How To Use Netflix Party Extension? [Setup Guide]

We spent more than half of 2020 locked up inside our houses quarantining for the sake of our safety. And we were miserable and bored all the time and still after the onset of 2021, we continue to face the same issues. But Netflix has decided to make our lonely days even more fun by bringing a new feature i.e. Netflix party extension. And once you are going to know more about it, you’ll get as excited as we are to try it. So without any further stalling let us get started with its introduction.

What Is Netflix Party Extension?

Netflix Party is an amazing tool where you can feel like you and your friends/family are watching a movie in a theatre, it feels so real. It is a well-curated platform by Netflix where you and your family members or friends who live far can watch a particular show/movie at the same time.

This service provides a combined control to all the party members and also, there is an inbuilt chat space where you can talk just how you would when you are sitting in a cinema hall.

We know that most theatres are still closed due to the widespread of Covid-19 but here’s to a safe movie plan with buddies. What are you waiting for, grab popcorn and a coke and start partying!

1. Basic Requirements For Using Netflix Party Extension

The main basic requirement of being able to use Netflix party extension is that each member needs to have a Netflix subscription. This is the only requirement to watch movies with your family members flawlessly.

So make sure that you and your group have the subscription to Netflix and you are all set to use it in no time. I hope you have the best time with your mates. Now, let us have a look at how we can use the Netflix party extension. 

2. Features Of Netflix Party

I am sure you need to know more about the Netflix party and all the features that make it unique and interesting. So, we are going to list those features for you in this article, they will highly convince you to start using the Netflix party extension right away:

  1. The first feature is that you can stream movies and shows with your friends and families who live far away in the comfort of your house. You will not have to go out of your house to watch movies, you can finally bring the fun home. And during the times of lockdown, who doesn’t need a get-together without getting out. 
  2. Another most important thing about Netflix party is that it offers a Sync feature. This feature allows all the members to sync their video timing and watch the show at the same time. 
  3. Let us talk about the fun element in this platform and it is that every member can change their names and choose their avatars to make it more fun. Also, people can chat side-by-side with their friends and family while watching a particular movie/show. This feature makes everything look even more realistic, it is like you are sitting next to your mates in a theatre.

How To Use Netflix Party Extension?

Now let us quickly look at how can one use the Netflix party extension with their friends. However, the process is not too difficult but it is a little bit lengthy. So, we would recommend you to follow the below-given steps one-by-one to get effective results, the first step is to download the extension on your device, and here’s how you can do so:

  1. So, the first step will be to open the browser on your device and visit the Netflix Party official website or you can click the link here to open it directly. 
  2. A window will open up in front of you so, click on the “Get Netflix party for free” option. 
  3. And then, you will have to click the “Add to Chrome” option once you are redirected to the Google Chrome web store page to install the extension.
  4. You will see a pop-up box on your display after the above step simply, click on the “Add Extension” button and this will add an icon “NP” in your browser toolbar.

Now, that we have successfully downloaded the Netflix party extension to the Chrome browser, it is time to see how to use it and connect family and friends to watch together. A couple more steps and you will be all set to stream movies with your buddies at the comfort of your house. 

  1. After following the above steps, you have to open another tab on your browser to log into your Netflix account.
  2. Select whichever movie/show that you are planning to watch with your mates and click on it to open.
  3. You will be able to notice that the NP icon has turned red from grey in the browser toolbar. So, you have to click that icon and then, select the “Start the party” option.
  4. After clicking that option, you will become the host of the party which means that you will have control over the pause/play button and if you like you can pass on the controls to somebody else as well. 
  5. Now simply copy-paste the URL from the pop-up box and send it to your streaming buddies and tell them to join the party. 
  6. Lastly, once everyone has joined, you will see a chat room at the side of your screen where you can talk while watching your shows/movies. Have fun at the Netflix party.


I hope that through this article, I have covered everything related to Netflix Party Extension and provided the complete process of how you can use it to watch a particular show/movie with your friends/family. If you still have any other queries, then you can let us know in the comments below.

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