How to Check Twitch Chat Logs? [View History]

Twitch is an online platform that allows people to live stream and interact with other users. With the Twitch chat log, people can keep in check the comments under their streams. In this article, we will tell you 4 easy ways to check Twitch chat logs. These chats are quite valuable to content creators as they are used to give feedback to the creators.

Anonymity is the bane of social media, some users leave nasty comments. Twitch has tightened the moderation of the comments section. However, there are still users who leave inappropriate comments. That is why people should keep track of the chats personally. Keep reading to find out how.

What are Twitch Logs?

It is important to understand why we need Twitch chat logs in the first place. With the help of these chat logs, users can do a lot of things. People can remove inappropriate or hurtful comments. One can either ban or suspend these accounts.

Users can discover new channels and accounts that can help with user engagement. People can also review which type of content they post to get the maximum views. This can help them make more content of a similar type and gain more following. Another major benefit of checking Twitch chat logs is that the creator can receive invitations to collab with other content creators through these chats.

How to Check Twitch Chat Logs?

Given below are 4 ways to check Twitch chat logs. The methods are quite simple and straightforward. Ensure that the steps mentioned are not ignored.

1. User Search Command Option

Twitch has a feature that allows the streamer to check the chat activities of any other user on their stream. This means that the streamer can check when the account was made, the number of comments made on the streams, the number of times the account has been banned from the streaming channel, etc. Follow the instructions below to use the User Search Option.

  1. Open your stream’s chatbox.
  2. Enter the account’s name or username of the user in the chatbox.
  3. All the details will be given.

2. Chatlog Reload

By using this option you can see the chat activities on your content. However, the downside of using this option is that you will not be able to view the comments taken down by the moderator.

  1. Open Twitch and log in to your account.
  2. On the top, you will find the “Channel” option.
  3. Select “Channel”, then go to “Chats.”
  4. Now you will be able to see all the chatlogs on your stream.

3. Video Playback

A great way to track the comments on Twitch is to record the entire stream and then review it. It may take up a lot of time, but this is the most efficient way. With this method, one can also view the comments that were taken down by the moderator in the middle of the stream.

One can very easily screen-record the stream, as there will be an option to screen-record on your device. Once you start screen recording, your entire stream will be taped. It is better to have an estimate of the time frame of the chat you want to revisit. Otherwise, this process will be very time-consuming.

4. Chatbots

Chatbot apps are a great twitch chat log retriever. Many people use a lot of third-party apps. These chatbots not only keep track of all the activities going on in the chat section, but they also come along with other features. The most popular third-party chatbot among the users is “Chatty”. Follow the guidelines given below to download the chatbot.

  1. Download Chatty on your device.
  2. After completing the installation, activate the bot.
  3. Once the Activation is over, the app will link itself with Twitch and start scanning all the comments.

5. Moderator Twitch Chat Log

Moderator view will allow the user to see a particular individual’s activity on their channel. With the help of this feature, you will be able to ban, time-out, or report a particular user. You can also find out how many times the particular user has been banned or timed-out previously. To enter the mod-view, execute the steps given below.

  1. Open your Twitch account.
  2. Open the stream of which you want to check the chat log.
  3. On the bottom, you will find a sword symbol.
  4. Click on it to enable “Mod-view”.


We hope you were able to find useful ways to gain access to your Twitch chat log. Make sure to try all the methods listed above. This way you and your viewers will be in a safe and positive virtual space. Keep in mind that Twitch does not allow users to view other channel’s comments. You will be able to see the comments of your channel only. Moderator view is also something that you should not miss out on. Have fun streaming!

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