Is AliExpress Legit and Safe to Use? [Complete Review]

AliExpress is a very famous and popular website from where you can buy anything ranging from clothes to shoes, accessories, or kitchen utensils at a very cheap price. It is very similar to Amazon but the rates are way cheaper. It was founded in 2010 and is owned by Alibaba, which is a well-known huge Chinese multinational company. But to many people, this site seems fake because of the prices that they offer. So, through this article, we are going to clear that doubt for you all and answer the most asked question i.e. Is AliExpress legit?

How To Use AliExpress?

It is a normal site just like Amazon, as mentioned earlier and it requires one to sign up before using it. The sign-up process is very simple, not technical, you will have to create a new account using your email address or the other option is to sign up using Facebook, Google, etc.

Then, you will be redirected to the next step of the signup process i.e. a signup form where you will be asked to provide a few personal information which includes your name, age, gender, marital status, date of birth, etc.

And that is it, your new profile will be made in contact with AliExpress, you can now use it for browsing through the website and to purchase what you like. You can use the AliExpress search bar for finding the right product that you are looking for.

Is AliExpress Safe?

This is the most asked question, people have so many doubts regarding this, so we are going to clear this doubt for you all. AliExpress is more than safe and legal and it belongs to a renowned multi-national company. It is a leading China-based company that deals in commerce and media.

And no customer has to worry about their money getting stuck because AliExpress provides people with a complete refund in case if they receive a damaged product or not the exact product as they ordered and for the products that didn’t reach the customers.

Is AliExpress Banned in India?

Well, since 2020 this is the next most frequently asked question after “Is AliExpress Legit”, so we needed to cover this topic hand in hand. You must be aware of the dispute that took place and continues to be between India and China after the border clash at the Line Of Actual Control (LAC).

Thus, on June 29, 2020, the Indian Home Minister decided to ban 59 Chinese apps which included the most famous Alibaba group and many of the apps connected to this group. But fortunately, AliExpress by Alibaba still exists to thrive in India, as it is yet not banned by the Home Minister.

So, the answer is No, AliExpress is not banned yet however, it belongs to the company which is Chinese.

Is AliExpress Legit And A Trusted Source?

AliExpress belongs to a very popular company owned by Alibaba Group ltd. It sought popularity in India in the year 2016. Jack Ma is the CEO of this established group, and the company is the founder of many different applications including WeChat, UC Browser, etc. which are now banned in India. However, to prevent any frauds, we are going to provide some buying tips for AliExpress below. 

Tips For AliExpress

No Doubt, AliExpress is one of the amazing places where you can buy items at a reasonable price but you need to be cautious while purchasing anything from AliExpess.

You need to keep a few points in your mind while making any purchase, these tips will help you to prevent any fraud or any other mistake, they will also make you familiar with the site. So, have a look at the below-mentioned points to ensure that AliExpress is safe:

  • One thing that you need to know before starting to make any purchase is that AliExpress accepts only credit cards. Neither Debit cards, nor PayPal, no other mode of payment is accepted by AliExpress. However, almost all credit cards are eligible for purchase on this site.
  • Another most important disclaimer is to be aware of the fake sellers. AliExpress is legit but many of its products are not, so you need to be very sure and well-informed regarding the product that you are buying and about the buyer/retailer as well. We would recommend you to browse information about that particular seller and also read as many customer reviews as you can before purchasing anything.
  • Don’t fall for cheaper prices, it is pretty obvious that if you are looking for a particular thing to buy then, the maximum price on AliExpress will behalf of the original price but never too low. And also, don’t send money to the seller’s account directly, if the seller is asking you to pay him directly rather than through AliExpress, then do not proceed with it.
  • While browsing on AliExpress, you will come across many sellers who will be providing free shipping for the products that you wish to buy, but the downside to this is that you might receive the product way late than the actual delivery time. Also, in such cases, you don’t receive a tracking ID, which almost feels like your products are lost. So, it is recommended that you opt for fast shipping and pay a few extra bucks to get the tracking info.


I hope we have cleared all the doubts regarding AliExpress and if it is legit or fake, we have tried to provide all the relevant information. AliExpress is very much legit and safe to use. So, we would recommend you to go for it without thinking.

However, it is highly advised to use the tips that we have provided above to ensure safety from frauds if any. In case, if you encounter any more doubts or issues, then you can let us know through the comments below. We would love to answer all of them. 

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