How To Enable Snapchat Dark Mode?

 We are all so busy with work and stuff all day that we find it hard to connect with our people in the early hours of the day. We are free only at night and we like using our phones peacefully at night, but I am pretty sure that almost all of us have experienced eye strains while using phones at night. Snapchat is one of the well-known and the most used social media platform for chatting and connecting with friends, but unlike Instagram, Snapchat has no feature for dark mode. And this is one of the limitations that is suffered by every Snapchat user. In this article, we are going to talk all about Snapchat dark mode and how we can enable it on our phones.

What is Dark Mode?

Let us first have a brief look at what exactly is a dark mode and why do we need it. The dark mode is also known as Night mode by many people, as soon as you turn this feature on it will soften and darken your screen color scheme. It is considered to be very beneficial when you want to use your phone in the night with lights off. 

This feature has many advantages centered on keeping our eyes healthy. It is proven to be very effective in preventing eye strains while using the phone at night in bed. It prevents headache that usually occurs from a highly brightened screen, it also helps you sleep after using your phone, causes no trouble to eyes. This feature has proven to be so proven ever since it has been introduced in iOS devices and Android devices. Many applications have introduced these features but Snapchat has not brought it yet. But don’t worry, we are going to help you with Snapchat dark mode until Snapchat brings this update. 

How To Enable Snapchat Dark Mode? 

In this section, we are going to tell you how you can enable dark mode in Snapchat even if, Snapchat doesn’t have an in-built dark mode. We are going to discuss enabling dark mode for both iOS and Android devices, so don’t worry. It is not a difficult task and also, I ensure you that these methods are safe to use, so don’t think twice just dive into the process along with us. 

1. For Android Users

First, let’s discuss how to enable dark mode in Snapchat for Android devices, we will make use of an application named Substratum Theme Engine. The process is quite simple so, let’s discuss it in deep:

  1. First of all head to Google Play Store and install Substratum Theme Engine. You need to remember that this application supports Android Oreo and above but if, you are running an older version of Android then, you will have to root it.
  2. Now, head to your Android Setting and then, click on the “Security” option. Then, click on “Lock screen and security” (the name of these settings different from device to device). You have to then enable the option i.e. “Unknown sources”.
  3. Open the application that we downloaded earlier on your device and then lookup for varied themes, you have to particularly look for the Dark mode theme. 
  4. Once you find it, all you have to do is choose your device and then select Snapchat as the application on which you want to apply this theme.
  5. And lastly, enable the dark mode for Snapchat, as shown in the image below.

That is it! You have finally succeeded in applying dark mode on Snapchat for your Android device. Now, all you have to do is launch Snapchat on your phone and see how amazing it looks. This will make using Snapchat and chatting with your friends a lot easier on your eyes.

2. For iOS users

Now, let us talk about iOS devices and how we can enable this feature in Snapchat for them. If you know iOS have introduced an in-built dark mode for the phone and various applications altogether, but unfortunately, this feature doesn’t affect Snapchat. And you can’t enable dark mode for Snapchat using iOS settings. So, even here we will make use of an application named Nightmare. It is a user interface tweaker some of you might have got what I mean to say but for those who have not understood, this application requires you to jailbreak your iPhone. I would like to warn you here that it is not one of the best methods to use but if you still want to here are the steps:

  1. First of all, you will have to download Cydia in your device and then, install iFile as well.
  2. Now, you have to download the Nightmare package from here, it is the link that will help you to install it.
  3. And when it is downloaded, you have to simply click on it and then on click on “open with..” and then you will see options to choose from, simply click on iFile that we installed earlier.
  4. Now, just extract the package and wait until it is downloaded completely in your device. 
  5. Once the process of installation is done, restart your device and then, launch Snapchat. You will notice Nightmare running in the background as you see the dark mode effect on Snapchat.

Final Words

The answer to the question that does Snapchat has a dark mode is a NO for now. Snapchat has not brought any update related to a night mode. Thus, we have provided you with these solutions that will let you use Snapchat in dark mode. It will help you in preventing eye strains until Snapchat brings an update on it. I hope this article helps you and that you liked reading it. If you any doubts or queries, please let us know in the comments below.

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