14 Best Snapchat Story Games Ideas

Snapchat is an amazing app that lets you connect with your friends. It offers a lot of features that make hanging out with your friends more fun. One of these ways is Snapchat story games. If you want ideas to make your own Snapchat story game, then this article is for you.

You can learn a lot about your friends through these games, which will help you get closer to them. You can have a lot of fun with these games!

Snapchat Story Games to Play for Fun

These are some of the best Snapchat story games that you can play. Put them on your stories, and you will get a lot of answers in the next 24 hours!

1. 23 Things About You

This is a fun game to play with someone you have met recently, and you want to develop a good friendship with them. You can get to know a lot about someone’s personality based on their answers to these questions. Your friend may ask you the same questions, so be ready for that.

2. Create Your Classroom

Create Your Classroom is one of the Snapchat story games. Your friends are going to assign roles to other friends based on their personalities. You should also keep an eye on your name; this game will tell you a lot about what your friends think about you.

3. 15 Things About Me

This game is like ad-libs! You can put this story up for your best friends and see how much they know about you. They are not too inquisitive, so don’t worry about that.

You will also see a lot of funny responses, so be ready to chuckle a bit. Your friends may also post the same story, so you are going to have to answer questions about them as well.

4. This or That Movies?

You can know a lot about people based on the movies people like. This game will help you figure out your friends’ favorite movies, and you can have more things to talk about if you have common movie interests. You will also be able to find out new movies that are from the genre that you like.

5. I’m Not Allowed To…

Not everyone in a friend’s circle has the same level of independence from their family. This game is a way to know what your friends are allowed to do and not to do, and you can get closer to your friends. Post this as your status to know what your friends cannot do.

6. Emoji Tattoo

This is a fun little game. The friends who view this story have to send you their last used emoji and see whether they would want that as a tattoo. Make your friend’s face turn red if they have an embarrassing emoji!

7. How Hard Did Puberty Hit You?

Puberty hits us hard and usually turns us into a different-looking version of ourselves. This Snapchat story game is a great way to make your friends show off the differences with a before and after picture, and I assure you,m your jaw will drop at some of them!

8. Best Friend V/S Boyfriend or Girlfriend

This game is a fun one. There are a lot of things that you like doing with your significant other, but they cannot replace your best friend. Put up this story to see what others would do with their best friends over their girlfriend or boyfriend.

9. Guess This!

This is a cool game that you can use to test the intelligence of your friends. Emojis in this game represent the title of famous movies, and it can be pretty hard. Remember to crop out the answer part of the story before putting it up on Snapchat!

10. Yes, No, or Maybe?

This game is for people who have a crush on someone. You can post this story to see if your crush likes you or not! Based on the answers, you can figure out who is interested in you and dislikes you.

11. Childhood TV Show Bingo

This is a fun little way to find out about your friends’ favorite childhood TV shows. You can bond over these shows and enjoy the nostalgic feeling. This is a nice way to get closer to your friends!

12. Numbers and Questions

This is a fun game that will help you know more about your friends and test what they know about you as well. Your friends who see this story would have to answer the questions truthfully!

13. Ask your Bestfriend

Ask your best friend what they would do if you ever fell asleep on their shoulders. You might find a lot of secrets, and your best friend might even confess some things to you.

14. Cons of Dating Me

Cons of dating me is a fun game that you can use to find what your crush and friends think about you. Your crush may even ask you the same questions, so be ready to answer those!

Final Take

These are some of the Snapchat story games that you can play with your friends. This is a fun way to pass the time, especially if you are bored of Snapchat and other social media. Let me know about other Snapchat story games in the comments section down below.

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