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Run 3 or Run mobile is an enchanting running game that offers you an endless journey of your character (alien). It is an exciting game that holds you to play more and more by the charming space levels & dulcet background sound. Unfortunately, Run 3 is blocked for some people who do not have Adobe Flash Player installed in their system. If you are looking for sites to play Run 3, you are at the perfect place as we have listed all the verified sites to play Run 3. Without wasting any more of our time, let us move further to the main subject and enjoy Run 3 unblocked.

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What is Run 3 Game?

Run 3 is an incredible & addictive online game that is similar to other running games like Temple Run & Subway Surfers. Unlike most of the online games, Run 3 does not glitch or lag while the run.

run 3 game

Run 3 has various levels that you can experience being any of the ten cute alien characters. It has different modes that make the game more appealing & interesting. You can also shop stuff in the game by spending power cells that you can earn by watching advertisements on the site. It is so addicting that I just got 200 power cells for the first time. Besides, the interface is quite minimal and proffers users enchanting background sound.

Why Is Run 3 Blocked?

Run 3 is not actually blocked, but the system you are trying to play on does not have Flash Player installed. It is the only reason that you are unable to play Run 3 and some other online games. There are some sites that are offering the HTML (supported) version of the game that will enable you to play it without installing the Adobe Flash Player.

If you are trying to play it on your smartphone or tablet, you are pointing the gun in the wrong direction because it is a computer system based game. Apart from that, we have mentioned some verified & genuine websites to play Run 3 unblocked on your computer system.

Sites To Play Run 3 Unblocked in School

The purpose of this article was to serve people struggling to play Run 3 unblocked with reliable sites, and I have listed some sites that are tested & verified as safe to play the infinite alien run.


Poki is one of the favorite destinations of millions of people for online free games. Unlike other websites, Poki is HTML based, and hence, you can play Run 3 without getting any blocked error.


All the levels, interface, and all the other things in the HTML version are the same as you will experience in the Adobe Flash Player version. So if you are looking for a reliable & smooth website to play Run 3 then Poki is undoubtedly the best pick for you.

2. MathPlayGround

MathPlayGround is another potential online gaming website where you can play hundreds of online games for free. Unfortunately, MPG does not feature the HTML version of the RUN 3, and hence, you are required to install the Adobe Flash Player on your computer system.

mpg- run 3 unblocked

As of now, my system does not have Flash Player installed, and hence, it projects RUN 3 blocked (referring to the image above.) You can easily install Flash Player from here and play Run 3 without any interruption.

3. RUN 3 HTML5

RUN 3 HTML5 is not exactly what you are looking for but is similar to the original one. The level structure is similar, and the characters are different and a little more enchanting.

As the name suggests, it is HTML-based, and therefore, you won’t need Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. Besides, it takes a little more load time as compared to the original one, but it is worth the wait.

Final Words

Run 3 is undoubtedly an enchanting online game, but none of the sites offer it without ads. You can experience the game without ads by purchasing the premium membership, but it is totally up to you.

I have shared everything about Run 3, and I believe all your queries are now down, and you do not have any other questions regarding Run 3.

If you have any suggestions to improve the information mentioned in this article or have any doubts, then do comment below, and we’ll respond to them shortly. Also, share this astounding hack to get Run 3 unblocked with your mates and help them enjoy the fantastic space alien journey.

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