16 Best Sites Like Slader: Free Alternatives in 2021

With the rising modern technologies and educational developments, studies are getting harder and complicated. Therefore, students of all ages, need guidance in completing their homework. Slader is one such site that guides students in a few subjects and helps them complete their assignments and projects, but Slader is not enough because students learn a lot of subjects, and therefore, they need support for each. Thus, we are going to tell you about several more sites like Slader that can help get your students the guidance and resource they need.   

What is Slader?  

Slader is a website that helps students with their homework queries. The website provides students web dozens of textbooks and answer sheets that can help students in completing their homework. Also, it is a room for students where they can interact with their friends and other people and help each other to solve their queries.

Homework is considered to be a very monotonous task for children and therefore interaction approach makes it interesting for them to indulge in doing their homework. The student has to submit whatever question or quality they have regarding their homework and the educators were working at Slader provides web a solution.  

However unlike any website Slader has its limitations, the site has a heavy ad presence which leads to distraction in students. Therefore parents and students have been looking for Slader alternatives.   

Best Sites Like Slader in 2021

Now that we know it all about the Slader and how it works. We can see you are all excited to learn about some fantastic Slader alternatives. So without taking much of your time, let us come straight to the point.

1. Sparknotes

SparkNotes is a very informative website that was developed in 1999 by a few students of Harvard University. It is considered to be one of the best sites like Slader by a lot of users. The website provides notes of unclear queries regarding subjects like health economics, literature, chemistry, math, and others. also, the website is proficient in providing a guide for question papers of past years. The website is completely free to use but it is ad-supported.  

2. Chegg

Chegg is an open-source website where users can find almost every book, they can either buy them from the site or they can rent it. Also, the websites help students in solving math questions for students, the online tutors of Chegg are available 24*7 to help solve queries of students.

It is a useful site for college and school-going students as they can also look for internships after completing their studies. Chegg.com teaches various subjects like computers, commerce, economics, engineering, etc.   

3. Jiskha

This website help student to find solutions to their homework, publish educational content and give users access to their tutoring services. Websites phone book help forum has more than 200 writers and experts who technically help students in solving their queries.

The home book help forum covers a wide range of subjects such as English, literature, science, social studies, Commerce, etc. However, you must know that this website works slowly as compared to other websites in this list.  

4. Webmath

Now that we’re mentioning all the website that helps with homework we had to mention this particular website. This website is a gift to all those students who hate math and come on who doesn’t hate math. Using Webmath, students can solve the most difficult math concepts very easily.

The website teaches in a very fun way and provides answers to any questions relating to Matt, algebra, and geometry. And trust me after using this website, math will never be the same to you.  

5. Quizlet

Quizlet Is one of the best sites like Slader, the website was created back in 2005 by Andrew Sutherland. This website is very interesting because it 1st so many healthy methods for students to choose from. These methods not only make it easier for students to learn but also makes it interesting. The six ways that this website offers are flashcards, write, speller, match, gravity and live.

All of the mentioned methods have different ways for making students learn such as the flashcard method provides students with digital cards such as an image or a word or it could be even both. And similarly, the “speller” method is where the students have to check the spellings of the words.  

6. Refdesk

Now let us talk about Refdesk which is an incredible website that helps the student to gather all the study material for school exams. Also, the website provides access to reviews by users who have used the website before this helps them in better understanding of the site. The site provides many past year question papers which will give the students a better idea of how to perform well in their exams.  

7. Fact Monster

Fact monster is a very user-friendly website which makes student fall in love with their homework. It makes studying very interesting through the use of games and quizzes which ultimately increases students’ interest in studies. The website has a lot of resources such as a dictionary, encyclopedia, etc for fulfilling the assignment and project needs of the students. you must check this website out. 

8. eNotes.com

It’s an amazing website that helps students to complete their homework like assignments, quizzes, and projects. This website mainly focuses on subjects like literature and history. The best part of this website that it has an active chat feature where students can discuss their homework with the experts, this makes it even more interesting for them and encourages them in doing their work on time.

eNotes.com is a website that connects more than 1000 teachers, students, experts from distinct places widening the knowledge distribution.  

9. Brainly

Brainly is another one of the finest sites like Slader that provides students with a lot of educational resources to help them complete their homework and assignments. The site holds wide access to resources because it connects with forums and other platforms to find the right resources.

Also, this website is exclusively made for Indian students. And an additional benefit is that it is available in-app as well. It doesn’t focus on any one or two subjects but almost every subject.  

10. Homeworkmarket.com

Now, this site is for those who don’t want to do their assignments themselves, this website can do it for you. We know that students get tons and tons of assignments during summer vacations and therefore, it’s the website for such days.

The registration process of this website is pretty easy and once you have registered you just have to enter your assignment and the site will tell you about a price at which they will complete the assignment within the deadline. Also, students can find solutions for their math questions.   

Top 16 Slader Alternatives for Free

Below, we have provided you with some more options for sites likes Sader, you can have a look at them as well. and we have provided an insight to a few of the best above:

  1. Sparknotes
  2. Chegg
  3. Jiskha
  4. Webmath
  5. Quizlet
  6. Refdesk
  7. Fact Monster
  8. eNotes.com
  9. Homeworkmarket.com
  10. Brainly 
  11. Study.com
  12. Bartleby.com
  13. Lumen Learning
  14. Socratic
  15. Show me
  16. MathHomeworkAnswers


And that is it, we hope that we have covered all the relevant applications and sites that work similarly to Slader. We have mentioned these websites have proven to help so many students and continue to provide support and resources for all ages. I hope you find the right website from the list that we have mentioned above and if you have more queries then, you can let us know in the comments below.   

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