iPhone Touch Screen Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix it!

To all my users of iOS operating systems, I’ve got something juicy for you today. As we all know, iPhones have become the talk of the day due to its amazing features but we can’t ignore the fact that it does come with its issues and trust me, it can get frustrating and annoying.

Ok, so if you have an iPhone touch screen that has been acting up lately, not responding to touch, just staring at you doing nothing…then you might want to read this.

This guide covers everything you should be doing to fix your iPhone touch screen that stopped working.

Why Do You Have An Unresponsive iPhone Touch Screen?

1. Using low quality, cheap screen guards

Can you remember the last time your screen got faulty?… Well, the guy who claims to be a professional and wants to earn some profit might replace your original screen with a low-grade screen. You also won’t have any idea because all you want is to have your screen working again at any cost plus you might probably be looking for an affordable one. The bottom line is, low-grade screen guards/tempered glasses are not the best options because their components can affect your phone’s ability to respond to touch. If you are finding it difficult to swipe through or perform any action on your phone, this might just be the problem.

2. Liquid Damage

How can we ever forget the “drops and spills”. This occurs very often especially when we visit the bathroom and even a slight drop can disrupt the iPhone’s interface which could lead to its damage. If you feel like your iPhone has been exposed to liquid recently, then you’ve got your “why”.

3. Software troubles

Sometimes, you may experience an error while updating your operating system, you may get notifications on limited internal storage, or download a buggy app into your device or even worse, jailbreak your phone for whatever reason. All these can result in your iPhone touch screen not responding. Just a piece of advice, never jailbreak your phone, it can be very dangerous… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4. Hardware damage

It’s sad to say that most of us love having these devices but cannot take care of them properly (don’t be a child). If your iPhone fell from you or any surface, you might need to start saying prayers because if maybe your screen survived the fall, we can’t say the same about your internal hardware, it could be damaged as well. If the hardware is damaged, your phone’s touch screen might get faulty in the process.

5. iPhone Screen Not Working Only When Charging

Maybe yours isn’t among the categories aforementioned, it could be that your iPhone screen stops working immediately you start charging it. Well, this is due to some electrostatic current or grounding while the device is charging. This occurs mostly with iPhone 5 or 6 users. And just a little tip, if you’re using a leather or silicone iPhone case, please do remove it whilst charging. You might also want to check if you’re using a fake charger cos that might be the problem as well.

How to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue

So we have been able to establish the possible reasons why your iPhone screen might be acting up, you don’t need to panic because it can be easily resolved. We have provided some steps for you to follow to troubleshoot the situation.

For the record, you might want to do this before going on to fix your iPhone X screen.

1. Clean your iPhone Screen, Hands and Reboot the Device

Gently and carefully remove the screen protector/guard from the iPhone. Use a clean, spot-free soft cloth and mildly rub it on the iPhone screen. Wash and clean your hands with fingers properly. Charge the iPhone with its original charger and cable, unplug the device and try to restart your phone.

Here’s how to restart;

Step 1: Press and hold the sleep/wake button still for a few seconds until the slider comes up.

Step 2: Then, swipe the slider to the right (power off) to turn your device off.

Step 3: Go ahead, turn it back on by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple logo.

This method is foolproof, in most cases and your iPhone screen should be working as normal as before. If it doesn’t work, then you can try other options listed below.

2. Modify/Improve your 3D Touch Sensitivity

Sometimes, your iPhone touch screen might be unresponsive because your phone may have a poor/ weak 3D touch sensitivity, so you should check that too.

Step 1: Browse to your phone Settings.

Step 2: Select General.

Step 3: Select Accessibility.

Step 4: Tap on 3D Touch.

Step 5: Now you can either turn 3D Touch On/Off, or you can scroll beneath and improve the sensitivity to Light, Medium, or Firm.

3. Find Out Third-party Apps in Safe Mode.

Faulty apps might just be the hitch to your iPhone screen not working. Enabling safe mode ensures that these third-party apps are disabled.

Here’s how to enter safe mode:

Step 1: Press and hold down the Power and Home buttons at the same time until the screen turns black.

Step 2: Next, let go of the Home button but still holding down the Power button
Step 3: Press the Volume Up button when the Apple logo comes up to the springboard loads up.

If no more tweaks are seen beneath the Settings menu, you are already in Safe Mode. Congrats, all third-party apps, and services are now disabled.

If your iPhone screen works well in safe mode, then uninstall that particular most recent app causing your screen not to respond while in safe mode, restart your device and after reboot, your device will automatically switch back to normal mode.

4. Free up Space on iPhone

I don’t who else hates it when the storage space in your phone gets full, well guess what??…your phone hates it too. This can be responsible for your iPhone screen being unresponsive especially if you have zero storage…like how can you do that. Anyways, you can follow these steps below to free up your space.

Step 1: Select Settings from Home.

Step 2: Choose General.

Step 3: Tap on Storage & iCloud Usage.

Step 4: Click on Manage Storage.

You will then see the current information about the memory status as well as the available memory of your iPhone. You can delete some unnecessary apps, files, videos, photos and other trash contents from your iPhone to free up more space on your device.

5. Downgrade to Previous iOS Version

Everyone wants to upgrade in life and have the latest things but there may be some repercussions especially when it comes to upgrading your iPhone to the latest version. Some users have experienced an unresponsive iPhone touch screen because they updated their operating system version to iOS 11. Solving this problem is very easy, you can downgrade to your previous iOS 10 version, it’s sad but it’s worth it.

6. Reset Your iPhone To Factory Settings

Another way to fix a completely unresponsive iPhone touch screen is to reset the device. Wondering how? Follow these steps

Step 1: Browse to Settings.

Step 2: Select General.

Step 3: Tap Reset.

Step 4: Select Erase All Content and Settings.

PS: The drawback of this method is that you can lose all your data, which includes files, media, contact, etc. So before doing this, make sure to back up your important data and files.

7. Restore Your iPhone with iTunes

It has been reported that some iPhone users after updating to iOS 11 have been able to fix their unresponsive touch screen problem by simply restoring iTunes to their phone. This is how;

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC.

Step 2: Launch iTunes on your PC.

Step 3: Navigate to the Device tab at the upper left corner of the iTunes screen.

Step 4: Select Summary from the menu on the left side.

Step 5: Click on Restore Backup in iTunes.

Step 6: Check the date and size of each backup and select the most important.

Step7: Select Restore and hold on for the restore time to elapse. If necessary, you could enter the password to open your iPhone backups (used when encrypting your backups).

8. Calling your phone with another phone

It could be true that your iPhone screen may be sleeping on you, so you could try calling your phone with someone else’s phone, this might fix the issue.

9. Get Professional Help

Have you tried the above methods and nothing seems to be working, then at this point, this might be your last option? Why stress yourself when you can deliver your iPhone to the tech team (Apple) that manufactured it plus if it’s within the 1-year guarantee, you don’t have to worry about paying anybody. You can contact the Apple Store today.

Final Words

So, guys, these are the different ways you can fix your unresponsive iPhone touch screen. They are easy and straight forward. So, if you are currently experiencing this issue or you know someone who does, you could start by trying out these tips. If you have some queries and suggestions on this, then the comment section is all yours. Just be careful with the iPhones next time and free up iOS storage more often. You’ll thank me later.

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