How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes? [No Generator]

Xbox live is one of the most popular gaming consoles as it is very reliable and has a huge user base. The prime attraction of Xbox live is perhaps Xbox Live codes as one can buy any app from Xbox live. Xbox live also provides gift cards by which one can buy any apps. These gift cards are made up of Xbox live code.

Xbox live codes help you fulfill your wish and provide happiness. This article will tell you how to get the Xbox live code for free from different sources

What is An Xbox?

Xbox is an app store that encases different kinds of games. Xbox is one of the products of Microsoft. It was first developed by Atri Jaguar in the year 1996. As Xbox has a variety of apps it is a huge market place for different kinds of apps. Xbox has a huge user base of 40 million users.

Free Xbox Live Codes 2020
Now Xbox has a great many apps which you can buy with your money or with Xbox live codes. Now you can get Xbox live codes for free in many ways and from those Xbox live codes, you can buy whatever you like.

How to Get Free Live Codes?

There are several ways by which you can get Xbox free live codes to enjoy your favorite gaming. The methods described below are legitimate ways of getting free live codes.

1. Winning Xbox live codes through XBLReward

XBL Reward is a site where you can get a lot of Xbox live code for free. This is an amazing site that lets you have Xbox live code in return for some tasks you do for the site. To earn Xbox live code you need to make an account on this site and you need to do certain tasks that are assigned to you. Tasks include things like downloading an app or completing some tasks which are assigned to you. One can redeem the card by selecting the card and amount of card you want to redeem. Then click on redeem it.

2. Getting Xbox Live codes for free from Swagbucks

We can also get free Xbox live codes from Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a site where members can take different kinds of surveys or shop something, download or search for something and for each task you complete you get some Swagbuck points. Now when these points accumulate and become quite large, they allow you to redeem the points. You can take these Swagbucks in the form of money from Paypal, Amazon gift card or in the form of Xbox live codes.

3. Free Xbox live codes from InboxDollars

InboxDollar is a site that will pay for your daily online activities like searching, watching tv and shopping. InboxDollar is a site where if you complete the task which they want you to do you can earn some money. This reward can be redeemed as Xbox live codes. This is a site that helps you earn a lot of live codes.

4. Getting Xbox live codes from AppBounty

AppBounty is a very popular app. It can also be downloaded from Play Store and has an impressive score of 4.2 out of 5. Appbounty has been downloaded by almost 10 million people, this shows how popular this app is. This app is a reliable source of Xbox live codes. AppBounty asks you to do certain tasks and in return, you can get free Xbox live codes.

5. Earning Free Xbox live codes from Appstation

It is an Android application that you can download from the Play Store to use. This app is designed in a way that you can earn money, gift cards simply by playing games in the app. When you play games on this app you can buy gift cards of Steam, Amazon, Xbox.

6. Getting Free Xbox Live Codes from FeaturesPoints

Features Point is a great app for getting Xbox Live codes. FeaturePoints has lesser memory and thus can be downloaded easily. You can earn a lot of Feature points by completing surveys available and use a new app, sharing experience and shopping. One can also get cashback when you use this app to shop online.

7.  Earning Free live codes using Xbox live Gold trial

Xbox Gold live is also a good option for getting Xbox live codes for free. You can use Xbox Gold live only when you have a live Xbox account and if you have subscribed to the Xbox live Gold. If you fit into these criteria then you can very easily obtain free Xbox live codes. All you need to do is to apply for a one-month free gold sample on the subscription page.

8. Getting Free Live codes from Reddit

Reddit is very rich in Xbox free live codes. One should know where to dig to get the most of the live codes. One can earn a lot of Xbox live codes using Reddit.

9. Getting Free Xbox live codes from CashNGifts

CashNGift is a great app to get free Xbox live codes. CashNGifts pays you for doing some simple tasks. They claim that a user can earn up to 30,000 in a month. This app has a wallet from which you can recharge your phone or use the money as you like.

10. Earn Xbox free live code using AppKarma

AppKarma is a great app to earn free live codes. This app lets you play games and in return gives you free Xbox live codes so that you can buy games that you have long wanted to play.

65 Free Xbox Live Codes For 2022

Below is an exhaustive list of free Xbox live codes that are working.

  1. PFD9Y-U636F-MQY2S-U4AL8-NJ5Y5               Working
  2. 7233W-3UMS9-QLGW2-UVELL-MST3J            Working
  3. Y8JF7-7R5CM-HKYA3-K4X9J-UKETL                 Working
  4. 59Y98-8ADZD-968SV-GCW2U-SLXHN             Working
  5. 5MCJQ2-QZPHS-GXXUS-FSARV-H3N7W            Working
  6. TLQFY-RMZD5-6NK55-BNK25-3VD66            Working
  7. GXJQP-PXAPG-EAFMD-KK8XF-H48DZ               Working
  8. FUY4C-VU9CW-P8QTZ-YBAJP-QS9Y4              Working
  9. DUP54-TVBNQ-B824B-77W4S-FHQHJ            Working
  10. AQFHF-XMVMA-EDQC2-SRVES-ECXXH          Working
  11. QPYVF-7EA33-EQTD6-FF2AT-HYF4H             Working
  12. ZGJWM-D465X-M2RXB-TU8XM-KTKSC          Working
  13. LQ4X7-QAYHC-RNQEN-T2R68-7QUEQ          Working
  14. QPYVF-7EA33-EQTD6-FF2AT-HYF4H              Working
  15. AQFHF-XMVMA-EDQC2-SRVES-ECXXH          Working
  16. DUP54-TVBNQ-B824B-77W4S-FHQHJ            Working
  17. YC749-9HDZ8-ZGMAM-FRSP4-KGFSB            Working
  18. XJPSH-8QV2W-EWPB4-89F5N-BB64G            Working
  19. DQK87-A2YVD-JYK6D-LJAYG-T9GUM             Working
  20. PF7NY-D2RX5-KZYL7-DSNSH-WHM64           Working
  21. TM8TA-NCL9L-UNTKN-TGZGE-4B3HX            Working
  22. TR67V-92U7M-NN9HG-DH8RJ-NKP9M           Working
  23. BN2J7-58FVT-Y6V8M-Y7AMA-CC5KP              Working
  24. 7HDG6-CBFHK-XDECA-5PYTH-6BTFL             Working
  25. 9EPZW-EJFCD-RYT4A-CFSLT-M6Q54               Working
  26. YV7CT-C3EAS-QBGC2-2T63Q-SMP26               Working
  27. P2DDP-YH8JG-4PB6N-PGKNL-WDENW           Working
  28. VX9BW-ZJNL2-GLR6F-WU8TQ-CUPT9             Working
  29. D4EG9-H29EQ-8B834-C6LUU-X9MLJ              Working
  30. MFT6J-HYZE2-BKT6G-YY4QC-8ECP7                Working
  31. 3R8F7-2EC33-A79AJ-EUY3Y-QWYCT                Working
  32. ZQND9-WCJ6L-MM3UC-WN643-PTHPF         Working
  33. SBWX6-K87KR-SMTL4-KPWG8-YASRB           Working
  34. G9BSG-HFBC6-4MNRP-XXX7F-3AMX4           Working
  35. H2F4J-S4AG9-F6EVE-865EJ-BKT9K                  Working
  36. XEPSP-4FLZL-BWV59-HFU3G-T35ZP              Working
  37. CGGTC-R94CT-MPDYB-BZPWC-MNNB5        Working
  38. MUNAK-VAXW3-WLCRG-NT3FL-779AG          Working
  39. G25SF-RUVSD-MYHNL-P54TC-M7VYT             Working
  40. 4BY3J-DKBL3-5GGLB-S5GS7-7WCUH              Working
  41. JAVTX-DR5TP-Z8ULR-2872K-EPGGT                 Working
  42. FLBCC-68G2D-GZ4DG-GLLE6-J3Q2P                Working
  43. KRYAG-9W6P3-KH7C5-AMTL6-9N6GY             Working
  44. 95VZH-6PUK5-YZSKB-LTWTU-ZWQAC             Working
  45. HURYZ-TEYFH-W67RD-KX6C6-WN2DS             Working
  46. EWYJS-TBE3G-XVN7Z-QYP58-7KD26                Working
  47. 5LCX6-7K4YF-MFKE3-EY29K-K25W7                 Working
  48. HURYZ-TEYFH-W67RD-KX6C6-WN2DS            Working
  49. EWYJS-TBE3G-XVN7Z-QYP58-7KD26                Working
  50. 5LCX6-7K4YF-MFKE3-EY29K-K25W7                 Working
  51. 99CTD-9TB36-3W53E-RVVJR-6MUF9               Working
  52. WFWST-N6UVE-DECZL-AZJNH-K6FXX              Working
  53. KKQMJ-3KXPP-DQ49B-QH348-QVSBE             Working
  54. HKTNT-4H27V-UDPG8-2R395-32JQE                Working
  55. NNTVX-7MESF-T6BU6-7XU7S-FT42S                 Working
  56. GS7UU-2RW79-4F8JN-KUJGA-D7B2C                 Working
  57. KU7GJ-RPZU4-S5TJD-6SPDK-2B445                   Working
  58. SLEME-RNT6V-CJZAM-G3TM4-SMGSS               Working
  59. LTQNE-88VR3-VFVRJ-4CC5X-W2EAJ                    Working
  60. MHXJZ-8K7ET-38GD8-XYR5P-8UKFN                 Working
  61. UKTKL-UA49B-RL8ZJ-TQZU2-9MGKJ                 Working
  62. 6BSHV-MA6QG-VFRK7-LC9BH-KL75W              Working
  63. 63 8JD4C-T4Z5M-5US5Q-NVSMA-N2BRC               Working
  64. 8JD4C-T4Z5M-5US5Q-NVSMA-N2BRC               Working
  65. W6578-4PSQL-JAAZ2-2KYEW-5C7GT                 Working

Xbox code generators 2022

The Xbox code generator is fake and does not work as it is not easy to generate the Xbox code. Microsoft uses a very sophisticated algorithm to generate Xbox Live codes. They have taken almost a decade to design their algorithm and make sure it is foolproof. Microsoft generates a code and then the retail or distributor activates the code, a code will not work without activation. Thus no random generator can generate codes and make it work.


Now from the above-mentioned ways, you must have tried some of the above ways and have surely got some Xbox live code. It is now time to buy your desired game and sit back and enjoy it. Xbox live codes are truly a great source of enjoyment for gamers and their community.

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