Free Steam Wallet Codes: No Survey or Generator

Looking for ways to earn free steam codes so that you can purchase your favorite games through Steam? Free Steam Wallet codes will do the job for you. To understand how Steam codes work, we need to first know about the Steam wallet.

The Steam Wallet is a feature of Steam, and only Steam users can use it. It is a type of digital Wallet that facilitates storing funds and using them for transactions on Steam. You can use free Steam codes and redeem them to get Steam codes, which can further be used to purchase games and items on Steam.

Let’s try to understand it through an example, you can purchase games with the money in your Steam Wallet, or if you sell something on the Community Market, your earnings get added to your Steam wallet. Steam gift card codes work pretty much like a normal gift card.

Once you get a free steam code, you can use it to redeem for Steam credits and get it transferred to your Steam wallet. However, there are also special codes available that can be used separately to access a particular game

Free Steam Wallet Codes

Top 17 Ways To Get Free Steam Codes

Now coming on to the most compelling part, how can you get free Steam wallet codes or gift cards for free. It can be slightly difficult for some people, but if you follow the steps properly, you can do it easily.

Here are over 17 ways to get free Steam codes or Steam money to avail the optimum of what the Steam offers.

1) RAKUTEN (Formerly Ebates)  

Rakuten, which was formerly known as Ebates, is a cashback website. It has various stores linked to it through affiliation. When you shop from these linked stores, Rakuten provides you with cashback benefits or gift cards. You can also take up surveys and earn such rewards.

2) InboxDollars

InboxDollars is the desired website and is a very easy way to earn quick rewards and acquire free Steam codes. The website requires you to do simple tasks like watching videos, filling out surveys, answering questions, etc. The website also provides a $5 gift card, just for registering, to the users.

3) Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie, as the name suggests, is a website that is just about surveys. If you are free and don’t mind filling out surveys, this platform can be very helpful for you. It is one of the easiest ways and just requires you to fill out surveys, one after the other. This website gives the user $5 for signing up.

4) Ibotta

On Ibotta, The chances of earning a reward are as many times as you go grocery shopping. All you have to do is submit the receipts, and the cashback or the rewards roll in.

5) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another very popular website where you get a window for a lot of free steam codes. It requires you to complete very simple tasks like answering surveys and watching videos to earn points.

6) InstaGC

InstaGC is fantastic for when you are looking for rewards instantly. It also facilitates the withdrawal of your earnings even when they are as low as $1. You can earn free Steam codes through this platform by doing things you often already do.

7) BeFrugal

 BeFrugal is an online coupon website that acts as a brilliant platform to earn all the Steam codes you want for free. Additionally, it also provides a $10 sign-up bonus. You also earn money for shopping with up to 40% cashback.

8) MyPoints

MyPoints is a user-friendly and easy-to-use website. All you need to do is shop, and you earn points. This website provides a $5 after you’re done with the first 5 surveys. It is an ideal website for free Steam wallet codes.

9) ReceiptHog

ReceiptHog is an application and a cashback website. It helps the user to earn points every time he makes a purchase. These points can then be used to earn quick cashback and free Steam codes. It also facilitates earning points by doing other simple tasks like answering surveys.

10) TopCashBack

TopCashback is one of the best cashback sites in the U.S. that provides you an opportunity to earn cash. They have store affiliations, and you get a cashback if you shop from those stores. With that cash, you can further get free Steam codes.

11) ShopAtHome

ShopAtHome facilitates cashback every time you shop at Walmart, Amazon, etc. It also provides $10 if you spend at least $25 within two months. This helps you in the collection of funds for Steam codes.

12) Amazon Gift Cards

The websites mentioned above are helpful for earning cash directly, which can then be used to get Steam codes. Amazon gift cards are an alternative, as you can turn these gift cards into cash that will be transferred to your Amazon wallet. You can directly use them to purchase Steam Wallet credits from Amazon.

13) ExtraBux

ExtraBux gives you $20 for registering on it for the first time. Additionally, when you use the website’s coupons at various stores, you earn cashback. The site has coupons for over 10,000 specific stores, including brands like Sephora. The cashback can be used to get a Steam code.

14) Card Companies

Many popular banks and card companies offer your credit/debit card benefits. These benefits append opportunities to get points on your purchases. These points can further be redeemed to purchase Steam codes. Cards also help you get discounts through the cards, which can help you save money for Steam codes.

15) Giveaways & Social Media

 Various social media platforms like Instagram organize a giveaway in order to increase their reach and for promotional purposes on the platform. It is usually a game of chance, and the odds may not always be in your favor, but it is worth the time.

16) Dosh

Dosh is a website that cuts a lot of slack for you, as you don’t have to attach a type of picture of receipts or anything to earn a cashback. You just have to link your debit/credit card, and then you earn cashback whenever you purchase from the affiliated stores. It also gives you a $5 on linking your card to it. This will further help you to purchase a Steam code.

17) Free Games

Gaming platforms like Gamekit and Gamehag can help you in getting free Steam codes by playing games for free. You can earn through playing, which can be used to get the desired Steam codes.

26 Free Steam Wallet Codes 

Some of the Free Steam wallet codes that can be redeemed are as follows:

  1. 28ZFL-28JFD-22E2R
  2. 6BLLQ-A874D-5562H
  3. 55RM8-HEK5J-32HT4
  5. YRXZR-FG9M2-70GL8
  7. E39A6-5YNTV-2AWZR
  8. 55RM8-HEKE7-9IJDM
  10. 55RM8-HEK7F-D5RJF
  12. GH3F8-FCXNP-AV63W
  13. 54HN5-VRI2H-IBD6R
  14. AYC66-PFB92-GA24A
  16. ABWAC-HXTNT-8223E
  17. QBBRL-D69EK-6M9C5
  20. WDIXG-F42II-IKI65
  21. CJ7RH-P5EH3-F27FA
  24. FM92W-G9YLD-EB3WH
  26. 7PPM6-DVX2F-FH2IT

 *These are arbitrary Steam gift card codes found on the web. These Steam Wallet codes might not work *

Free Steam Code Generator 

While trying to acquire free Steam codes, many people get caught in Steam Code Generator websites. There is no such thing as a “Steam code generator.” These fraud websites have an endless loop of surveys that get you trapped.

The fraud codes generated from these websites can get your account busted, and you may be taken to court. These websites will only get you viruses/malware/trojans etc.

Steam Code Generator websites may look legitimate or sound executable sometimes, but being heedful is important. Getting a real code from these generators is as possible as “eating food online,” aka not viable.

Every tutorial on how to use code generators is unreal, and people tell you that these works are lying because you are risking your device by using it and getting trapped in the scam. All the generators of Steam codes that pretend to be legitimate are a hoax. No exception.


The above-stated ways to acquire a free Steam code might seem easy, but being careful while trying any such website is extremely crucial. There are a lot of scams and frauds that keep happening, and nobody wants to get trapped in these.

A very important step to be careful is to use only popular sites with good user reviews. Users should also stay away from websites that ask for a lot of personal and confidential information.

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