Samsung TV Won’t Turn On – 4 Quick Ways to Fix it

It can be really irritating when your only source of entertainment stops working. Television has been the longest-running source of entertainment in our homes. Samsung has been a renowned TV producing company for years, but what if suddenly your Samsung TV stops working without any sign of a disturbance before. If your Samsung TV doesn’t turn on, I will discuss all the solutions that might help you in fixing it in this article

4 Methods To Fix Samsung TV Won’t Turn On Issue

Okay, as soon as you face such a problem with your Samsung TV, the first thing you should do is look for the standby light. It is a small light located on the lower right of your TV.

Basically, this standby light stays lit when the TV is off and goes off when the TV is turned on. So, here are solutions that can fix your Samsung TV won’t turn on problem depending on the standby light and the One Connect Box:

1. Standby Light Is On

Technically, this is considered to be a good sign if the standby light (the below image will show you where the standby light is located) of your Samsung TV is turned on while your TV is off and plugged into an electric source. Now, in such a situation, the actual problem lies with the remote of the TV.

We would recommend that you try turning on your TV by pressing the Power button located on the TV. And if your TV turns on, you can conclude that the problem wasn’t with the TV and something is wrong with your remote. Try changing your remote batteries; maybe it will start working, or you can also look up ways to Troubleshoot your particular remote model.

And if the problem still doesn’t get fixed with your remote, we highly recommend that you reach out to Samsung support, who can handle the situation more efficiently. 

2. Standby Light Is Off

If the standby light of the Samsung TV is off, it makes two conclusions: either your TV is not connected to power/electricity, or the TV is turned on but not working. This could be an actual problem to be worried about. In such situations, the TV screen turns black, indicating something is wrong with it. Follow a few steps that are given below if your Samsung TV won’t turn on properly:

  1. Try pressing the Menu button on your TV remote, and if the menu appears on your TV screen, that will mean that your TV is on.
  2. If still, the TVdoesn’tt respond to anything, then try pressing other keys on your remote except the Power button. If something appears on your TV, then your TV is turned on.
  3. Now, if your TV is responding to something, try unplugging your Samsung TV from the socket. And then, replug your TV after 30 seconds. If now the standby light appears, then your TV is fine.

If the problem continues to exist, then we would recommend you contact Samsung support

3. Standby Light Is Flickering

This situation is the worst because now you can be sure that the TV has some serious issues. A flashing standby light means that the TV is unable to start. We recommend removing the TV plug from the socket and leaving it for like 30 seconds approx. And then, replug it and try to start the Samsung TV without using a remote.

If the light still keeps flickering, it is highly recommended that you don’t do anything by yourself as it can be dangerous to you and cause more damage to the TV. You can contact Samsung support and call the technicians to do the work their way. 

4. TV Showing A Black Screen

If your Samsung TV shows a black screen even when it’s turned on, the problem could be because of the external devices connected to the TV. It could be your game console, DVD player, gaming stick, or any other device connected to the TV. We can recommend the solution to fix the TV screen as per the two cases: if you are using the One Connect box or you are not.

Using One Connect Box

Follow the given steps if you are using the One Connect box on your Samsung TV:

  1. First, try disconnecting the One Connect cable from the Samsung TV, and then reconnect the cable after a while (the below image shows the One Connect box).
  2. Turn on your Samsung TV, and then try pressing the Home button or Menu button from your TV remote. 
  3. If the menu appears on the black screen, you have to ensure that your TV is set on the right source you usually use. If your device is plugged into HDMI 1 port, just click the source button (look at the below image) from your remote and go to HDMI 1.
  4. And if the problem persists and you cannot see the menu on the screen, try to remove and connect your external devices again. You can also try changing the wires connecting the external devices to ensure they are of any problem.
  5. If there is still no change in the situation, then the only way out is through Samsung support.

Not Using One Connect Cable Or Box?

If you’re not using a One Connect cable, then simply check if your TV is set to the right source. Click on the Menu button from your remote, and if the menu appears. We suggest you click the Source button, head to HDMI 1, and select it. If the TV screen starts, your TV is fixed (follow the 2 & 3 steps from the above heading).

If the problem continues to exist, check for the HDMI cable connected to your TV because if the cable is damaged, it can lead to such an issue. Otherwise, contact the technician to fix up the problem.


That is all. We have covered all the possible solutions to help fix the issue. I hope you were able to fix this issue with the help of these methods. If you weren’t, then you should get in touch with Samsung support, and they will be able to help you out.

If none of these methods work for you, then we would highly recommend that you contact some experts to fix the problem and don’t get involved too much by yourself. We hope you liked reading the article. Leave your comments and any queries in the comments box, and we will gladly address them all!

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