Lovely Girl
  4. Indian College Girl
  5. Friends
  6. Grand Masti
  7. H Video
  8. Latest Videos
  9. Love
  10. American Girls
  11. Female Group
  12. Girls
  13. Best
  14. Dating UK
  15. Only Pn Group
  16. Only Videos
  17. India Girl Only
  18. Beautiful Girls

4. News Whatsapp Group Links

These groups have the latest scoop on what’s happening around you. However, even though some news may be true, make sure you verify the news before acting on it.

  1. Current Information
  2. MK NewsPaper
  3. D News
  4. Share Knowledge
  5. News Box
  6. CricketUpdate
  7. Bollywood news
  8. Breaking News Update
  9. Hollywood news
  10. Best Updates
  11. Daily News Samachar
  12. Daily News Update
  13. Cricket
  14. Latest News

5. Technology Whatsapp Group Links

Are you interested to know how the things around you work? Do you want to increase your knowledge about technology? Then these Whatsapp group links are for you.

  1. Technical Group
  2. Storage Status
  3. Tech Support
  4. Share Tips
  5. Digital World
  6. Java Language Grp
  7. Learn Java
  8. Security
  9. All Media World
  10. Error
  11. Biotechnology
  12. Code Classroom
  13. Data Science
  14. Digital Marketing
  15. Savings & Investment

How to Join Whatsapp Groups?

Usually, you have to be invited to join a Whatsapp group, but you can also join these private groups with the group links. These links will be provided to you in the next section. If you are reading this article through your phone, then follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the name of the group.
  2. Whatsapp will be opened and you have to confirm that you want to join the group by pressing Join Group.

If you are on your computer, then Whatsapp Web will be opened and you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Whatsapp on your phone and tap the three dots on the top-right corner.
  2. Tap Whatsapp Web and scan the QR code on your computer.
  3. If you click on the group name given in the next section, you will be asked to join the group.
  4. Tap Join Chat to enter the group.

Final Take

Now you have access to 100+ Whatsapp group links. These will keep you entertained and some of them will also teach you new things. Be sure to be civil in the groups and do not change the group names and pictures. If you do not mess with others in the groups, you can enjoy daily content for as long as you want.

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