15 Free Unblocked Music Sites for School & College

If you’re at a school/office/college and craving some music but can’t find a site to listen to music because most popular music websites are blocked at our school/college premises, then worry not, we are here to help you. Schools or Colleges restrict access to many sites on their premises to avoid any distractions.

Today in this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best unblocked music sites that open even at your school or college. So let’s get started.https://betabait.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Top-8-Unblocked-Music-Sites-1.jpg

Free Unblocked Music Sites at Schools & Office

Below we’ve compiled some best-unblocked music websites. Let’s have a look at them:-

1. Jamendo Music:-

Jamendo Music is a great website where you can listen to music according to your favorite genres. This website gives you the functionality to download music so you can listen to your songs while you’re offline. What if you find any song amazing and want to share it with your friend? You can do that with Jamendo music.

Jamendo music doesn’t follow any restrictions. So without any obstruction, you can listen to music at your school or college premises.


2. Grooveshark Music:-

Grooveshark Music gives you great sound quality, so you get a superb experience while listening to your music. You can customize your music as your preferences. Songs can be filtered by their singer, artist, or album. Radio is also available on Grooveshark so you can listen to your favorite radio channels anywhere.

Grooveshark comes with a smooth interface along with accurate search engines. Grooveshark can be accessed at the place, where other entertainment websites are blocked.


3. Hulkshare:-

Hulkshare is a great unblocked music site to use in your school or college. This is the top-rated music website where you can stream top artist songs. You can filter songs using artist, album, and genre. If you’re feeling sad, you can stream music according to your mood. This will definitely help you to light up your mood.


4. Google Play Music:-

Google Play Music, as the name, says that this platform was introduced by Google and is the most trustworthy music streaming website. This can stream 40 million songs on demand.

You can download the songs when you’re connected to the internet and enjoy them when you’re offline. Radio stations make it a more special music streaming platform. Offline songs using Google Play Music can be accessed at your school or college premises.


5. Bluebeat:-

Bluebeat is a vast library of free music. It streams high-quality music as per your genre. You can be considered a Bluebeat as the social network of music streaming websites. If you always like your friend’s taste in music, you can follow them on Bluebeat, and all their playlists will be right in front of you. Bluebeat also has a collection of 3d songs.


6. PlaylistSound:-

PlaylistSound can stream music on the browser, iPhone, and Android. You just need to sign in with your email id and start streaming music. Playlistsound is always updated with new releases. Unlimited downloads and streaming are available on Playlistsound.


7. LivexLive:-

LivexLive was introduced by Slacker. This website performs like an online radio, but in functionality, this is more than a radio station. LivexLive is completely free and has a collection of millions of songs. All the songs can be categorized by artist, album. LivexLive can stream songs based on your mood. This website is able to stream songs even on the 2g network. LivexLive can be accessed at your school/office/college premises.


8. TuneIn:-

TuneIn has a collection of millions of songs according to your mood. Also, it gives you access to live mixes along with special guests. TuneIn is not only a music streaming platform, but it also gives you access to live sports, news, and podcasts. TuneIn comes with both free and paid versions.

Free services don’t require any sign-in. But if you want to subscribe for premium services, then you need to sign in with your email id. With one subscription, you can use TuneIn on multiple devices. Music can be streamed using regions. TuneIn also has an internet radio.


9. SoundCloud:-

SoundCloud is another music streaming platform that also allows you to upload your own music. If you think that you have the potential to sing your songs. Then SoundCloud is a great platform; millions of people around the globe use SoundCloud.Once you’ve uploaded your music on it, you can reach the massive community of music lovers.


Top 15 Best Unblocked Music websites

Below is the compiled list of the best unblocked music websites:-

  1. Jamendo Music
  2. Grooveshark Music
  3. Hulkshare
  4. Google Play Music
  5. Bluebeat
  6. PlaylistSound
  7. LivexLive
  8. TuneIn
  9. SoundCloud
  10. Saavan
  11. Hungama
  12. PureVolume
  13. AccuRadio
  14. Soundzabound
  15. Spotify


Music is becoming an essential part of our day-to-day life. A huge number of music websites are available online that stream songs. Some of them we’ve included in our article can be accessed at the places where most of the other music websites are blocked.

Hopefully, you’ve chosen your favorite website to enjoy music on school and college premises. If not yet, then what are you waiting for? If you know about any other unblocked music sites, please share them with us in the comments below.

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