How To Restart Android Without Power Button?

We know it can get quite frustrating when the power button is broken or not working for some reason and you want to restart your Android device. In such a situation, people often look for ways that they can use to restart their device without the power button. So, in this article, we are going to answer the question of how to restart Android without the Power button in detail. We are going to provide you with more than one way to restart the device.  

How To Restart Android Without Power Button? 

Sometimes the phone glitches and stops operating due to no particular reason and in such cases, the first thing everybody thinks of doing is restarting their device. Restarting a device restarts the whole system and fixes all the small glitches, it is the best method.

And as we have already mentioned that if the power button is broken as it’s just a button and with time, it can break as well. So, in such cases, you will need different ways to restart the device, one that doesn’t involve using the power button. So, here are the ways that you can use to do the same, keep reading!

1. Plug The Phone Into A Charger

The first thing to do is when your phone dies or switches off on its own due to some glitch and you want to restart it. Simply plug the charger into your mobile phone and as soon as you will do so the screen will turn on and after a while, the phone will restart eventually. Plugging any device into a charger wakes the device from the sleep state especially when the phone died out of battery. 

2. Using Home And Volume Button

You might have heard about the Recovery mode in Android devices. Mostly, devices have to enter into the recovery mode when one needs to fix some issues that either involve setting the device in a factory reset, etc. But you may not be aware you can enter the Recovery mode and reboot the device as well. You simply have to use the Home and Volume Up button to enter the recovery mode on your Android device (if you have a home button).

Press and hold the two buttons simultaneously and the screen will display the boot menu in front of you. Use the Volume up and down button to scroll through the menu options and select the Reboot system now option. The phone will restart in a while. 

3. Using Double Tap To Wake Device Feature 

Nowadays, Android devices come with a feature where you can Double tap on the screen to wake the screen or to put it back to sleep. You need to enable this feature on your device if you are aware that your Power button is broken. This feature makes it very easy to wake the device screen when you can’t use the power button when the device is at sleep.

You can simply enable this feature in your device however, the settings head under which it is located might differ from device to device so you can simply google about ‘double tap to wake option in your particular device’, here’s how you can do so:  

  1. Open Settings in your Android device, it is gear like icon located in your menu.  
  2. Click on the Advanced Features or the Buttons and Gestures option in your Settings menu.  
  3. You have to look for the ‘Double-tap to wake’ option inside these tabs. And once you find these options, slide the toggle to enable the option.

4. Using Third-Party Apps

When the screen is on, say you used the above methods and finally turned on the screen. You must now install some applications that can help you with such a device situation. There are third-party apps such as: 

1. Power button to Volume button 

It is a free application that can be used to switch the roles of the power button and the volume button. After you have installed this application, you will be able to wake up your screen or restart your device using the Volume button. The app will allow you to shift the roles of the power button to the Volume button.  

2. Gravity Screen 

Another third-party application when you are finding it difficult to wake the screen is the Gravity Screen app. It is a free application available on the Play Store, it detects motions to wake and sleep the screen. If you will put your device in your pocket, or a bag, or on a table, it will automatically turn off the sleep. And as you will pick your device from anywhere, it will wake the screen up.  

5. Get The Power Button Fixed 

The last resort for how to restart Android without a Power button is getting the Power button fixed permanently. If the power button of your device is broken, we would recommend you to get it fixed as soon as possible, as in long run it is not good for the device and its operation. It drains battery from the device therefore, it is for the best that you get it under a technician in a mobile store.  

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I hope you liked reading this article and found it useful. The methods that we have provided in this article can help you wake up your device when it is in sleep and the power button is broken. And can also help you restart the device. So, read the article carefully and if you still have any queries, you can let us know in the comments below.  

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