How To Root Android Without PC? [Easiest Guide]

In this blog, we will show you how to root an android phone without a PC. Rooting a phone is an ecosystem of android devices. Rooting a phone means you want to take your phone on a developer mode where you can develop your desired settings and tools. Do you know which is more powerful between a rooted device and an unrooted or normal device?

The answer is obvious. A rooted phone is indeed a powerful tool when it comes to using a phone at its maximum potential. Before understanding how to root an android phone without a PC? First, let us educate you on what root means. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a rooted device?

Root android phone without pc

What Does Root mean?

As the name ‘root’ itself indicates its meaning. To go to the roots of the device so you can take control of the system. If you are curious about using your device at an optimum level, it may have instilled a thing in your mind that you can’t do much with the limited features of the android device.

what is root

And you might have heard about root android phones to unlock its full features. If you root an android device then it will give you some special permissions, which you can’t access through a normal phone. After rooting your phone you will be able to customize app installation, you can enhance your device’s performance, increase battery life, etc.

It simply means having direct access to the root level, once you are at the root of any device you are the supremo, you shake it through the roots and can get whatever you want, you have the complete authority to use devices with full features. One can root his phone either via a PC or without a PC.

Some devices need a computer to be rooted, but we have some techniques through which you can root your phone without a PC.

How To Root Android Without PC?

Gone are the days when rooting a phone was a challenging task and needed a computer for this modus operandi, but now in 2021, you can root your device without even thinking about the computer by following some simple steps.

1. Things You Should Know

Before we talk about the rooting steps, I suggest you go through the following steps carefully. 

  • Make sure your device is fully charged because the process takes a lot of consumption of the battery.
  • Unlock the bootloader.
  • Since it is a risky process, you may lose your data so make sure to back up complete data before you root your android phone. You can install any backup application from the play store.
  • Learning how to get into stock Android recovery. Mostly it is done by pressing the volume and power keys simultaneously. If anything wrong happens to your phone this will wipe the phone.
  • Educate yourself about methods of recovery if your phone is bricked.
  • You need to know about the info for example your device name and model, android version, software no., and other details about the device.
  • Enable unknown sources in apps permission because we are going to download the APK file.

There are several android apps available on the internet to root android devices without a PC. In this section, we will use an application called Framaroot. 

Framaroot is the most popular app among the developers for rooting any android device without a PC. This tool can root your device in just one click. Framaroot can unroot the rooted device if you change your mind in the future.

2. Download Framaroot Apk

Since the Framaroot application does not follow Google’s terms and conditions so the app is not available on the play store. That’s why you have to download the Framaroot apk by clicking here. Locate the process where it is being saved in the file manager, it will help you to find the file easily.

Framaroot apk download

3. Install Framaroot Apk

After getting the downloaded file from the file manager tap on the Install button. After successfully installing the app, launch the app. With the completion of the installation, it will automatically start rooting your device. After this, it will show you a success message. Now your phone is rooted. Restart the device and have fun.

Framaroot android

Best Apps to Root Android Phone Without PC

Here we are sharing some other most popular android applications to root android phones.

1. King Root

King root

Kingroot is a one-click Android root application that is most popular and widely used by the developers. Download the app install it launch the app and click on the start button that’s it. Make sure you have an active internet connection because it uses the internet to perform.

2. Towelroot

Towel Root

Towelroot is another tool that has gained too much popularity because it claims to root any android device in the world. One of the amazing things about Towelroot is that it guarantees you that it will not brick your device if it doesn’t work. Towelroot is easy to use and it is free of cost.

3. Z4 Root

Z4 root

Z4 root is used by advanced Android users to root an android device. Since it is not available on the Playstore you have to download apk from the internet. Download it, install it, and have the control to your android device just simple as that. You can also unroot your device just in one click.

4. SuperSU


SuperSU has some prominent features to win the hearts. It has a deep procession feature. With SuperSU you can also use the features of the unrooted device because it allows you to use an unrooted device under a temporary condition.

Top 4 Apps to Root Android without using PC

We have rounded up a list of the top 4 Android applications that you can use to root your Android device.

  1. Framaroot
  2. Kingroot
  3. Towelroot
  4. Z4 root


We hope you have gone through our article till the end. In the end, we suggest you get adequate knowledge about rooting an android phone because sometimes rooting can drastically damage your device and you might unable to get those features back. Because it disables the device’s built-in functions.

So we recommend you to get a piece of complete knowledge and then you go for it. We hope our guide will help you to tweak the dark corner of an android device by rooting it.

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