Free UC in PUBG Mobile – 6 Tricks for Latest Season

If you’re PUBG lover and spend most of the time playing PUBG. Then you may be heard about UC (Unknown Cash). UC is PUBG mobile currency that is used to shop for clothes, gun skins, etc. Many people look for ways to get free UC without actually spending money.

But, is it possible? Are there any PUBG UC Generators on the internet?

Well, yes, you can get Free Pubg mobile UC but it is not very direct. Here in this article, I have covered all the tricks to get Pubg UC for free.

So let’s start discussing them.

How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile?

If you’re willing to earn PUBG Mobile UC without spending a single penny. Then you’re on the right page, in this article, we’ve compiled some best and 100% working methods. All the methods are secured and legal, we never suggest you to any UC generator app or anything that promises to give you thousands of UC with a single click. Believe me, they all are fake.

Here is a list of the 100% working methods to get PUBG UC free online.

1. Take Part In Online Surveys

The online survey is the easiest way to get PUBG Mobile UC for free. Many survey website available online that gives you money by simpling answering their questions. They all are legal so you need not worry about any legal actions. Survey websites give you the option to redeem your reward as Google Credit. You can use the Google credit to purchase UC on PUBG.

Here is the list of the most used and best survey websites.

1. Google Opinion Rewards:-

Google Opinion Rewards is the most trusted survey website. This was introduced by Google. Google Opinion provides a survey based on your daily routine or habits. There is no need to have a piece of very good knowledge to take part in Google Opinion surveys.

Once you’ve successfully completed the surveys up to 1$ can be credited in your account as Google Credit. Google Opinion Rewards apps are compatible with both Android and iOS.

2. Swagbucks:-

Swagbucks is among the most popular and trustworthy reward programs. This gives you the option to take a survey for the things you do online every day.  The points earned on Swagbucks can be easily redeemed on various online stores, Google Credit is among them.

2. Take Part In Giveaways:-

Giveaways are a popular method these days to earn rewards. Often YouTubers, players, or organizations organized Giveaways. You need to make sure that you always took part only in genuine giveaways only if you found and giveaway fake then try to stay away from it.

In today’s era of the internet, this is not too hard to know about currently organizing giveaways. simply follow the peoples who usually organized giveaways and stay updated with the latest giveaway updates. Giveaways can give you chances to earn royal passes and PUBG Mobile UC for free.

Follow every big gamer in the Pubg community, they often do free UC giveaways.

3. Participate In Tournaments:-

Often Youtube streamers, PUBG mobile players, or sometime PUBG also organize contests and tournaments on a daily basis. If you think that you’ve great skills and you can defeat anyone in PUBG. Then go and take part in tournaments. So make your team and start taking part in tournaments.

If you win the tournaments then you’ll be rewarded with a lot of Unknown Cash.

4. Play Bonus Challenges:-

Bonus challenges are another great way to earn a lot of Unknown Cash on PUBG Mobile. If you have successfully completed bonus challenges then you will get bonus coins as rewards, redeem those bonus coins to purchase UC.

This is essential to have some UC in your PUBG Mobile to take part in bonus challenges. Bonus coins can also be earned by watching ads on PUBG Mobile.

5. Use Refer And Earn Apps:-

There are many refer and earn apps available on Google Play Store. Simply refer to those apps to your friends and when they installed the referred application. You’ll earn some money. You can use that earned money to by Unknown Cash in PUBG Mobile.

6. Purchase UC By Downloading Apps:-

Download and install new applications on your Android smartphone. They will give you some points as rewards. Those rewards can be redeemed as Google Credit. Here is the list of some applications that will give you rewards by downloading apps.

1. FeaturePoints:-

FeaturePoint will give you some apps to install on your device. And sign in on those apps and rewards will be credited into your wallet.

2. GrabPoints:-

GrabPoints offers various options to earn money like watching TV, answer surveys, completing offers, and downloading apps. This is free to join the website, so without making any investment, you can start earning.

Does PUBG Mobile UC Generators Really Work?

Hundreds of websites available online that promise to give you unlimited PUBG Mobile UC for free. They all are fake and nothing more than the sea of spyware and malware. Once you visit the UC generator website, they will ask you to enter your personal information.

Your entered personal information can be used to access your computer or various accounts like social media, Email, etc. Some website installs malware on your device that can harm your device and can also steal your personal data. So I’ll suggest you to not to use them, only go for genuine methods only.

Final Words

So these were all the methods you can apt to get free UC on PUBG Mobile. Getting UC coins seems a little bit difficult but as you know to get something we need to work hard.

And make yourself secure from fake UC generators they all are scam and can steal your data. Hopefully, the above methods perform according to your expectations. That’s all for today. Thanks, guys for reading our article.

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