Free PSN Codes 2022- Working Codes and Generators

PlayStation is an eminent brand among gaming consoles, and so many games are available on the platform. And for a dedicated gamer, no number of games is enough. Ardent gamers are always trying their hands on new games, but PlayStation titles don’t come at an easy price. So, they are always looking and seeking free PSN codes.

Free PSN codes are just gift cards issued by Sony PlayStation that can be redeemed for making purchases on the PlayStation store. Getting there can sometimes be complicated, yet not impossible.

If you don’t want to waste time, let me state some hard facts about such codes;

  • There are no working PSN Code Generators.
  • You won’t find Free PSN Codes on the internet. All of them are used or compiled from various sources.
  • There is no direct method to get PSN Codes.
  • All methods or tricks that you find in this article or even on other sites are not really worth doing. These methods require you to spend a lot of time (maybe hours) to collect points. You can earn more by working for 1 week in KFC. So, avoid searching for these things.
  • The internet is full of sites that claim to give PSN Codes, but in reality, no one can give free codes. Even our article cannot guarantee free codes.

How to Get Free PSN Codes in 2022?

There are many attainable ways, some easy and some with odds, to get free PSN credits. After a lot of research over the web, we have piled up the easy ways to free PSN codes. Let us begin!


Websites like PointsPrizes reward you with points for completing easy tasks like filling out surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, or completing offers. These points can further be exchanged to get free Playstation codes.


Various advertisers pay GrabPoints for engagements. So, the website requires you to watch videos and answer surveys like the one mentioned above. Then, you get rewarded with different kinds of gift cards or PayPal cash sometimes, which can be exchanged for Playstation credits.


With a rating of 4.4, Appstation attains the 3rd position in our list of Top 10 ways to get free Playstation codes. Through Appstation, you earn coins for playing different fun games, and once you have the minimum required, you can redeem them for a PSN gift card. You can also redeem these coins for real money by exchanging them for a Paypal gift card


Various YouTube and other social media users conduct giveaways to boost their reach. These giveaways require you to do very basic tasks like subscribing to their channel or liking their page. The odds of winning might not be in your favor because of the huge competition, but what’s the harm in shooting the shot.


Swagbucks happens to be the leader in the industry. It happens to be one of the best ways to earn a free PSN code. It requires you to do various tasks like playing games, surveys, etc., in exchange for points. These can be exchanged for PSN gift card codes later on. You can also earn Swagbucks just by logging into the website daily.


InboxDollars is another such website that will reward you with points, Amazon gift cards, or PayPal money in exchange for doing simple tasks like the above. These points can then be bartered for Playstation codes.


There are online communities where people who have these types of codes and gift cards and are not willing to use them signup to exchange these for something useful like iTunes gift cards, etc. They can post these on the website. Two of such communities happen to be and


The official PlayStation page requires you to sign up for the PSN subscription trial. All you need to do is fill in your credit/debit card details, and then you are all set to use the platform as much as you want for free for 14 days straight. You also have to stop the service after a 14-days trial to avoid getting charged.

9. PSNReward

PSNReward is also a way through which you can get free PSN credits. It requires you to complete various tasks and then provides you with points. You can get your much-desired PSN code by exchanging your points with it. You can get a $10 PSN gift card by exchanging 1000 points.

10. PayPrizes

PayPrizes happens to be another trusted website where you complete tasks. It requires you to register first, and then you can find all types of available tasks on your wall. You get points for successfully completing them, which can be exchanged for a free PSN gift card code.

26 Free PSN Codes 2022

Here are some arbitrary PSN codes you can use and access stuff on the PlayStation Store for free.

  1. 3T7R-3KS7-5LN3
  4. AJB3-742E-UKKA
  5. 85UL-HSSD-F4GL
  8. 9J8E-HYM6-9DS3
  9. Z87G-69BA-664G
  11. 5F82-7126-3YL2
  12. 82AQ-HQQN-G5E6
  13. 6964-L9N4-4JR5
  14. JQ42-78ND-GDE7
  15. JD53-39NL-NFFJ
  16. 8LLN-3MNL-E8B7
  17. 68MB-BMNP-LA6M
  18. H3NQ-6DNR-HNN9
  19. 3G74-KPNP-KRDC
  20. 39GG-PKNP-NGL8
  21. 8AK5-36N8-P2E4
  22. HCKC-8JNJ-BCD3
  23. 69NC-BFN9-RR7M
  24. 2R4F-TRNK-L9TS
  25. AKF6-T7NC-HEGD
  26. L3FM-RKNJ-BNT7

*These are free random PSN codes and might as well not work in all cases*

Working PSN Code Generators 2022

Looking for free PlayStation credits and falling prey to code PlayStation gift card generator scams is a frequent phenomenon that we need to avoid. These websites may look legitimate or convincing, but they are nothing more than fraud. These websites have fake reviews and fake chat boxes that might deceive you. The scammers behind these PSN Code Generator No human verification websites might end up hacking into your computer or your PlayStation server.

Some of these PSN Code Generators even have endless loops of surveys that can get you trapped. So, staying alert and open-minded is very crucial.
PlayStation officials have also provided guidelines to avoid such websites at any cost. To get yourself eroded with viruses, malware, and trojans are the only situation where using a code generator might prove to be helpful for you.

These websites take advantage of the fact that PSN codes aren’t always available for free, so they try to mislead and lure you into their well-laid trap. You might think generators are the easy way out and that you will get a code for free, but it is only the easy way in, not out.

Avoid PSN Code Generators even if it says that it’s real!


The different methods to acquire free PSN codes mentioned above may not work in all situations, and deceptive sites will always be there to persuade you, but staying on your toes all the time is the only way out. These are not the only ways of getting a free code; there might be more.
Also, cyber threats are out there, and cyber thefts are growing so much that being secure is of utmost importance. Use trustworthy & popular sites with good reviews only, and don’t give out personal/confidential information on any kind of site.
Have a great gaming experience!

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