20 Sites Like Fingerhut with No Credit Check [Instant Stores]

Fingerhut is a unique e-commerce site that allows its customers to buy using a credit card. Fingerhut was initially started in 1948 by William Fingerhut and his brother. Fingerhut grew in popularity and is now among America’s 25 largest card issuers. Today there are many sites like Fingerhut available to customers.

The model of Fingerhut became so popular that it was replicated by different sites. In this article, we shall discuss some of the best stores and sites like Fingerhut.

Sites Like Fingerhut - Buy Now Pay Later

15 Best Sites Like Fingerhut with No Credit Check

Here are some sites/catalogs which are similar to Fingerhut. On these sites, you can buy and then pay later.


1. The Shopping Channel:

The Shopping Channel is one such site which is an excellent option if you want to buy now and pay later. The Shopping Channel has a great collection of different entities. This site categories its products in the categories of fashion, Shoes & Handbags, Jewellery, Beauty, Home & Garden, Kitchen, fitness, Electronics, Coins, etc. Shopping Channel gives you enough and more options to choose the desired thing you want to buy.

Visit Shopping Channel over here.

2. Stoneberry:

This site is similar to Fingerhut and has ample products, so you can choose your favorite one. All products sold here are branded and of good quality. This is a site like Fingerhut where you can buy now and pay later in installments. This site has a unique way of taking back its payments. It does not show the lowest payments but the price you can pay when you buy something again on this site.

Visit Stoneberry over here.

3. Flexshopper:

flex shopper

Flexshopper is a great site if you want to buy something using a credit card. There is no down payment, no hidden fees, and they cooperate with you in case of bad credit card status. After you make an account on this site, you can browse a great number of things of your interest, and in case you cannot find the entity of your choice, you can go to the personal shopping assistant of the site, and it will help you out. This site has very friendly EMI policies.

Visit Flexshopper over here.

4. Ginny’s:

Ginny’s is another site like Fingerhut. Ginny’s is a great site for doing shopping if you want to buy now and pay later. This site has a large number of products and is only operational in the US. This site is very simple to use and offers the best quality products at a reasonable price.

Visit Ginny’s over here.

5. Skymall:

Skymall is another great site based on the buy now pay later model. Skymall has a variety of products like clothing, gardening equipment, and electronics. Skymall is more inclined towards electronic products and thus will be better for those who want to buy some electronic things. Apart from that, Skymall has an excellent interface to buy products from.

Visit Skymall over here.

6. Country Door:

This site houses home decoration appliances. You can choose your favorite product and buy it using a credit card. This site shall give you additional perks like coupons and a saving certificate if you are a regular buyer.

Visit Country Door over here.

8. Zebit

Zebit is a site like Fingerhut and allows you to buy first and pay later. The advantage of this site is that it allows you an interest-free credit of up to $2500. This site has a great number of products from which you can buy your desired product.

Visit Zebit over here.

9. Lend You

Lend You is a different kind of website. This site lets you borrow money in case you are in an emergency. Lend You is connected to money lenders who are ready to give you some money. All you have to do is to fill out a safe form to get the money.

Visit Lend You over here.

10. Afterpay

Afterpay is an Australian fintech site that follows similar to Fingerhut. This site also lets you buy something and pay for that later. This site primarily deals with apparel, clothing, and shoes. This site has an ample amount of clothing options for kids, men, women, homes.

Visit Afterpay over here.

11. LeaseVille

LeaseVille is another site like Fingerhut. This lets you buy things you desire even if you have a poor credit card status. You can buy anything from here and choose your comfortable in which you can pay. The site has all sorts of entities like electronics, furniture, fitness equipment, and tools for gardening.

Visit LeaseVille over here.

12. Massey:

Massey is a site that mostly focuses on apparel and shoes. This site has a similar structure to the rest of the sites discussed above. Massey has a great collection of entities.

Visit Massey over here.

13. QVC:

QVC has a decent collection of clothing and accessories for kids, men, and women, and it also houses a large number of electronic goods. This site is like Fingerhut where you can buy now and pay later.

Visit QVC over here.

14. Monroe and Main:

This company only works in US territory. It has a decent amount of collection of all kinds of items. You can definitely find your favorite article over here.

Visit Monroe and Main over here.

15. Country Door:

Country Door generally sells home decoration items. This site, like Fingerhut has the facility of buying now and paying later at your convenience.

Visit Country Door over here.

21 Sites Like Fingerhut To Buy Now Pay Later:

There are a number of sites that have similar characteristics, like Fingerhut. Here we have listed some of the safest and most authentic sites, which are like Fingerhut.

  1. Ashro
  2. Monroe And Main
  3. MDG
  4. Zzounds
  5. LendYou.com
  6. The Shopping Network
  7. FlexShopper
  8. Ginny’s
  9. HSN
  10. Zebit
  11. Home Shopping Network
  12. Leaseville
  13. Overstock
  14. Masseys
  15. SkyMall
  16. Country Door
  17. Seventh Avenue
  18. QVC
  19. The Swiss Colony
  20. Afterpay


Sites like Fingerhut are really a boon. They help you when you do not have the required amount of money to buy an entity. On some of the sites above, you can buy things with a poor credit card status.

Now that you know the sites, you can visit them, find your favorite things, and pay for them comfortably.

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