Sims 3 Cheats: Full List of Codes for PC, Mac, PS3 & Xbox

We all loved GTA because it was so much fun to use cheat codes in the game for modifying the game a bit and bring more fun. But there are not many games now where you can use cheat codes, Sims 3 is one such amazing game where you can use any cheat codes. Make the whole game more interesting and fun with a few Sims 3 cheat codes and there is no harm in using them, they won’t change the settings of the game just modify it a bit.

How To Enter Sims 3 Cheat Codes?

Here’s how you can use the cheat codes that we are going to provide in this article. It is pretty easy, all you need is a combination of keys to display the cheat console.

For Windows: Ctrl+Shift+C – press this keyword shortcut to display cheat console on Windows

For Mac: Command+Shift+C – press this keyword shortcut to display the cheat console on Mac 

The Sims 3 Cheat Codes

To enable the below-given list of cheat codes, you just have to type the code and press Enter, once the console opens. Have fun with these codes and modify your game and make it even more interesting.

testingcheatsenabled – This cheat code enables testing cheats (shift clicks)

familyfunds [lastname] [amount] – It provides the specified amount to the household with their last name, it is an amazing money cheat.

resetsim firstname lastname – use this cheat code to fix a sim who can’t move.

hideheadlineeffects on – Hides the plumbob and any speech bubbles

buydebug – it lets you buy anything

Moveobjects on/off – it allows you to move objects anywhere.

jokePlease – gives you a random joke

AgeuptoNPC on – this cheat ages up a particular Sim into an uncontrollable NPC, living in your house.

Kaching – add 1000 Simoleons

motherload – for adding 5000 Simoleons

fadeObjects on/off – makes objects fade as the camera comes closer

fullscreen on/off – to enable Full-Screen mode

fps – to display frame rate at the top of the screen

quit – to quit the game

enablellamas on/off – to enable llamas

help – to display the list of cheat codes

 set age [number] – to set the age of Sims

familyfunds [sims last name] [money wanted] – you can earn money up to 9999999

Sims 3 Testing Cheats

As you saw above we provided a cheat code and you have to type the command “testingcheatsenabled true”, this cheat will offer you with ability to tap shift and click anything or location to bring special commands. I am going to provide a few of the Shift-Click cheats that you can try under this command. Below are several shift-click cheats which can open up many options, so have a look:

  • Shift-click a random, non-household Sim to enter them into your home.
  • Shift-click anywhere on the ground in the game to teleport yourself there.
  • Shift-click your office to force events, and opportunities for raising salaries and promotions, etc.
  • Shift-click a Sim to modify their traits, and trigger age transitions.
  • Shift-click any ground which you don’t own to build a lot of your own, and modify the building, make changes in it.

Mailbox-click Testing Cheats

You can use these cheat codes by shift-clicking the mailbox, they are some real fun:

1. Make Your Sim Know Everyone

Yes, you can use a cheat code to make friends in Sims 3. Simply, shift-click the mailbox, and then, this cheat code will let you know every Sim in the game. 

2. Make All Happy

If you will activate this cheat command, it will make every Sims 3 cheat code happy by fulfilling all of their needs at one time. Give it a try and it is super fun. However, don’t worry it is not going to affect everyone. 

3. Make needs Static

If you will use this command then, the needs of your Sim will lock up, it will fill up completely and will not decrease until this command is enabled. It will make its need static. And if you want to disable it then, simply go back to the mailbox and click on “make needs dynamic”.

4. Career Promotion Cheat

Using this sims 3 cheat code you can change your Sim’s job and also, provide them with a raise or promotion. Put them at the top level with the career track. 

Non-Shift click cheats for SIMS 3

There are some non-shift click cheats as well, you don’t have to use the Shift key for activating them, and here is the list:

1. Remove Moodlets

When the testing cheats are enabled in the game, you can hold the control key to remove any moodlets from the game. You can use this cheat to get rid of the moodlet after working out. This is a very impressive cheat code, give it a try!

2. Increase Or Decrease A Sim’s Motives

You can either increase or decrease a particular sim’s motive if you click on Sim’s needs bar while the testing cheat is enabled. Doing so will give you the ability to either raise or lower the bar. It comes in handy when you want your Sim to be at the top at a certain opportunity and requires a little push. 

3. Make Friends or Enemies

Well, through this cheat code you can make anyone your friend or enemy as you wish. However, nobody likes an enemy to themselves.

If you will use this cheat code while the testing cheat is enabled then, all you have to do is click on the relationship bar present inside the relation pane, and drag that bar to the fullest to make someone your friend and fall in love. This way you can invite your friend to your house and begin romantic interactions.

4. Free Lots

This is another interesting cheat code, with the testing cheat enabled, you can use this to allow a Sim to purchase a lot above their budget. Just type this “freerealestate” in the console command. 


We have finally made it to the end, we have covered every single cheat code that we thought can entertain you and it is super fun to use these cheat codes. Give them a try and modify your game, it is going to be amazing. If you have any queries, you can write to us in the comments below. I hope you liked reading it to the end. 

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