12 Best Games Like Among Us To Play With Friends

You all must be aware of the game “Among Us” which has become the talk of the town. It has beaten all the other games and has reached the top position of having the highest downloads on both the Google Play Store and App Store. It got released in 2018 and instantly flipped the game market all over the world. And we are aware that people have gone crazy with the sort of idea that has been laid down in this game and is in search of more games like Among Us.

In this article, we are going to just fulfill that wish for you all by providing all the closest alternatives to Among us, I hope you find the best one for yourself. 

Best Games Like Among Us

Now let us quick;y have a look at all the possible alternatives of the game Among Us and let’s have an insight into all those games. After reading the game intros, you can choose whichever game interests you the most and try it for yourself. 

1. Town Of Salem

I am putting Town Of Salem as the first alternative because I think this game is very similar to Among Us. The plotting, the theme, the setup, etc everything is very similar, however, you can assume that Town of Salem is a longer version of Among Us. In the game Among us, you are permitted to play with 5-10 people in a multiplayer game but on the other hand, 15 people can play together in the Town of Salem. 

Also, this game provides a longer list of characters to choose from, and you can choose what you would like to be in the game unlike Among Us where you are provided any character at random. You just definitely give this game a try, you will love it!

2. Deceit

Now, another one on our list of games like Among is Deceit which is yet another amazing mysterious game. However, it is not similar to Among us but its theme i.e. deception and trust are very similar to that of Among Us’ social deduction approach.

It is a multiplayer game and the players wake up in an asylum and 2 of the players are infected by a virus. And those 2 deadly players have the duty to look for more innocent people and infect them and survive.

And your role would be to ally with the rest of the innocent people but you have to beware that they are not the infected ones. The game is full of suspicions but the only con o this game is that it is exclusively for PC gamers. 

3. Project Winter

Project Winter is based on the following themes: trust, betrayal, and survival. Just like Among Us, here you have to survive by gaining the trust of your fellow mates in the game. You will be surrounded by traitors who will gain your trust and then, will try to sabotage your group.

In the Project Winter game, players will have to complete certain tasks like accumulate resources, and repair structures, etc to gain strength. Just a tip: beware of the traitors in the game as they spread lies regarding the other players to plot a conspiracy.  

4. Betrayal.io  

Betrayal.io is plotted just as Among us, and it can be played on both PC and smartphone. The Android version is already available and the iOS version will be released soon.

In this game, you can either be the betrayer or be a teammate and help find the betrayer. You will have to make a team and look for the betrayer among you all. Players will have to complete certain tasks as assigned and overall, it is a new game and pretty fun to play. 

5. Werewolf Online

Now, let us spice up the level and talk about Werewolf Online which is yet another game based on betrayals, trust, suspicion, thriller, etc. In this game, players have to do their assigned task which is to protect their village from enemies.

However, the disclaimer is that there will be a few players belonging to the village who would be plotting against you and the village. They are betrayers and you will have to suspect them and get rid of them. 

16 players can play this amazing game, and thus, the game has more than one village and team. Whichever team will be played till the end after getting rid of all their traitors will win. It is a fun game and full of suspicion, so give it a try for the sake of your adrenaline rush. 

6. Secret Neighbor

This game will provide relief to some of the users who are eagerly waiting for an Xbox version of Among Us. This alternative will fulfill all your wishes because Among Us is yet to be brought for the game consoles. So, this alternative i.e. Secret neighbor is available on Xbox and the players can have fun with this game.

The game will have 6 players in total and they have to enter the neighbor’s house. The secret neighbor will very smoothly merge into them and then, he will lock them far from the basement door.

The game only gets exciting with every next stage, trust me you are going to love it. 

(Download from Microsoft)

7. Enemy On Board

The Enemy on Board is another one of the games like Among us which is very intriguing and thrilling. This game has 8 players out of which 2 will be the traitors or the Alien imposters, as you may say. The crew members have to identify these traitors and they have to get rid of them by killing them.

The alien imposter gets mixed up with all the other crew members. But the real suspicion begins when the communication breaks when the spaceship’s generator gets destroyed. 

8. Unfortunate Spaceman

This is a very different game but very similar to Among Us, the game is set in space. The players have to rescue themselves from death. The game can be played by 16 players at maximum; every player has to complete their assigned tasks to escape the other monsters.

The best thing about this game is that players can exchange voice chats during the game. It has the same theme as Among Us which is betrayal and murder. You should give it a try!

9. Hidden In Plain Sight 

Let us know talk about Hidden in Plain Sight where players can team up and play in a group of 2 or 4. Your task is to merge up in a crowd of AI characters and finish the assigned work without drawing much attention towards yourself.

The game has different modes which you can try, if you someone who is best at hiding then, this game will amaze you. And the fun fact about this game is that you can play it offline as well, and it has death race and elimination modes.

10. Triple Agent 

We love deceptive themes and this game is full of them. It follows a similar theme as Among Us, and the game is available on both iOS and Android.

In this game, players will get a 10-minute gaming session, where they will have to complete their assigned tasks. The game is full of deception, deduction, betrayals, and hidden identities. The game can be played by 9 players which is awesome. You should give it a try!

12 Among Us Alternatives for Android

Have a look at the list below mentioning all the alternatives of Among Us, with their download links:

  1. Unfortunate Spaceman
  2. Enemy On Board
  3. Secret Neighbor
  4. Werewolf Online
  5. Betrayal.io
  6. Project Winter
  7. Deceit
  8. Town Of Salem
  9. Hidden In Plain Sight 
  10. Werewolves Within 
  11. Triple Agent 
  12. Undercover^^ 


Well, we have come to an end with this article and we have successfully provided you with the alternatives that are very similar to Among Us and the kind of theme it follows. We have mainly focused to put all those games that fall under the following themes: deception, betrayals, delusion, suspicion, etc. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and if you have any queries then. Let us know in the comments below. 

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