17 Best Kissanime Alternative Sites [Free List]

If you are an Anime lover, then this is the right place for you. Ever since Kissanime was shut down, a lot of people have started looking for viable alternatives to watch their favorite animes. This article is exactly what you need: 17 Kissanime alternatives! With the help of this article, you will be able to watch your animes with proper subtitles and in HD quality!

You will be able to enjoy a wide range of genres to suit your taste in the Kissanime alternatives given below. Everything from Shonen to Shojou, you can find them without fail. Keep reading to know more.

Beginners’ Guide to Kissanime

Kissanime was the go-to website for anime viewers outside of Japan. In 2019, Anime and Manga piracy has been criminalized by the Japanese government. Unfortunately, copyright officials banned the website a while ago. Since these sites are not legal streaming platforms, these kinds of threats are always present. Consequentially, this presented a huge problem for the anime-watching community out of Japan.

Most viewers watch pirated versions of Animes, on streaming platforms such as Kissanime. Due to the shutting down of Kissanime, here is a list of 17 Kissanime alternatives. Get ready to binge-watch thousands of animes!

Best Kissanime Alternatives 2021

Given below are the Kissanime alternatives that you can use. After Kissanime got banned a lot of other sites have started to become popular for animes. If you are an active anime watcher or a fan of mangas, then these sites will be perfect for you!

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the most ideal option out there for a Kissanime alternative. This site not only has animes, and mangas, but also Japanese dramas. You will be able to watch and fill yourself with as much Japanese content as you want.

It is also noted that this particular website has over 900 animes, spread across a variety of fun genres. If you like watching your series on a big screen, this website can be chrome-casted as well!

2. Anime Planet

Anime planet has been around since 2001. With a collection of over 4500 series and mangas, this website will not let you down when you search. For new-comers, the site also has recommendations and top-picks to ease into the world of mangas and anime.

3. GoGo Anime

Gogo anime is another useful kissanime alternative. Viewers can easily find the series that they are searching for with a simple and user-friendly interface. People can also rate and leave comments under every anime.

You also can set the resolution quality depending on your Internet speed. One can find everything, from the newest to the oldest shows on this website.

4. AnimeLab

Animelab is very similar to kissanime. On this website, users can download the episodes onto their devices with higher resolution quality. Viewers can use this website on both PCs and mobile phones. The only drawback with this website is that it works only in New Zealand and Australia. This problem can be easily overcome by using a VPN service.

5. AnimeFreak

Animefreak is by far the most similar to kissanime. The layout of the website will be no problem for those who visit Kissanime frequently. This site also has the option of choosing the resolution of the video based on the Internet connection that you have. Anime freak also sorts its content based on genre, new releases, ratings, etc.

6. 9anime

9anime is known to have a gigantic collection of mangas, animes, and Japanese dramas. It has a straightforward interface. People can also watch movies apart from animes. This website also has the option of subtitled and dubbed versions of the same series.

7. Horrible subs

Horriblesubs is a knew Kissanime alternative that recently started around two to three years ago and is doing pretty well among its user base. You can watch anything between an anime series, and a movie. The subtitles are appropriately timed, and the sound quality is decent.

This website provides three options for quality resolution they are 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Horriblesubs also have an option of showing upcoming releases and new animes.

8. Chia-anime

Chia-Anime has been around for quite a while now. You can easily navigate through this website and will require no real help. All the series and animes are neatly categorized for easy search and find. Most popular shows will be available on this website. You can be sure that the resolution of the video will be top-notch.

9. Animefrenzy

Anime frenzy is the most popular website for English subtitled animes. This site provides over 4000 anime series and is completely free for the user. Viewers have the option of watching the series online, or they can even download the episodes on their devices. Since this website is popular for English subs, the subtitles are correctly timed, and the episodes’ sound quality is also perfect.

10. Anime heaven

Anime heaven is a very good kissanime alternative. It allows the users to choose between 360p and 1080p video resolution quality. If the people have a poor internet connection, then they can use the lesser resolution option. This website also enables ratings, so that viewers can choose what to watch based on the ratings.

11. Animesim

On Animesim viewers can watch their favorite animes with good quality resolution and appropriately timed subs. All the shows on this website are free of charge. There is a wide array of animes and mangas on this website for the viewers to choose of their liking. This website is an excellent Kissanime alternative.

12. Animeland

Anime land is no surprise for anime lovers. This website is extremely popular among those viewers who like to watch dubbed animes. The sound quality of these animes is great. People can also download these episodes onto their devices. The series on this website are categorized based on genres for people to easily select what they want to watch.

13. Aniwatch

Aniwatch is popular among viewers who are watching ongoing animes. Here you can find the newest and the most trending animes and mangas. The Aniwatch is well known for both subbed and dubbed versions of any series.

14. Daisuki

Daisuki is a decent kissanime alternative. It is a proper anime site that grants you access to animes, mangas, and Japanese dramas. You can watch everything on high resolution and with fewer ad interruptions. There is no requirement to log in to this website.

15. Anilinkz

If you like to watch free anime then Anilinkz is a good option. For those who like to download their episodes, this website makes it possible to stream and download the episodes. It is a given that the video resolution will be of high quality and the interface of the website is extremely user-friendly.

16. Anime Karma

Anime karma has all the top trending animes and mangas. It also has an option of rating the shows and leaving comments. This website has series of options for all ages and tastes. The downside of this website is that it has too many ad interruptions. However, the video resolution is of high quality and worth the ads in between.

17. Anime Season

Anime season is a great kiss anime option for those who have a strong Internet connection. This website has a massive collection of series and mangas that will keep you hooked the minute you read them or watch them. It has a very cute interface and it has good parameters to let you find the series that you want to watch.


17 Free Sites like KissAnime 2022

A full list of the best Kissanime alternatives is given below. Your anime series is just one click away!

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Anime planet
  3. Gogo anime
  4. Animelab
  5. Animefreak
  6. 9anime
  7. Horriblesubs
  8. Chia-Anime
  9. Anime frenzy
  10. Anime heaven
  11. animesim
  12. Anime land
  13. Aniwatch
  14. Daisuki
  15. Anilinkz
  16. Anime karma
  17. Anime season


That’s a wrap on the 17 best Kissanime alternatives. We hope you will be able to watch your favorite anime on these alternative websites. Be it any anime, from Naruto to Your Lie in April, you can find any genre in these Kissanime alternatives. Some of them might require you to make an account, and some will not have that rule. However, if good quality anime and perfectly timed subs are your priority, you will not be disappointed. Have fun watching!

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