41 Craziest Prank Websites To Troll Your Friends

I know we all love to prank our people and fool them humorously. But we have entered the digital age, and we don’t have to prank them in a boring way; we can make that digital too. So, we are introducing you to these free prank websites. They are so cool and fun that you are going to fall in love with them! Prank your friends, partner, family, and whoever you like, and have fun.

Best Prank Websites To Fool your Friends

Here, we are going to share 10 best Prank websites that are available on the Internet. These websites are our top choices, and even I love them so much. You should definitely give them a try and prank your mates using these sites. You will love it as it is going to be so much fun:

1. Love Calculator

Love Calculator is one of the most amazing prank websites to try. You can prank your friends, family, etc., with this funny site. You will have to create a link and then share it with your people on this website. The site basically asks them to insert their name with their crush’s name, and when they enter it, they receive an email. The email includes the name of your friend and their crush. You have successfully pranked them under their noses. They will not even know until you tell them, amazing right!

2. WhatsFake

Another one of the best prank websites is Whatsapp Fake Chat. It lets you organize a fake chat over Whatsapp to prank your family, girlfriend, friends, etc. Trust me, one cannot easily spot the difference between a real Whatsapp or a fake one, this website makes it look so realistic that it can even confuse you at a point.

You can create a chat with an imaginary person, you can even change the time, modify the delivery status, or add a chat background. Also, it displays the status of typing, online, etc. It is so awesome to prank someone using this website.

3. Hacking Simulator

So, being a hacker is the coolest prank you can pull in front of people when you are trying to prank them with a lie. You can act super cool like a professional hacker using this website. It offers amazing graphic tools, and you can even type like a hacker in front of them. Anyone can easily get fooled with this site, and you can pretend that you can hack any system that you like and scare the shit out of people, believe me! It is such fun because of the high graphics used by the site to make it look so real.

4. Fake Check-in

This site right here should be awarded as the best site for performing pranks. It is so much fun to use this site, and I love it. If you love to travel but cannot always afford it, this site could help you become a traveler by sitting in your house. You can make your friends jealous by sharing your fake location and hotel check-ins.

The site lets people share their location anywhere and make it all look like they are traveling. They can share their location with the use of any social medium, you can exercise real check-in to a 5-star hotel.

5. Joker Greeting Card

Want to irritate someone on their birthday? This website is the best option for doing so. You can buy a greeting card and then send it to the birthday person. It is a musical greeting card that, when opened, starts annoying music, and just when you realize that, okay, we need to stop this, it is enough. Guess what, it won’t stop! It will keep playing continuously for straight 3 hours. And trust me, it is so annoying but so much fun to see someone get pranked in such a way. I would just break my phone instead!

6. Do Not Press The Red Button

It is more of a patience test prank and funny at the same time. The site introduces people with a Red Button saying, “Do not press the Red button.” You just have to send a link to your friend, and then they will be compelled to press the red button, and as soon as they do it, they will be trolled at the maximum level. The prank is so hilarious that even the person would feel guilty of clicking the button. This is one of the best funny prank websites.

7. Great Big Stuff.com

The site comes under the best website for pranks. Great Big Stuff is more of a gifting website, and you will love the concept of this site, I assure you! It is boring to gift the regular-sized erasers, pencils, pens, paper pins, etc. but have you ever thought of gifting something BIG in size? This site makes it fun by providing gifts of huge sizes. The consumers of their products belong from both the corporate and entertainment sector.

8. News Of Future.com

If you want to give someone chills, this is one of those scary pranking sites that will do the needful. It is an amazing website that is like a newspaper publishing news of the future. Isn’t it scary and fun at the same time! All the news that is published on this website is realistic predictions. It is based on the present scenario, and you can even find arguments by various people under every news, making it even more realistic. They even make changes to the news presented by them, if someone argues and proves the right point.

9. FartScroll

Want to make your friend embarrassed in front of people in a public place? Well, here is your answer. We are going to introduce you to FartScroll, which comes under the most embarrassing sites for pranks. You must have guessed it already by the website name that this site is related to Fart noises.

You have to send a link to a website, and as your friend will scroll through that website, it will make hilarious fart sounds, and it is so embarrassing when you’re reading a blog in front of people.

10. Message Bomber.com

Message bomber is surely coming on our list; it is truly an amazing sight. All you need to do is access the Message Bomber application on your device and then send tons of messages and prank texts to your friend. This will blow up their heads and phone. It is a superb idea, and you can prank your people using this website for free. All you need is their app, and that is it; you are all set to prank your friends. Enjoy pranking!

41 Free and Funny Prank Websites

Here is the whole list of almost 41 funny prank sites that you can use to pull up pranks that will leave you in awe of them. You are going to be shocked with how crazy these sites are:

  1. Love Calculator
  2. Fake Update
  3. FartScroll
  4. PrankSpaces
  5. Hacking Simulator
  6. Joker Greeting Card
  7. Do Not Press The Red Button
  8. Secret Codes From Google
  9. News Of 2020- Future News
  10. Blow Up The Phone
  11. Message Bomber.com
  12. Send Random Facts
  13. Hacker Typer
  14. JibJab Messages
  15. WTF Prank Candles
  16. CatFacts
  17. WhatsFake
  18. Great Big Stuff
  19. Fake Check-in
  20. Shady URL
  21. Shit Express
  22. ShareonFB
  23. MyProgressBar
  24. Mermur
  25. Like Creeper
  26. Sexy Pranky
  27. Threads
  28. Ship Your Enemies Glitter
  29. GIF Dance Party
  30. Pug A Day
  31. Mailaspud
  32. NyanIt
  33. Peter Answers
  34. Google Terminal
  35. Mail A Meme
  36. Clone Zone
  37. Goat Attack
  38. Fart Attack
  39. Memes On Canvas
  40. Can’t Make It
  41. Squeak Voice Changer


Nobody can get bored of these pranks. You will want to do it again and again with as many people as you can. This list will come really handy, especially on the 1st of April, when it’s April fool’s day, and you keep thinking about how to prank your loved ones; now you have the answer in abundance. There are so many more websites for performing pranks, but some of them don’t work properly; therefore, we have listed the best of the best for you all. Enjoy pranking!

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