10 Best WhatsApp Call Recorder Apps [Record Audio & Video]

Call recorder apps have been widely in use recently, and these apps have a bunch of different uses. Many people like to record their calls for security and legal reasons. However, what if you want to talk over Whatsapp? How would you be able to record those calls? Don’t worry, we have the answers to each of your questions. We have curated a whole list of Whatsapp Call Recorder apps in this article.

Best WhatsApp Call Recorder Apps for Android

I am sure you all must be well-aware of the app Whatsapp, which is widely used by millions of users. For many of the people like us, Whatsapp practically alleviates the cost of our phone calls. The best feature of Whatsapp is that one only needs an Internet connection on both sides to begin the call.

Now the question is how to record these calls in case we have to? Now, it is quite a simple procedure that you have to follow. Download any of the apps from the list given below of some of the best Whatsapp video call recorder apps and start recording the calls. These all apps are available on the Google Play store, let’s have a look at them:

1. Call Recorder For Whatsapp 

Call Recorder For Whatsapp is very easy to use and an efficient app. It is one of the commonly known Whatsapp voice call recorder apps. This app enables you to record Whatsapp audio calls and even video calls in MP3, MP4, FLV, and other file formats. So, you can easily record the calls and then store them to listen whenever you want to use this app. It provides so many additional features to its users like you can customize configurations on the Whatsapp calls that you need to record and you can also modify the output format.

2. Cube ACR 

Cube ACR is the most technically advanced app that one can come across while looking for Whatsapp call recorder apps. This app will not give you any sort of troubles or glitches while recording Whatsapp calls. 

It is a free and an all-in-one app for recording incoming or outgoing calls as well as recording video calls from the following apps: Whatsapp, Skype, Vibes, Imo, Telegram, etc. It will record all the calls automatically once the app is in use. However, users can even make a list of contacts to record calls automatically.

3. Automatic Call Recorder 

This is one of the best call recorder apps available on Google Play store. Automatic Call Recorder allows its users to record the Whatsapp calls automatically, and users can also choose which Whatsapp calls should be recorded and which ones to be ignored. If you buy the pro version of this app, then one of its features will let you begin the recording by just shaking your phone. 

Moreover, it featured Google Drive, and also DropBox which helps its user to sync their recordings directly to the cloud. This app is easy to use and has proved to be effective in recording Whatsapp calls.

5. RMC: Android Call Recorder

RMC: Android Call Recorder comes under one of the popular Whatsapp call recorder apps, it can be used to record audio calls from many different apps besides Whatsapp like Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, and more. This app supports both incoming and outgoing calls on the user’s Android phone.

This app even lets you share your audio recording files with your friends or colleagues directly on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It will automatically start recording every of your Whatsapp calls. It supports the recording files in MP3, amr, MP4 and WAP format so that you can access them afterward. 

6. Whats Call Recorder New

Whats Call Recorder New is an app that can be used in any smartphone and can have access to its features. This app is simple, and easy to use and the high-quality auto call download feature makes it even more useful. You can easily manage your files so that you can access them quickly and also recordings by using this app. This app even provides you with a safety measure to secure all your recordings. It is a free app, available on Play Store and has a rating of 3.9 over the store.

7. Record Any Call 

Do you want to record high-quality calls then, the Record Any Call app is the perfect answer to your search. This app is very simple to use and any person can easily use it. This is one of the free applications which lets you record Whatsapp calls on your phone.

Some of its features include high-quality call records, secret call recording, unlimited recordings, recording incoming and outgoing calls, and many more. This is a must-try if you’re looking for decent Whatsapp Call Recorder apps.

8. Video Call Recorder 

Video Call Recorder is an app which records WhatsApp video calls and users can store their recordings in their phone. The app is easy to use as the app provides its users with a separate space to store their call recordings. You can even edit your video recordings whichever way you like.

You’ll be stunned after using it. One of its features includes automatic call recording, where the app will automatically record all your calls and this app is free of cost. This app takes good care of its user’s privacy.

10 Free Apps to Record WhatsApp Video Calls

Here are 10 free apps that you can use to record WhatsApp video calls. 

  1. Automatic Call Recorder
  2. Call Recorder For Whatsapp
  3. All Call Recorder
  4. Video Call Recorder
  5. RMC: Android Call Recorder 
  6. Record Any Call
  7. Cube ACR
  8. Whats Call Recorder New
  9. All Call Recorder
  10. Auto Video Call Recorder


We have included all those apps which are efficient and easy to use. Above mentioned list of apps includes all those apps which can be easily accessed from Google Play Store and are the best. I hope you liked reading this article, please drop any of your queries in the comments down below!

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