12 Best Apps Like Panda Helper [Free Alternatives]

I am sure you all have heard about Cydia at some point and one such alternative of Cydia is Panda Helper iOS. This application is used by several people for installing off-market apps but you won’t need to jailbreak your iOS device and this platform is available free of cost. Panda Helper app has got so famous in the app market and thus, we have brought to you more apps like Panda Helper.

Top 10 Apps Like Panda Helper

Here are the best 10 apps which can be considered as the alternatives for Panda Helper, you should try these if you want to install a paid game or app for free. Some might even surprise you as they possess more features than Panda Helper:

1. TweakBox

TweakBox is considered one of the best apps like Panda Helper. This alternative doesn’t require the use of Jailbreak tools. This app offers its users a safe way of downloading paid apps for free of cost. Also, the users can download movies, music, or a few premium apps such as Spotify++, or Youtube++, etc. We would recommend you to stay away from hacked games as they might get you in trouble. This app is perfectly compatible with various iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones, etc.

2. iNOJB

If you’re searching for Panda Helper alternatives then, we have lined up this one for you that allows it users to download tweaked applications without actually installing iNOJB. It is a web-based platform, so all you have to do is slide into their slide and download whichever apps you like, it doesn’t require its users to jailbreak their iOS devices. Although, we wouldn’t exactly compare Cydia to iNOJB in terms of their capabilities, as iNOJB doesn’t make use of the Jailbreak tool which in turn limits its capabilities. You don’t need a PC to operate this app which makes it even more convenient to use.

3. Emus4u

Emus4u comes packed with an amazing feature, i.e. multi-support that offers its users with an individual package for installation that automatically adjusts with the device and the OS you are operating with. The app has an easy to use interface which makes it super convenient for those users who haven’t used such applications before. You can directly start the process of installing tweaked apps on this platform without jailbreaking your iOS device. The platform includes certain different apps that are difficult to find on the Apple AppStore.

4. Zestia Step

You can use this app to install tweaked apps on iOS 10, iOS 12, etc. It is considered to be the best alternative for Cydia as well, and the best thing is that one doesn’t require the use of Jailbreak tools. The feature that makes this application convenient to use is that you don’t have to connect your iOS device to your Mac in order to install this application.

5. AppEven

AppEven could be concluded in the list of apps like Panda Helper but it is a third-party app store that offers its users a huge number of tweaked apps to download from. The main thing to remember while using this app is that you can operate it on iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, and iOS 12 only. Due to the limitation over the use of Jailbreak tools, AppEven doesn’t offer as many features as Panda Helper provides.

6. Asterix Installer

Asterix Installer is another amazing application installer that is used by so many iOS users. It offers its users the ability to install off-market apps without jailbreaking their iOS devices and also, it provides them with a long list of apps that includes lots of thrilling features. You can get your hands over paid apps of AppStore without paying a penny. Asterix Installer offers hacked games and many other games to play from, I am pretty sure you will fall in love with this application and it’s easy to use interface.

7. Sileo

Sileo is one such app which is quite similar to Panda Helper but it provides some amazing features as compared to Panda Helper. The one such amazing feature is that this app offers a single-installation package for all the versions of iOS devices i.e. iOS 11, iOS 12, and iOS 13. Also, it can completely support 64-bit devices. Sileo is considered to be upgrading to becomes the best for the Jailbreak community.

8. CokerNutx

CokerNutx is considered to be the best app among the above-mentioned. It offers its users a wide range of games and hacked games, paid apps all for free. It is packed up with some amazing features that make it similar to Panda helper, but comparatively, it is even better. If you are looking forward to Panda Helper alternatives then, you cannot leave on CokerNutx. It is so easy to navigate through this app and also, to download it as one doesn’t require Xcode for installing this app.

9. AppValley

Coming to the next app in our list of apps like Panda Helper, this is another platform that comes loaded with a wide variety of apps. You can find paid apps for games, music, movie, and even books in this application. The interface of this app is easy to use and pretty simple to understand. The best part of using this software is that it provides all the apps in their latest version which makes it super convenient for users. You can easily find modified versions of apps like Whatsapp, Youtube, Spotify, etc. Also, you can switch through dark mode while using this app on your device.

10. ACMarket

If you’re desperately looking for Panda helper alternatives then, this alternative might attract you. This application offers you so many paid apps, and paid games to look from. The user interface is user friendly and it is easy to navigate through the app. It includes many apps and a few apps for daily use. It is quite fun to search for apps and choose between so many similar apps. You should definitely give this app a try!

Top 12 Panda Helper Alternatives

Here’s the whole list including the links to download these apps. All these apps work efficiently, you must give them a try. These are the top 12 Panda Helper Alternatives:

  1. HIPstore
  2. ACMarket
  3. TweakBox
  4. iNOJB
  5. ZestiaStep
  6. Emus4u
  7. AppEven
  8. AppValley
  9. Asterix Installer
  10. Sileo
  11. CokerNutx
  12. MojoInstaller


And here we come to the end of this article. We have provided you with 12 apps like Panda Helper and we hope that the article served to be informative.

All these applications are safe to install and to operate, we assure you that. Just stay away from few hacked games offered by some apps as they might get you in trouble. For any further queries, let us know in the comments!

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