Summoners War Promo Codes – Full List for 2022

Are you a lover for Summoners War? I bet you are not aware of these amazing features of the game that lies outside it. You can make use of Promo codes in this game, and these codes will bring you some extraordinary benefits. I will be telling you in detail about these Summoners War promo codes.

But first, I will be provided with a little introduction to what these codes are and how one can redeem summoners war codes in the game. 

What is the Summoners War: Sky Arena? 

Summoners War is another Massively Multiplayer Online game that is very popular and has been downloaded by millions of people from all over the world. It is an amazing mobile-based game and is available for both Android and iOS devices. The game was developed by a South Korean game developer, Com2uS in 2014. And ever since the popularity and the number of downloads have never gone down. It provides a wide range of different characters to collect from.

What are Summoners War Promo Codes?

Summoners War promo codes are the medium to get rewards in the game. Through these promo codes, you can earn many rewards. All you have to do is redeem them in the game and you will get surprise rewards. The rewards might include coins or anything for you character that you can use to make them look more good, you might even get extra energy, or some weapons for your character, etc. we will be listing some active promo codes, use them to earn special rewards in the game.

How To Redeem Promo Codes In Summoners War?

You will have to redeem these promo codes and you should know how you can do that. We will be providing you with a list of promo codes that are active for a period of time and if you use it, you might benefit from them. So, don’t forget to check the promo codes at the end of our article, only these codes can help you get some special rewards in the game. So here’s how you can use these promo codes:

  1. First, launch the Summoners War game on your device.
  2. The main home page will open up, you have to look for the Event icon which is located on the top right side of the screen. Just click on that icon.
  3. Now, you have to choose the “Game Guide” option and then scroll all the way down to the screen.
  4. There you will see a box saying “Enter your promo code here”.
  5. Simply, copy the promo code that we will provide you and then, paste that promo code in the box. 
  6. Now, click on “Enter” to end the process.
  7. That is it, you have earned a reward. Head to your gift box and collect your reward happily.

This method will definitely work and the game will confirm it by proving you with a message saying “The coupon code has been redeemed”. This implies that you have successfully redeemed your promo code for the Summoners War game. And if by any chance the redeem process fails, you need to ensure that you have entered the code correctly word by word.

Also, codes keep expiring from time to time, we have tried our best to provide you with all the active codes but if any code has expired then, you won’t benefit from it.

Active Summoners War Promo Codes 2022

Here are the valid summoners war promo codes for the game, you just have to use them in the game.

These promo codes will help you in achieving rewards. But you need to remember that some of them might not work properly as they are supposed to as there are chances that they have already expired. Here’s the whole list:

  3. NIHAOSWC2020
  9. SWC20207777
  14. 2020CESTPARTI

Old Summoners War Promo Codes

We need to warn you that these ones are old and they might have already expired. So, please be careful while using these codes and if some of them don’t work you can skip those and use other ones. You will have to keep trying until the right promo code gets you the reward. Please copy the code from the below and paste as it is in the game to avoid any mistakes. Here’s the list:

  1. SSUMHA2020
  2. SW2020AUG82
  3. SW2020JUL49
  6. SW2020JUN16
  7. LT2020JUN27

Summoners War Codes For iOS Users

Unfortunately, the iOS users cannot use the codes directly, thus they have to make use of links so that they can achieve the benefits in the game. So, we have provided a couple of links below that might help iOS users in getting some rewards. we would highly recommend you to copy the links from our site and directly paste them in the game if you want to avoid mistakes. Our articles don’t miss anyone. So here’s the list of direct links of promo codes:

  1. (Mystic Scroll)
  2. (Wind Scroll)


And we finally come to the end of this article, we have provided a piece of enhanced information over the promo codes for Summoners War. These codes can really turn the game inside out, you can have so much fun with your characters, you can style them in whichever way you like. The game has over 1000 characters to choose from, these rewards are pretty helpful during the game. I hope you liked reading this article. If you have any query, please do let us know in the comments box, we would love to answer them all. 

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