Spotify Bin 2022- Get Spotify Premium for Free

Spotify is one of the most popular platforms for listening to music, podcasts, real-life stories, and much more. It is the most widely used platform, downloaded by millions of users from across the world. Spotify is a Swedish audio & media service provider owned by Spotify AB. You must have heard of a Spotify BIN method that people are currently using to get Spotify premium for free. In this article, we are going to talk all about it so, keep reading.  

What Is Spotify? 

Spotify, as mentioned already, is an audio service provider where millions of users listen to songs, podcasts, etc. from artists all over the world. You can stream and share playlists on different platforms via Spotify. Every user can register for a free Spotify account. There are two types of Spotify account: Free account and Premium account, both differ in features. With Spotify Premium account you can listen to music without any ad interruption and even download songs to listen to them offline.  

But with a free Spotify account, you will be interrupted in every second song with an ad that gets so frustrating and ruins the whole mood. That is why people keep looking for ways to get a Spotify premium account for free but none of those methods available on the Internet works except the Spotify BIN method. With this method, you can generate a Credit card and enter the details from the BIN generated credit cards while purchasing Spotify premium, have a look at the whole process below.  

What Is BIN?  

BIN or Bank Identification Number represents the number that is written on every credit or debit card. It is a 4-6 digit number and is used to identify the issuer of the card and is also used in making payment transactions more secured. It is highly helpful in identifying stolen cards, thefts related to cards, and also, in blocking any unauthorized transaction.  

Now, it might be confusing to figure out the connection between Spotify and BIN. Well, users can buy Spotify Premium using BIN-generated card numbers. And in this article, we are going to make you familiarize with the whole process of how you can use BIN to get a Spotify Premium Subscription without having to pay.

What Is Spotify BIN Method?  

It is a method that is used by people to get Spotify Premium account using online generated credit cards. But you need to be cautious with this method as not all generated cards work properly, only a few BIN-generate Live credit cards works and therefore, it takes a little hard work. There’s a very easy process that needs to be followed for using the Spotify BIN method to generate cards for further use to create a Spotify account: 

  • Get Spotify BIN 
  • Generate live credit card using BIN 
  • Connect VPN  
  • Use Credit Card details to buy Spotify premium.  

Latest Spotify BINs in 2021

Here’s a list of all the current working Spotify BINs for the year, you can try them as well. Use these Spotify BINs to get a Spotify premium plan:

Spotify BINsIPLive
4379749Saudi ArabiaUnknown

How To Use Spotify BIN to Get Free Spotify Account?  

Now, we have provided you with a few insights on BIN and for what purpose it can be used in Spotify. We are now going to see how to use BINs to generate credit cards and use the card eventually in the same process to access the Spotify Premium account. Here’s how you can use Spotify BIN:  

  1. Firstly, you will need to create a credit card and for that, you will need a credit card generator website, for example, or any other site that you prefer.  
  2. On this website, you will have to paste your BIN.  
  3. You will be provided with a CVV and expiry date, however, you can change it if you like or leave it as it is. 
  4. Then, click on the ‘Generate cards’ option.  
  5. This step is crucial as you need to look for live credit cards so, you will need a CC checker site such as, etc  
  6. Paste the credit card you generated in the above step and you will have to repeat the process until your find yourself a Live Credit Card.  
  7. Once you find the Live CC, copy it.  
  8. Remember to have a stable VPN and belong to the same country as your Credit card (CC).  
  9. Open the Spotify website and create an account and in the payments page, enter the Credit Card details you just generated. That is it, you’ll be done. 

Spotify BIN 100% Working Credit Card Details

Well, below are some updated random credit card details that you can use. However, don’t forget to connect with the VPN server of the particular country mentioned next to its IP address:


The Expiry date and CVV for the above-mentioned can be randomly chosen.

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Before we conclude this article, we need to remind you that you must not use any fake BIN generators available on the Internet. The process can be risky so follow the steps carefully to ensure the safety of your account. If you still have any queries, you can let us know in the comments below. It is a very efficient method, a lot of people use the Spotify BIN method to obtain Spotify Premium. You must try this method and enjoy all the features with a Premium account. 

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