Kahoot Hack – Unblocked & Working Auto Answer Scripts

With the advent of online education, online examination software has become the center of attention. Kahoot is a quiz app that gamifies examinations and makes learning a lot more fun for the kids. This is why a lot of schools are now using Kahoot to conduct their quizzes and exam. Now a lot of students want to hack Kahoot so that they can score a lot on their quizzes. If you are one of those students looking for Kahoot hacks, then you are at the right place.

If you want to do the same, you can go through this article. In this article, I have discussed several hacks which you can implement easily in the Kahoot quiz. Through these hacks, you can know the answer to the quiz. You do not have to go anywhere else, this article has all the methods, you need to hack your quiz. So scroll down and start reading all the hacks.

Why are Schools Adopting Kahoot?

Kahoot is a very well-designed gamified quizzing system where students can have fun while learning. Today when all the schools are closed, online educational software is the center of attraction. Kahoot is one such platform that is designed which gives all the solutions we are facing in the pandemic regarding education. Apart from this, Kahoot can be used on your mobile phones, desktops, laptops. This makes it more user-friendly. Here students can participate using their PIN and get points for their test. This is why Kahoot is being adopted very fast.

How to Hack Kahoot?

Here we shall look at various ways by which you can hack your Kahoot quiz. We shall use several ways to hack Kahoot. Over here we shall look at how we can hack Kahoot using extension, website, script, and websites.

1. Kahoot Hack Chrome Extensions that Work

Several extensions are available in Google Chrome that can be used to hack any Kahoot quiz. These extensions can do almost everything to hack Kahoot. Each extension has a different function. I am going to discuss all of them and you can use all of them to hack Kahoot as you desire.

1. Kahoot Flooder

This extension is very much available in the Google Chrome extension library. This extension floods the quiz with a lot of bots that appear as users. These bots send random multiple answers for the question asked. This troubles the teacher to a great extent.

2. Kahoot Auto Answer Hack

Auto answer hack makes some analysis and automatically gives the right answer to the questions. It sometimes alters many things to make the question look right. You can use this by installing it from the Google Chrome extension store.

3. Invisible Kahoot Name

Invisible Kahoot’s name hides your name while you are giving the quiz. It does not let others know the answer you are giving. It helps you when you have marked a wrong option by mistake.

4. Kahoot Keys

This extension does help you get the correct answer. It is useful in case you have any hardware damage. Using this hack you can answer the questions using the 1,2,3,4 numeric key button of your keyboard.

2. Simple Ways to Get to Know the Answer

There are some simple ways to get the answer to the question. You can do these things to answer correctly in your quiz. Below, I am going to talk about them.

  1. Find the potential packs and note down their answers.
  2. Use a double account, you can sign using a dummy account to know the answers and then click the right answer.
  3. Sometimes, the answer to the questions are shown mistakenly, you can use them to answer correctly.
  4. You can take the help of a smart kid in your class.

3. Websites & Scripts to Hack Kahoot

Here we shall see other ways by which we can hack the Kahoot quiz. Here we shall make use of keys, websites, and scripts.

1. Kahoot Rocks

This website will help you escape from having a username and your progress recorded. You can make it active when you feel that you are not confident about the answer as it does not record your progress. This helps you hide your current activity from everybody.

2. Mem-rip/Kahoot

Mem-rip/Kahoot has several hacks listed, you can use them as and when you require. You can choose among them and implement whatever hack you want. Also, you can use an amalgamation of different hacks as you wish.

3. GoDoc.org/HackPackage

It contains many command tools which can be used to hack Kahoot. This site has many Go packages which can interact with other Go programs.

4. Kahoot Winner

This site automatically marks all the correct answers and makes you successful in any test you take. All you have to do is you have to enter your details in the portal. It automatically finds out the correct answer and marks it for you.

5. Kahoot Ninja

Kahoot Ninja helps you to hack the Kahoot Quiz. On this website, you will be able to download two scripts that can help you hack the quiz. Using this you can spam your quiz or get the answer to the question automatically.

How Can Teachers Prevent Hacking?

Teachers can also prevent hacking of Kahoot by following some precautions. If teachers want to prevent such activities, they can take some small precautions. Teachers should ensure that all the students are using the latest version of Kahoot. Avoid using the Kahoot website. Teachers should not give hints of their questions. Apart from this, do not share the pin before starting the quiz.

Teachers can also add the URL of the hacks in the URL block list. When you do this, students cannot use these hacks for their tests.

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Hope you enjoyed learning about the different hacks of Kahoot. But then one wrong thing which is happening nowadays is that students are doing it without any reason to annoy the teachers. This is very wrong. Use it only when you require it. Hope you do not use it wrongly. With this, I will call it a day and do visit this blog again. Cheers!

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