How to Find Lost Galaxy Buds Case?

Life has become exciting with smartphones and the constant updates they receive. Now and then there will be bug fixes, faster processors, better camera quality, new hardware updates, the list goes on and on. The recent craze is all about traditional earphones being replaced by ear-pods and earbuds. In this article, we’ll tell you all about Galaxy Buds and how to find a lost Galaxy Buds case.

When you own Galaxy Buds it feels pretty awesome being able to pop them on and listen to wireless music. However, one needs to be super careful while using these devices as they are very easy to misplace. Since they can’t be connected to your phone physically, you always need to carry the Galaxy Buds case and keep them safe and sound. So what happens when you lose the Galaxy Buds case? Keep reading to find out.

What are Galaxy Buds?

Samsung Galaxy phones are famous for their performance, looks, and camera. The phone has a great display feature that makes regular stuff look bright and easy on the eyes without losing its brilliance. The camera of Samsung phones are stunning and let you capture your surroundings with great detail. Galaxy buds are the new earphones that Samsung has launched into the market.

With the new Samsung Galaxy Buds, you will be able to experience a whole new world of music. Your musical journey can unleash performance that is unheard of through the Galaxy Buds. These Buds come in a stunning case and are completely wire-free for those who don’t like the whole tangled wire situation.

How to Find Lost Galaxy Buds?

Finding lost Galaxy Buds is easier than most of you might think. Losing such a valuable and expensive item is bound to make anyone anxious. But it is important to stay calm and rational. There are a couple of ways in which you can solve the ‘how to find lost Galaxy Buds’ problem, and we’ve listed them below for you. Two ways are depending on which version of the Galaxy Buds you use, so be sure which version is yours and then go ahead.

1. Galaxy Wearable App

  1. The first and most basic step would be to check for your Galaxy Buds through the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. You can download the app from the store if it isn’t already inbuilt into your device.
  3. In most cases, you should be able to connect your Buds to this app.
  4. Once connected, you can use the Find my Earbuds option and locate the Galaxy Buds easily.

2. Find My Gear

  1. If you’re looking for the GearX Icon Earbuds, then you will have to try out this method.
  2. Go to the Settings on your device and open the Find My Gear option.
  3. Now a pop-up will appear and a ‘Start’ button will show up.
  4. If the Buds are within the maximum range of the phone, the Galaxy Buds will start to beep.
  5. With every second, the beeping will grow louder to alert you of their presence.
  6. The total time of the beeping is three minutes. So you will have to find them within that time.
  7. Once you find your Galaxy Buds, all you need to do is tap on the Stop button and the beeping will automatically shut down.

How to Find Lost Galaxy Buds Case?

Finding Galaxy Buds are easy and can be done without a lot of hassle and worry. On the other hand, the same cannot be said about the Galaxy Buds case. Since the Galaxy Buds are connected to the phone through Bluetooth, it is possible to find them if they are misplaced. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Buds case does not have the Bluetooth option and serves no other purpose than to just charge the Buds.

They cannot be connected to the phone to activate any of the retrieval methods. So if you misplace the case and find yourself thinking about how to find a lost Galaxy Buds case? Then you just have to luck it out or buy a replacement. And this time you can make sure to never misplace it again. You might be thinking “Enough with the lecture already.” But there is no way to find your Galaxy Buds case now. Unless they develop some magic powers of their own and walk back to you, then you really will be the luckiest person in the world.

Final Words

That’s a wrap on the ‘how to find lost Galaxy Buds case’ article. We hope you were able to find the information useful that was given in the article. Regardless of being able to find your Galaxy Buds through the phone’s apps or not, you should be able to keep them secure and safe because they deliver pretty great music quality. So that’s all we have to offer you today, we hope you have a great day ahead!

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