15 KDrama Sites 2022 – Watch All Korean Drama Online

Korean Drama series is getting so much popular across the globe and millions of people are loving their stories, and characters. Well, if you love watching Korean Dramas too then, this article is going to be a bliss for you all. We are going to tell you about KDrama sites, where you can watch any of your favorite Korean drama series that you like.

We are going to discuss 15 KDrama sites that we have so far came across in 2022. So, let’s have a look at them all.

Free Websites To Watch Korean Drama

Here’s a list of top Korean drama streaming sites. I bet you will love them all, they all are safe to use and amazing in their way.

1. Viki 

Viki is one of the most popular and commonly used KDrama sites that we’ve heard of so far. And I haven’t even disclosed its best part, the website provides subtitles that allows its viewers to enjoy Korean Dramas in various distinct languages and this is such an amazing feature! The only demerit of this site is that it contains so many ads that the users tend to get irritated and this ruins the user’s experience. But except this one point, Viki can be concluded as a very good website.

2. Animetv.to

This particular site attracts millions of people and from all sorts of countries. Animetv.to is the most favorite for the people who love watching Korean anime shows. If we talk about the feature which makes it different from other sites, then the website allows the user to watch Korean anime series using slow internet, what more can you ask for? It has some very amazing browsing options which make it easier for users to get hold of so many Korean Dramas. It is considered as one of the renowned sites for Korean dramas. 

3. KissAsian

KissAsian is another very popular website providing a lot of Korean Dramas and Korean web-series. It has series related to so many categories such as action, emotions, and love. The best part about KissAsian is that it’s very simple and clear for the users, and its layout is just amazing. You can download whatever series you like without any hesitation. The site keeps uploading new series and movies every other day to keep its viewers updated about the recent releases. 

4. Sojuoppa 

Sojuoppa is one of the most favored KDrama sites to download Korean dramas for free and it is widely known for its aesthetic layout. You can stream your series on this site for free, all you need is an Internet connection. As soon as you will see this website, you will realize that the developers of the site have put a lot of effort which is visible and it so easy to navigate through the site. The search bar makes it even simpler for finding the web-series or movies that we like. Every day tons of series are uploaded on the website.

5. NewAsian TV

NewAsian TV is considered as the place for all the Korean, and Asian dramas. It is loved by so many people, and the reviews of this site are something to be looked on. You can easily find and download all Korean drama on this website. It is one of the best Korean Drama streaming sites that you will hear of.

The most amazing feature of this website is that it offers a clean and neat interface.  The interface is so easy to use which makes it easier for the user to search for their desired series with ease. Also, each series which the site adds to their collection is displayed in a different section called Latest Releases, this makes it easier for the viewers to spot them. The only demerit of this site is that the website is not actively available in all the countries.

6. Dramince

Dramanice is one of the KDrama websites which steals everyone’s heart at first glance through its layout, it is so colorful. You can easily find all the old and new Korean dramas. For a long time now, Dramince is considered under the top 3 major websites streaming Korean Dramas. So I would highly recommend you to give this website a try, I am sure you will love it!

7. My Drama List 

“My drama list” is one of the unique KDrama sites that you will come across for downloading Korean dramas absolutely for free. All you require is an Internet connection to stream seamlessly. The layout of the website is so subtle and this is the reason why My Drama List gets its traffic from millions of viewers every month. However, there is one demerit to this site you can download some of the episodes but mostly you have to watch them online.

The developers of the website keep the site up to date with new and recent Korean dramas. The site contains no malware and thus, it becomes safe for you to use this site.

8. Netflix

I am dead sure, that you’ve heard of this amazing site, it is one of the most popular sites for streaming series. This website is used by so many people on a larger scale, that any introduction won’t necessarily fulfill the endless features of this site. It’s the first place where millions of people land in search of web-series, movies, and TV shows. It’s the biggest hub for finding a series of every kind and mostly in any language. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not free., you will have to subscribe to one of its pack monthly to keep streaming. But no doubt, we all still love Netflix even if we have to pay for it. It has a collection of some best Korean dramas.

9. WeTV

WeTV is a relatively new Korean Drama streaming site and there are chances that you might have not heard about it so much. But we have included it in our list of top K-Drama sites because its content library is increasing at a rapid pace and thus, it has over thousands of Korean Drama web-series and movies already. In addition to Korean dramas, the site offers you to stream many other Asian dramas or movies as well.

WeTV is owned by the developers of the widely known game i.e. PUBG and thus, you can predict its amazing operating system. The site also has Android and iOS applications, so you can access them on your smartphone as well through the Play Store. 

10. Viewasian.tv

Viewasian.tv is a very amazing website that unlocks the best Korean dramas and it is a must-try for all those Korean drama fans out there. The best part of this website is that they have their official mobile application, making it easier for their users to access the content on the go.

It attracts tons of visitors every month because it keeps updating its site with new dramas and web-series. In some countries, this site is considered to be one of the most trusted Korean drama sources so now you know why we are exaggerating so much on this website. I would prefer you to give this site a try!

15 Best KDrama Sites For Online Streaming

Here’s the whole list of Korean drama sites that are worth a try in 2022:

  1. Viki
  2. Animetv.to
  3. Viewasian.tv
  4. WeTV
  5. Netflix
  6. My Drama List
  7. Dramince
  8. NewAsian TV
  9. Sojuoppa
  10. KissAsian
  11. Dramago
  12. Gooddrama.to
  13. Thedramacool
  14. Asian Crush
  15. DramaBeans


I hope you liked reading this article, we have covered all the top best Korean Drama streaming sites that are available. The list includes the most recent to the oldest reputed KDrama sites. Please do share your reviews with us in the comments box down below, we would be glad to hear them all!

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