How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages?

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms in today’s online world. It gives you the most secure and reliable way to stay connected with your friends or family. But sometimes due to any reason if you have wrongly deleted any important Facebook message and want to recover the deleted Facebook messages. What will be your first step?

how to recover deleted facebook messages

Our today’s article explains some effective ways if you want to retrieve your wrongly deleted Facebook messages. If you wish to avoid such incidents of losing important Facebook messages then we recommend you to create a backup of your chat history from time to time.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages?

You might be disappointed to know that Facebook doesn’t offer any functionalities to recover the deleted Facebook messages. So if any message or conversation is wrongly deleted by you then there is no option to retrieve the message.

But still, you have an option to view the copy of the deleted messages. Below we have suggested all the methods you can follow to retrieve the wrongly deleted Facebook chats.

1. Check Archive Messages

An Archived message is a folder that is hidden from the inbox and contains the archived messages that are not permanently deleted. Both archive and delete message option appears just after each other when you swipe the message to the left side of the screen.

So it’s quite possible that instead of permanently deleting your message you have chosen to achieve the message. In this case, you can easily view your archived messages on your Android or iPhone by following the steps we have written down.

  •  Head to your Facebook conversation history and click on the search box.

archived facebook messages-1

  • Search for the name of the person whose Facebook messages are deleted unintentionally.
  • When you see the name of the person click on it and send a new message to the person. By doing so Facebook will automatically unarchive the list of chats that happened between both of you.

If you’re using Facebook on your PC or have no access to the Android phone or iPhone then fret not. You can also view the archived Facebook messages on your desktop with the help of the steps we have stated below.

  • Head to Facebook messenger on your preferred choice of browser.
  • Go to your conversation history and simply click on the gear icon located on the top left side of the Facebook Messanger window.
  • From the list of options click on the Archived Threads option. Now you will able to see all the archived deleted messages.

Check Facebook archived messages on Pc

2. Download Facebook Data

Facebook keeps your deleted messages for an unspecified period of time before making them inaccessible. So if you have deleted a message wrongly then you still have the option to recover the deleted Facebook messages.

All you need to follow the steps stated below as soon as you realized that you have deleted an important message.

Login in to Facebook account

  • Once you have managed to see your Facebook profile click on the head to the Facebook settings.

Facebook settings options

  • On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see your Facebook information, hover your mouse on it.

Facebook settings options

  • Now simply click on the option Download your information.

Download your information

  • On the next followed up screen, you will have the option to choose the data you want to download.

Download your information

  • Once you have marked all the data you want to download click on the Create file option.

Fecebook download information create file

  • Facebook will take some time to prepare your data information. Once the download is ready Facebook will send you an email notification or in-app notification to notify you.

Your facebook information is ready to download

  • Follow the Facebook information download link and select the Download button.

Download facebook information

  • Once the download process is finished you will able to see a ZIP file called Facebook-your name. Extract the file using any of the ZIP extraction software.
  • Now an Inbox will appear on your screen that contains all your Facebook messages history deleted as well as the current one.

How to recover deleted Facebook messages

3. Request Your Friend to Share Deleted Message Again

If both of the above methods failed you to retrieve the deleted Facebook message then this is the last step you can take. Ask your friend politely to share a message back that was deleted on your side.

Alternatively, you can ask your friend to capture the screenshot of the chat history and share it with you. This is one of the best and effective way as long as your friend hasn’t cleared the chat history with you.

Bottom Line

The reason behind the increased popularity of the social medial platform, it allows you to connect with your friends. Now as you’re discussing something important with your friend and delete it wrongly then the best and effective way to recover the deleted message is above mentioned methods.

We have tried our hardest to keep the above methods as simple as reasonably possible for us. If still, you struggle while following them then let us know using the comment section. We will endeavor to answer your queries at the earliest possibilities.

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