Free Visa Gift Card Codes – 12 Ways to Get in 2022

Visa gift card codes are one of the most powerful gift cards available presently. One can shop with them from any major store like Amazon, iTunes, Google store. Visa gift cards are the most used gift cards in the world because of their reliability. These are prepaid cards that are not reloadable when you use them the equivalent money gets deducted. Now the good news is that one can obtain free Visa gift card codes in various ways.

You can then use these free gift card codes to buy anything from any major stores like Amazon, iTunes, Google Store. So practically you are buying anything not using your own money. In this article, we shall discuss exactly how we can obtain free Visa gift card codes.

How to get a Free Visa Gift Card?

There are several sites available out there where one can do certain tasks and get a reward point in return to the completion of the task. Below we have listed the easy methods to do so:

1. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is a GPT type site that gives you reward points in return to the tasks you complete in the site. There are several options out there you can choose what you want to do. There are several types of tasks like completing a survey, watching videos, playing games. You can choose the task which is most appealing to you and can earn award points in return. When these award points accumulate to a large amount you can redeem them in the form of Visa gift card.

2. PrizeRebels:

PrizeRebels is a site that gives you options to complete a survey, watch a video, play games, use an app, and give its feedback. On completing any of the tasks you get reward points. This site has low redeeming thresholds that make it more favorable so even with low points, one can redeem a Visa card even with low award point.

3. InboxDollars:

InboxDollars is a site from which you can easily obtain gift card codes. It is one of the sites where you can accumulate huge award points by answering a few surveys or completing some of the tasks. This site allows you to take a survey, watch videos, play games, do online shopping, and in return you get reward points. Once you accumulate a certain amount of reward points then you can redeem them in the form of Visa gift card codes. The most delightful thing about this website is that it has a huge amount of perks hidden within it.

Visit InboxRebels here

4. SurveyJunkie:

SurveyJunkie is a more a survey-based website.  It is a site that is more focused on paid surveys for its users. This makes it simpler for new users to use this site.  The payment for each survey is comparatively higher than other sites. You can only redeem your award point when you have accumulated 1000 reward points. This 1000 point is worth $10 and you can redeem in the form of Visa card. From Survey Junkie one can earn a lot of free Visa gift card codes.

Visit SurveyJunkie here

5. MyPoints:

MyPoints is a website that gives you reward points and an opportunity to earn when you complete their tasks. One gets a $10 Visa card only on signing up. The lengthier the survey more points you earn. If you sign up for the mail list it will send surveys right into your inbox.

Visit MyPoints here

6. Drop App:

The site is a shopping app that gives you a gift card on just using their app if you are a first time user. Drop App is a site from where one can easily obtain free visa gift card codes. This app gives you an ample amount of survey filling opportunities which can help you earn a lot of reward points. This site also gives you a lot of cash back opportunities while transacting while shopping.

Download Drop App here   for iOS.
Download Drop App here for  Android.

7. GetUpside:

This is a unique app that gives you cash back for gas, restaurants, and groceries. Basically, it guides you to find the cheapest gas prices available near you. They have all the prominent gas suppliers like Shell, Bp, Exon, etc. They pay cashback fairly and any genuine man can earn a lot from it.

Visit GetUpside here

8. Shopkick:

Shopkick is another site that gives you a fair amount of opportunities to earn cashback. This site allows you to get cashback on getting your credit card linked to it, making some online purchases, submitting a receipt, etc. Sometimes you can be lucky to get a gift card by just using the store.

Visit the site here

9. From Test Driving Cars Of Different Companies:

It would be surprising for you to know that many car companies pay you for doing a test drive with their car. There are several companies like Hyundai, Chrysler, Honda, Jeep, Land Rover, Mazda, Nissan, and Subaru, etc which pay you in return to you doing a test drive in their car. If you keep on following them, you can obtain a lot of free Visa card codes from these companies.

10. Getting Free Visa Gift Card Code From Social Media:

Many companies promote themselves through ads on social media and tell users to give a review on their product and in return they give out a gift card. Many times they give you gift cards in return. This is very easy to obtain and most of the time the amount is pretty good.

Free Visa Gift Card Code Generators 2022

Visa rolls a gift card code only after activating and authenticating it. They have special algorithms for generating the code and then activating it. Any random visa gift card code generator cannot generate a Visa gift card code. Visa gift card code generators are never a proper way of obtaining free Visa gift card codes as most of them are fake.


Now that you know how one can obtain free Visa gift card codes, it is time for you to check for yourself and get some Visa card out without spending your own money. Also, let me know what you think about the article in the comment box below.

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