How To Get Disney Plus On Samsung TV?

Disney Plus has recently joined the growing list of OTT platforms. Since its initial launch in 2019, Disney Plus gained so much popularity and emerge as the best choice in the sea of streaming platforms. If you’re also a fan of Disney Plus movies and show and curious to know about how to get Disney Plus on Samsung Tv? In this post, we will share every single piece of information you need to know to install Disney Plus on Samsung Tv.

How to get Disney Plus on Samsung TV

With Disney+ you can watch a range of movies and shows starting from cartoons to Star Wars. You just need to pay a small amount for the membership and you will able to enjoy it on your Tv, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

What Is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is the new competition of the subscription-based OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others. It offers you a wide selection of content that seems enough to keep you entertained. Additionally, it allows you to download your favorite movies or shows, so you enjoy it when you’re out of the internet.

Disney+ hasn’t applied any restrictions on the number of downloads that means you can download as many Tv shows and movies as you want.

What is Disney Plus

The most prominent reason behind the increased popularity of Disney Plus that it allows you to stream up to 7 devices with one subscription. The subscription fee of Disney Plus starts from $6.99/month, if you opt for its annual subscription plan then you need to pay around $69.99.

Additionally, it offers 7 days of a free trial, if you have enjoyed the trial period then go ahead and enroll for the subscription otherwise you have the option to look for other subscription-based video streaming platforms.

How To Get Disney Plus On Samsung TV?

How to get Disney Plus on Samsung TV

By observing the risen popularity of the Disney+ subscription-based video streaming platform. Most of the smart Tv manufacturing brands begin to offer Disney Plus preinstalled in their TV’s. However, if you own an old model of Samsung smart Tv then you might wonder about how to get Disney Plus on Samsung Tv.

To give such Disney+ content fans a help of hand we have written our today’s detailed guide. Read this guide carefully to find out how to install Disney+ on Samsung Tv and whether your Tv is compatible with Disney plus or not.

Disney Plus Compatibility

First, you should check your Tv’s compatibility with Disney Plus. Most of the Samsung Smart TV manufactured from 2016 are compatible with the Disney+. If you have still had any compatibility issues and want to make sure that your Tv is compatible with the Disney+ then click here.

This will lead you to a new webpage where you will see a list of all the Samsung Tv’s compatible with the Disney Plus subscription-based video streaming services.

Disney Plus comaptibility

If your Samsung Tv model is not compatible with the Samsung Smart Tv that doesn’t mean you can’t use Disney+ on your Tv. Still, you have the option to enjoy amazing Disney+ content without upgrading your old smart Tv.

There are plenty of electronic devices available in the market such as Amazon Fire Tv, Xbox One, Roku Streaming devices, and many others that have access to the Disney+. So grab any of these devices and join the fun of Disney Plus.

How To Install Disney Plus On Samsung Tv?

Once you have found that your Samsung Tv model is compatible with the Disney+. Follow the subsequent steps to install Disney Plus on Samsung Tv.

  • On your Smart Tv screen select Apps and proceed to the next step.

Samsung Smart tv apps

  • With the help of remote directional buttons, navigate and click on the Search icon.

Samsung Smart tv app search

  • In the search box enter Disney+ with the help of a remote and then navigate to the Enter.
  • Now you will able to see a list of relevant results. If Disney Plus appears in the list then highlight and select the Install. 

Install Disney plus on samsung tv

If Disney Plus won’t appear in the search result that means your Tv is not compatible with Disney+. So you need to buy additional gadgets to enjoy your favorite Disney+ shows and movies on your Samsung Tv.

Bottom Line

Samsung smart TVs offer a seamless way to enjoy your favorite Disney plus content on the bigger screen. To ensure the best and uninterrupted viewing experience, we suggest you connect with a high-speed internet connection. A slow speed internet connection can ruin your viewing experience.

I hope our today’s informative blog post on how to get Disney Plus on Samsung Tv helped you enough. If you have any trouble while following these steps then let us know by commenting below.

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