How to Get Windows 10 Student Discount?

If you own a Windows PC, then you must know about its various versions. Different versions of Windows have different functionalities and each is unique in its way. If you are a technology lover, you ought to love Windows 10. It is the latest version of Windows that is fantastic and functions a lot better than the previous versions. Most of the applications work well with Windows 10. Students can get the extra advantage of using Windows 10 OS. On meeting the eligibility criteria of Microsoft, you can get a Windows 10 student discount. 

In this article, we shall be discussing Windows 10 student discount in detail. You will get to know why it is required and how to get it by the end of this article.

Why do You Need a Windows 10 Student Discount?

Windows 10 student discout

Generally, a student discount is a kind of discount that gives students the privilege to get a product or an order in less price. Student discount allows students to get Windows for free. Microsoft is also an active partner in this case. 

If you are a student looking for Windows 10 for free, it is a perfect opportunity for you. If you meet the certain requirements of Microsoft for getting a student discount, then you have nothing to worry about.

However, if you can’t get it through Microsoft, some other websites can provide you with impressive offers. So if you are unable to get the student discount through Microsoft, you can try the alternative methods as well.

How to Get a Windows 10 Student Discount?

Students can get the discount with the help of their college or school faculty. They can also check their campus bookstore or contact their local Department to get student discounts. Students can also ask for an ID to get Windows 10 from the faculty. 

Windows 10 student discount

Signing up to Microsoft using a student account can also help in getting a discount. This method also comes with extra benefits.

Students can avail themselves of office 365’s free access if they sign up with a student account. You can go to the official website of Microsoft and check out the available student offers that you can claim. This method might not work sometimes. In such a situation, you can try an alternative method.

Alternative Ways to Get Windows 10 Student Discount

There is another way through which you can get the student discount. This way is quite effective and reliable. There’s a website called OnTheHub.

You can get free access to Windows 10 through OnTheHub Without any difficulties? To gain the free offer, you will have to follow some steps. Such steps are discussed below.

1. First of all, you need to go to the official website of OnTheHub-

2. Click on the link given above to proceed further.

3. Once you are on the website, You can either look for Windows 10 student edition on the home page or directly search for it. By searching, you will get the results quite easily.

Windows 10 education

4. It will take you to a new page where you will see Windows 10 education for students. It is a no-cost product for students. Then you will have to check for your eligibility.

Windows 10 student discount

5. After that, you will have to provide all the information that can clarify that you are eligible for it. Such information Includes your Country, province, and school name.

Check windows 10 student discount eligibility

6. Once you have confirmed your eligibility for the student discount, you have to create your account. We would suggest you create an account using the .edu email extension. 


7. Congratulations! now you have activated Windows 10 free of cost! You can now get the perks of being a student and claim even more incredible offers.

Final words

we hope that you will find this article on Windows 10 student discount helpful. Here, you can get to know all about the benefit Of getting free Windows 10 that a student can get. Whether you are a college student or a school student, you can avail Windows 10 for free and use it to your liking. 

The method of getting it is quite easy if you ask. You only have to follow certain steps and you are done. You can either get the student discount at the official website of Microsoft or OnTheHub websites. For your convenience, we have also added some steps that you can follow to get Windows 10 for a free true student discount. 

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