8 Most Scary Roblox Games with Unexpected Jumpscares

Roblox is an amazing place for all the players out there, it is loved by millions of people just because it introduces so many different genres in games. You can find scary Roblox games, thrilling games, action games, etc. It has a wide variety of games that are appreciated by several people from all over the world. All the Roblox games are designed to raise the adrenaline level of its players, and thus in this article, we are telling you about some of the top scariest Roblox games.

Most Scary Roblox Games with Jumpscares

Here are the top 8 Roblox games that are considered to be scary as hell, so you try them out alone. It is so much fun playing these games, I love all of them on the list. Choose your game from the list and get ready for some instant jumpscares.

1. Dead Silence

This particular Roblox game is based on the very famous story of Mary Shaw from 2007. The whole game is set up in such a manner that it creates a very scary environment for the players. You will see 2 characters in this game and they have recently received a ventriloquist doll as a gift from an anonymous person. One of the characters from the two will die and the mystery is joined with that doll. You as an investigator in the game have to unravel the mystery of their death. And trust me on this, you don’t want to see Mary Shaw’s face and if by any chance you encounter her face, don’t scream too loud. This game is designed for 3 players at maximum but if you’re brave enough, I bet you to play alone.

2. Alone In A Dark House

This is one of the best scary Roblox games that you need to try. Well, the title of the game explains pretty much a lot about this game. You will be stuck alone in a house which is full of scary things, the environment will be quiet and you have to escape from this house after figuring the right way out. You will have to solve a lot of mysteries on your way to escape. 

There are almost 12 rooms and you need to unlock them, open the safe, find the keys, find a car, etc. Also, it isn’t really easy to escape because you will have the scariest hurdles in between, a dead man trying to kill you, and scary voices surrounding the house. It’s a must-try game.

3. The Apartment

This whole game is set up in a scary building where you have a lot of floors. You have to find your way out of it, but it is not easy. You can either play alone or you can play this game with your friend. However, it is really fun to play along with a friend because you both can unravel the mystery. The apartment is creepy and has weird noises and some mysterious figures. The best part and the scariest part is the jump scares on every level, they can raise your adrenaline level. The higher you go the scary and creepy this game will become.

4. School History

This is scary on a whole new high level. This one of the most scary Roblox games on the internet. It is The best part of this game is that it is a lot more fun if you play along with friends. Your goal in this game will be to solve the mysteries of school and find keys for the doors. And for escaping you will need to solve the mystery first. But beware of jump scares, they are thrilling as hell. I would recommend you to play this game. 

5. The Mirror 

This game is my personal favorite, it is so tricky and scary. The Mirror Game is one of the scariest games where you will be using your mirror reflection throughout the game to reach the next level. You will be using a mirror in the game and you will have to see through it for navigating your way, for avoiding the obstacles on the way and also, the best part is, this mirror will let you see those things which you normally can’t see. 

6. Horror Elevator

Horror Elevator is the invention of creepypastas. In this game, you are faced with your fear on each floor. The game currently has 24 floors, this game is technically created by a lot of people together. But the game is creepy and scary as hell! Every floor has its specialty, on one floor all the present players will be teleported to another building far from the elevator. And similarly, the other floor will begin with a bunch of tails lined up in front of the elevator. It is an amazing game, you should check out!

7. Before The Dawn

So the title is a bit incomplete, it should be “don’t die before the dawn”. Thus, it is all about surviving the dusk, and it is not going to be easy. Because you will have a slasher at the back of you to eat you, and thus you have to survive it. You will be provided with a certain map in this game and you have to follow the map to get rid of the slasher. Therefore, in the game Before the dawn, you have to complete all your challenges to ensure that you are ahead of your fellow game players.

8. Murder Mystery 2

It is another amazing and one of the scariest Roblox games that I am aware of. This game provides a whole mysterious setup for players where they can either be a police officer, or a murderer, or an innocent. You will all have different missions and act to play. It is a thrill based game and you have to solve the whole mystery before the murderer kills everyone, so it’s both scary and thrilling! 

8 Scary Roblox Games To Play With Friends

And the list of the scariest games in Roblox is here with all their links, so don’t wait anymore just start playing:

  1. Horror Elevator
  2. Before the Dawn
  3. Murder Mystery 2
  4. The Dead Silence
  5. The Mirror
  6. School History
  7. The Apartment
  8. Alone In A Dark House


I loved writing this article, all these games are next level scary. I hope you liked them and will start playing them soon. We would highly recommend you to play this game alone, it will double the fun. Roblox brings the best games and thus, one doesn’t have to worry about their quality. If you have any more suggestions then, please let us know in the comments below. 

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